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EVIL DEAD by Hartman

This was a runner-up winner for my 50,000 pageview contest. was the winner and got to pick what film I would do fan art for next. He picked "Evil Dead".

I went ahead and incorporated elements from all three movies just to spice it up a bit. This piece is a little different from my opthers since I drew this one entirely in the computer with the wacom just to see how it would look. The result is actually a little cleaner of a look than what I like but it was still a fun experiment and I'll probably do some more this way in the future although I still prefer good 'ol pen and crappy copy paper.
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"Hail to the King"
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"yo, she-bitch. Let's go."
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Great art, love the look of the deadites!

My Evil Dead Drawing:…
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Great job man!!!!!
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Thanks so much! 
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Very nice job, I hear Bruce Campbell is doing an Evil Dead 4 and a sequel to Army of Darkness along with a crossover movie where he fights Freddy and Jason
I have and watched all those movies. Classic. I even had a game as well. Actually on my favorites list up there with Scarface. Just my opinion and I'm a a huge Evil Dead fan.
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Hail to the king baby
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This is my boom stick.
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Apocalypse!! ha excellent style!!
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your welcome watch my art too
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