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its sad how i try to say something on this profile and expect a response from anyone
what would be the word to use for someone who just favorites all the recent art without taking interest in the actual art itself in an attempt to gain attraction or simply give out a "participation award" to literally everyone because all those people seem to swarm my art 95% of the time
look at all these people with 20/20 vision just out here seeing unbelievable 
oops writing that is literally basic human traits for about 20 paragraphs 
Jameson. Senior. He does his best to make good grades. Light-skinned. Glasses. Dark eyes. Lives with his absentee parents. He has his friends. Maybe like 4. Cancels plans a lot. Doesn't really keep up with trends. Spends a lot of time on his back porch, looking over the forest. Has facial hair, too lazy to clean it up. Loves coffee. Plays a bit of bass. Tries to sing but isn't very good. As graceful as a baby giraffe. Overall hates school. Really into jazz. Atheist. Christian parents. Parents are office workers. Workaholics, I guess. Jameson usually just stays at home and keeps to himself. Doesn't go out too much with friends. His friends find him cool and mysterious. Jameson is just very quiet about what he thinks or feels. Has no other siblings. Parents couldn't even keep up with him. Practically raised himself. He's given the money to go buy groceries and to run errands for his parents while they work. He does all the chores and doesn't interact with his parents even when they're around.

Erin makes decent grades. She's very adventurous and fearless. She likes to be bad sometimes and pull pranks. She doesn't really have many friends and is very unpopular. She likes to hang upside down from trees and read. She likes bats and vampires a lot. She's kinda weird and spunky. Also, she is really short and smol and likes wearing oversized black and red sweaters.

(Erin is played by my friend, Katelyn/Sharpie.)
(Jameson is played by me.)  

