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FREAKEATER by David Hartman

The behemoth travels the country searching for sideshows to feed his hungry belly.
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loess's avatar
HA HA! thats gross.
flightresponse's avatar
That's great! That would make an awesome band name. Love your style!
Sugarballs's avatar
I understand time is a factor but I think you should do something with this...
DamageCult's avatar
wow! great posterlike drawings :worship: :+fav:
Callme-Ismael's avatar
Hello David!
Absolutly great work, as ever!!!
How is the Rob Zombie thing going?


sideshowmonkey's avatar
It's looking really cool! I can't wait to be able to show some stuff.
SamakSands's avatar
Awesome as usual. Your style reminds me of those old tales from the crypt comics.
sideshowmonkey's avatar
Cool! Thanks, that's a great compliment in my book! :D
eyid's avatar
hahah he would get overweight on Earth ;)
CheeseRealm's avatar
saw this ages ago in lenore issue #9. been haunting me ever since really. the dark satire of roman dirge we all love... and something else. something evil and truly grotesque. i just can't put my finger on it.

kept going back to this piece for a long time. most be the issue of lenore i've had off the shelve the most after finishing it.

great stuff dude. mankind is lucky to have people like you around. keep it up.
sideshowmonkey's avatar
Thanks, Back then I planned on making a comic about these characters but never got around to it. Roman was cool and printed it in Lenore.
Darkskater66's avatar
haha really nice cool details nicely done :+fav: for sure keep it up :)
IggyHazard's avatar
I :heart: how it has eyes and mouths and faces growing forth from all over. :XD:
Bellevue-DarkKnight's avatar
that's a very cool creature design
Mooseh's avatar
Awesome & freaky. Nuff said.
TheCoconutGuy's avatar
Oh my god :paranoid: I gotta hide somewhere... ^^;
chesire-cat's avatar
NOOO poor freaks!!!
TheTrashCaretaker's avatar
Bwahahaha...Oh god I love! Nice twisted humor. The whole piece and all the colors you use are fantastic. This would be great as a poster:)
ehime's avatar
おいしい!!! Jesus that's just an amazing concept.
I mean I draw creepy shit, but something that eats
em. ^5 for being outside the "box".
Matt-Tempest's avatar
Love it. monochrome fits with whole sideshow poster theme. gobsmacked.
Makinita's avatar
Spaciouswardrobe's avatar
Great illustration, love your stylised characters
xenocBlood's avatar
Oo, cool! I really like the muted colours and the banners are a clever way to set the scene and illustrate the concept :) I like the sort of semi-retro feel too. And the goo is very well done :nod: hehe
Terrifying, but very cleverly done and well drawn! :D
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