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Fairy Mothras

Fairy Mothra

Height: 4 inches

Wingspan: 16 inches

Weight: 60 grams

Fair Mothras, or Fairies for short, are miniature versions of the Queen of The Monsters herself. Created by Mothra, they act as her eyes and ears across the world. They do not possess any offensive capabilities of their own, however, they can heal the wounds of others, even life threatening ones. The only limitation to this that they cannot restore missing limbs. They also can negate the effects of poisons and other such toxins.

Fairies are seen by the people of Remnant as a sign of good fortunate, particularly if one lands on you. When seen in massive "swarms" they are seen as a sign of warfare, usually when Mothra herself enters a fray.

So here is a profile on Fairy Mothra, the minions of "Mothra" ;) Sorry this one's a little short guys, probably should've consulted KaijuAlpha1point0 on this one. Hopefully you guys still enjoy it, and be sure to comment and fave ;)

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Daizua123's avatar

I figured you'd use these moths to represent Fairy

Sideswipe217's avatar

Ah. I mean they remind me of Fairy Mothra, particularly the ones from Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla :)

Daizua123's avatar

I can see that a little. Rebirth Fairy had a distinct color pattern.

Sideswipe217's avatar

Precisely :nod: I was considering having that Fairy show up, but decided to go the SpaceGodzilla route. SP just kind helped with that lol

ZettoTitan's avatar

Ah, the SP Mothras! Honestly, they might be my favorite Mothra design yet. Will have to get a better look to fully decide, though.

silverbolt1499's avatar

wouldn't that be a sight to see

54godamora's avatar

I do wonder if Mothra herself will show up in the anime.

Allorock2's avatar

I honestly love to think real life Butterflies and Moths are a sign of mother nature being happy and in peace.

Sideswipe217's avatar

Indeed. They're truly a sight to behold.

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