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GSP X Evangelion - Aquatilis appears

An idea for a Godzilla/Evangelion crossover involving the Singular Point Godzilla, more specifically around my idea of GyuraGoji being Lilith's ultimate weapon against both the Angels and Humanity. Anyways, during Evangelion Unit 02's transport to Japan, something other than Gaghiel arrives: the first form of Godzilla, Godzilla Aquatilis. The Beast has emerged...

As always, I hope you guys enjoy ;) Be sure to comment and fave!

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Two sea monsters on the loose

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The Leviathan emerges...

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Or as a alternative.

Gaghiel FOUGHT Aquatilis and lost.

well looks like they are going to need a bigger boat.

And bigger guns.

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Is Godzilla chasing after Gaghiel?

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That and possibly something else...

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I can see Gaghiel about to surface only for G. aquatalis to knock it out of the way, unintentionally stealing Asuka's show.

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You really got to knock Eva like that, don't ya Gabe?

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I'm not knocking Eva for that. I like the designs of the Eva & most of the Angels but the lore behind them I don't. Plus, seeing Asuka mad is always a chance for her to be a huge ham.

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Alright, fair enough.

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