Erin quietly sits with her hoodie over her head and covering part of her face. She was quickly doodling and scribbling 
A small paper airplane glides close to the floor. It crashes into Jameson's foot with a little crinkle. Jameson looks at it then in the direction from whence it came. A pasty white boy was looking back at him. Ginger boy. The ginger winces and turns to look at the kid beside Jameson. Jameson kicks the paper plane over to the kid beside him. He looks back down at his paper. He draws one of those weird S(s) that people draw a lot on the corner of his paper.
Erin glances up at the clock and waits for a second... The bell goes off and everyone is now dismissed. Everyone gets packed up quickly and heads for lunch. She sits there for a moment then starts packing up her stuff
Jameson packs up and leaves at his own pace
Erin gets up and heads to lunch as well
Jameson heads through the line and sits down with his group of pasty white boys. He's silent. One of his friends pats him on the shoulder. "Jamesoooonn!"
All his friends wrap their arms around each other and sway with each other. They all do it while just laughing their asses off. Jameson is the only one not laughing. Everyone looks at him. They go silent and stop swaying. One of them speak up "Jameson?"  Jameson takes a moment to respond. "This is the school cafeteria. Not the pub."
Jameson goes silent. They all go back to their lunches while talking to each other. Jameson blocks them out... One of them gently punch him in the shoulder "Jameson? Can you hear me?" He looks up at them. "Are you coming to my house tonight? For the party?" "Sure." Jameson looks back at his lunch and blocks them out again.
Erin glances over at Jameson. She notices that he wasn't talking to his friends. She nibbles on some sushi while just kinda looking over at him. "I wonder what he's thinking about."
Jameson catches a glance of Erin. He looks over at her. His glasses catch the glare of the fluorescent lights.
Erin blinks a bit then quickly looks away. She pulls out her notebook and starts doodling. "Was I staring again? Oops.."
Jameson wasn't even looking at her really. He had looked at her for a moment but was really looking at the lunch line. He blinks a couple of times then takes his glasses off and cleans them a bit.
He looks back down at his lunch.
Erin sighs. She starts sketching a really strange spooky looking monster
Afterschool. Jameson is walking home on the side of the road. He doesn't really want to ride the bus of sweaty white kids. He has his fat backpack slung over his shoulder. He looks down at the grass beneath his feet. Cars woosh by him, the breeze they make gently ruffling his hair.
Erin sits in her rusty grey car for a moment. She sighs and starts driving off
Jameson looks up. He's got a long way ahead of him before he gets home. He kicks a rock and sings a bit... His singing is so horrible. It sounds like a crow dying. He frowns a bit and stops singing. He knows its horrible.
Erin drives past him then stops. She backs up a bit and rolls down her window "Hey. You need a ride?.."
Jameson looks up at Erin. He gets in without a word. He pulls out a pocket knife and sets it on the dashboard. He looks at Erin. "1804, Franklin Road. Just go straight ahead then take 3 rights. Don't park. Just stop to let me out. Thanks."
"Sure..." She starts driving to his destination. She seems to have bags under her eyes. Her car smells nice and minty "Soo... Jameson right?"
"Right. You don't have to make small talk unless you have actual questions. We can stop this conversation right here."
She grins a bit "It doesn't need to be small talk. And, I'm genuinely curious." She pauses for a moment "I'm Erin." 
Jameson is silent for a moment. "Started a sentence with a coordinating conjunction. I'll remember that." He blinks a couple of times then speaks again "Your car smells really nice." 
"Thank you." She smiles a bit more and slowly starts to speed up
Jameson stares out the windshield "Slow down. You're going to go over the speed limit at this rate." 
house "Whoops..." Her voice seemed a bit sarcastic "There aren't any cops around are there?" She giggles and starts to arrive at Jameson's destination. She suddenly steps on it and swerves the car really quickly. The car speeds down, perfectly stopped next to his house
Jameson isn't phased. He narrows his eyes. "Keep that behavior up, and you'll get shot. See you later, criminal."
"Oh well. Might as well live life while I can." She waves to him and smiles 
Jameson grabs his pocket knife and climbs out of the car. He walks inside and walks over to the counter. He looks at a piece of paper. It's his list of chores. He mumbles something and rips it up. He gently sets his bookbag down and gets started on the dishes. Timeskip. It's dark out. Jameson walks into his house with his arms full of groceries. He sets the bags down.
Erin is in her apartment. She's staring at a picture frame of her younger self, smiling, and standing next to an older lady. They kinda looked alike. They both had the same eyes and the same sort of face. It was her mother. She looks away and flops down on a beanbag. She curls up in a tight ball 
Jameson puts the groceries away then starts on making himself something to eat for dinner. He rips open a package of dry ramen noodles. He snacks on them and walks to his back porch.
Erin sighs and eats some mac and cheese while watching TV. She mostly thinks to herself instead of watching the show. 
Jameson throws his leftover dry noodles into the forest. He heads inside. He takes his bag to his room. His room is a mess. He flops onto his bed. He takes his shoe off and throws it at the light switch. He gets lucky and it turns the light off. He lays in bed, fully dressed... He's still for a moment. He gets back up and turns his light back on, changing his mind on sleeping. He lifts his bass up carefully from its stand and pulls it into his arms. He sits on his bed, his back leaned up against the headboard. He rings out a few chords then starts playing a song.. the song sound like anything anyone would know. He probably wrote it.
Erin finishes her food and cleans her bowl. She walks to her bedroom and flops down onto her bed. It was the same room with the TV and bean bag. She lays there for a moment then gets out her notebook and starts doodling 
Jameson plucks a sour note. He growls and drops his bass onto the floor carelessly. He rubs his forehead. He bangs the back of his head against the headboard of his bed repeatedly... Jameson stands up. He yanks his bookbag over to him and heaves it up onto his bed. He rummages through it before pulling out some papers and folders. Homework. He stares at his homework then pulls a pen off of his nightstand. He takes one glance at his homework then starts to scribble all over it. He sniffles then throws his folders across his room. He wipes his eyes and takes off his glasses 
Erin soon finishes her drawing and puts it over on her nightstand. She already finished her homework... She gets dressed in some panda pajamas and snuggles up into her bed. She cuddles a pillow and tries to fall asleep 
Jameson stares at his sheets for a moment then sighs. He puts his glasses on then pulls out his phone and texts one of his friends. "Sorry. Couldn't make it." He sets his phone down. Jameson turns the lights off then curls up in his bed. He takes his glasses off and stares at a wall...
Jameson falls asleep... He wakes up to the sound of heels clicking around his house. He narrows his eyes and goes back to sleep...
Erin has already fallen asleep. She is holding her pillow very closely. She was desperately lonely, and it was very obvious in her sleep
Timeskip. It's morning. It's 3 AM. Jameson is already up and brushing his teeth. He has a towel around his waist. He walks out of the bathroom dressed. He walks into the kitchen and grabs a Poptart. He quickly makes coffee and pours it into a thermos bottle. He drops some Altoids into his bookbag and heads out.
A few hours pass. Erin lays sprawled out on her bed. Her alarm suddenly starts blaring. She yelps and quickly slaps the alarm clock to shut it up. She gets up quickly and gets dressed and brushes her teeth. She has to scramble out of the door with her backpack on. She gets in her car and starts driving to school while eating an orange
Jameson is already at school. He's waiting for them to open the doors. He chugs the rest of his coffee then digs the Altoids out of his bookbag. He pops a few into his mouth and taps his foot
Erin pulls up to the school. She parks and spots Jameson. She gasps and gets her stuff and quickly walks over to him "Good morning." She stands next to him and smiles while drinking some coffee
Jameson looks at her. He nods then turns back to the school...
Erin turns to the school as well. She sips some more coffee and sighs
"What's with the sigh?"
"Oh, nothing. Just tired.. sorry.." She's silent for a moment "I saw you the other day. You didn't seem to like talking to your friends. What's with that?"
Jameson doesn't respond. He fixes his glasses and clears his throat
Erin looks down at the ground "Sorry for the weird question."
"It's fine." He pulls some Altoids out of his bookbag "Altoid?" He extends the open canister out to Erin
"Sure! Thanks." She takes an Altoid and eats it.  Jameson closes the canister with his thumb and throws it back into his bookbag. "So. You've been watching me?"
"I mean.. Uh.... no! No not at all!" She laughs nervously and scratches her head "I'm not a stalker! Not me!"
"Mmm." He flicks her in the face. The lights turn on in the school. A teacher opens the door. "Morning. Always early, Jameson?" Jameson nods and heads inside quickly
July, 6, 2018. 


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