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An homage to one of the coolest under-rated horror films ever, PROPHECY. You can't beat a giant killer bear mutated by mercury polluted waters from the local paper mill. This scene never happens in the movie but I was just doodling while watching it tonight and had to color it up. If you haven't ever seen this movie you should track it down and check it out. At the very least for the sleeping bag scene, that scared me as a kid.
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Whats this? Someone remembered this movie and made fanart of it? Instant fave!
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KATAHDIN!  Of course I remember PROPHECY!  You captured the mood (if not a specific scene) perfectly!

You know the early years of DVDs, when they came out with these out-of-copyright boxed sets like 50 HORROR MOVIES, 50 SCI-FI MOVIES, 50 DRIVE-IN CLASSICS, etc.?  I always dreamed of creating one called 50 IN-YOUR-FACE MONSTER MOVIES, collecting together all these old favorites of mine (with blatant monsters) that were semi-forgotten because they weren't part of a series (Godzilla, Universal Monsters, etc.).  PROPHECY, of course, and X THE UNKNOWN, DINOSAURUS, TROG, THE CAR, DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, GORGO, ISLAND OF TERROR, MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD, etc.  *Sigh*  In a perfect world . . .
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Yeah, good times. :) Don't think Talia Shire ever looked that hot or that excited during the film though.
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If you've seen but can not remember which was the title given to my country and also remember the scene you speak: the person in a sleeping bag, tried to escape mutant bear, but he gave a blow with such fury that the other was released and almost exploded when it hit a tree .... horrendous !!   No, I disagree!  No, I disagree!  No, I disagree!  No, I disagree!  
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Freddy Krueger Bear...

Get it?
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Little known factoid, the monster was portrayed by none other than famed suit actor, Kevin Peter Hall, more famed for his role as the titular intergalatic space hunter, the predator. Playing the monster bear, Kathadin was his first role.
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Oh my god, i JUST watched this. :XD:

You know, as i was watching it i was thinking to myself that this movie is pretty good . The acting is really good, the music is really good, the story is solid, the cinematography, the editing is all top notch. That scene with them all huddled in the underground cave listening to the monster butchering all the people above them is wonderfully suspenseful. BUT once that guy in the big rubber bear suit comes waddling in, everything comes apart. It just looks so fake and silly at times that it just throws every else under the bus. It's not like they keep it in the shadows either. You get a really good look at it, very often!

I know people say this scared them as kids and i can see why. But i saw this in my later teens so the big rubber bear smacking the kid into the rock only gave me a chuckle as opposed to shocking me. Don't get me wrong, i still loved this movie and think it's an awesomely campy eco-horror flick. I just feel like this really had a chance to be more than campy and could have been a really great horror film if the monster was done better.

Anyways, your version of this beastie is awesome! I'm glad someone is giving this movie some love. Despite it's unfortunate flaws, it really is a good movie! :D
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Yea, it doesn't really hold up anymore but it still has a special place in catalog of dvds.
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Oooh I love this movie. I'm a sucker for campy horror flicks. The Killer Shrews is still my favorite.
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Thats also a great one.
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The best inside out bear I've seen yet! You know, the sleeping bag scene started out pretty good with the family settling in for the night and being awoken by the beast, but once that kid started hopping up and down I couldn't help but laugh. Great closeup of the bear before it swats the sleeping bag though.
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Yea, I remember that sleeping bag scene so well. It freaked me out as a kid because when it hits the tree all these feather or stuffing flies out. It was a really bizarre moment.
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That movie is one scary son-of-a-bitch (if that's okay to say), and so is the mutant beast itself.
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Awesome! I hope to see this movie uncut one day, hopefully when it hits Blu-Ray (it better!)

I think the only thing that makes the sleeping bag part cheesy is that full body shot of the bear walking towards the sister, other then that it looks damn scary in that scene. Oh, and the exploding bag is funny of course.
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Now I may be crazy for saying this, but the deformed bear cub from this movie was kinda cute.
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Good movie, that bear used to scare me when I was a kid.
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I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks this movie is cool and under-rated. It was one of the scariest movies I had ever seen when I was a child, and now it will always have a spot on my top ten B-movies list.
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YEa, it was pretty great. I am not into remakes at all but if I had a chance to make a modern remake it would be of this movie.
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Half ugly and half bear. Dangerous combination if it ever gets self conscious about its looks.
Best tribute I've seen yet!
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Prophecy was SO awesome... I love that little hoppy victim in the sleeping bag.
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