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Hi, everyone! I've been absent for the last months thanks to a combination of personal issues, work overload and some other things that luckily, are over. November and december took quite a heavy toll in my free time, and last month i was busy working on a commission for *BiscuitKris ( There are lots of things happening this month: i'm currently working on a comic book (sorry, not tf-related), writing a 'novel' and preparing a birthday party for me this month (i'll be 24 this february 22nd). TF-related... i've been trying to expand the Cavewoman Hermione stuff into a 2-4 short comic book, but i don't find any feasible plot for the tran
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Hi, everyone! So, Halloween's coming and i thought it might be a cool idea to pull up some commissions and stuff. Current projects: -A special project for <FullMoonMaster ( -A second batch of Hulked-Out Heroines for the friend that commissioned the first ones from last year. Prices and stuff: -Sketch: $5 one character sketch. From $1 to $3 per extra character on it, depending on how detailed it is. $7 if inked will ballpoint pen. ABOUT COLOR: I'm not good at coloring, but i can give it a try. If you want to take a look at my current coloring "skills" and decide you want a colored commission, refer to: http://spidervenom022.deviant
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Ok, as you might have seen, i have uploaded the five creatures for the "Who was...?" idea i have. I ask you, my dear watchers; which are the characters you want to transform into these monstrosities? So, please... go ahead. Propose as much as you want for every creature in the project; and depending on the ones you want the most (in case a few of you proposing a particular character) or the ones i decide to choose (depending on most of you proposing different characters); i will do a three-staged tf sequence depicting the transformation (not counting the already posted images). But, if you want something special... I will draw a more deta
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Where are ya?
I'd like to commission you, hope you still use DA. Also hope you have no connections to N7Vega.
What is wrong with that person?
N7Vega cheated me out of a $30 commission, then blocked me with his new account when I confronted him about it. He had an "emergency sale" and apparently cheated more people than just me with his so called emergency. I resent his guts for not being man enough to give my money back. I even forgave him and gave him a second chance. If he ever gets this message I really really hope I get my money back, I regret the commission to N7vega for over a year or two now.
That is quite the unfortunate event, but thank you for sharing it with me. Actually, I wasn't expecting a response, and I got quite busy. Things like this do happen unfortunately. If it helps, depending on your interests, I may know a reliable friend that you can commission for artwork. I understand your feelings, too. Try not to regret it too much anymore, the thoughts will only make you angrier. I have had regrets before as well and I know what that feels like, especially when monetary value is involved. If you're interested in someone else to commission, let's continue our conversation through notes.
What an incredible gallery you have!
Really like the Jill Werewolf sequence and the second Hulked Out Spiderwoman, here's hoping you get commissioned to do more of that, then?