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Just a fun piece with monsters, cars and girls dragging through an old hollow. Created on iPad with procreate app.
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This would be a cool album cover for some Halloween flavored surf/drag race instrumental tunes. :thumbsup:
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I was thinking that too while drawing it. Thank you!
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excellent artwork
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Diggin this one Big D!
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Love the concept and execution.
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Makes me think of Rob Zombies Demon Speeding song.
Clayman8's avatar i need to watch Zombie's Dragula video again.

Awesome piece with classic 'rod designs and pinups
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Duuuude, this is PERFECT.  Amazing job - love the composition, the colors, the CARS... such cool work. Bravo.
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Thanks so much! Got to love drawing monsters, girls and cars.
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I'm not sure it gets any better. Hell, I recently did so myself!
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Gorgeous ladies, drag racing monsters in wild cars and no thought of safety! ;) (Wink) Clap Screw seat belts is their cry! :D (Big Grin) 
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Some mad scientist will just them back together again. No need for airbags.
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This is hilarious, love it :D
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Nothing wrong with just drawing for fun especially when it's an interesting premise like this.
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Thanks! I draw for a living so when I get time to do stuff for fun it is so relaxing.
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I would imagine. I hope whatever ideas you can share with us will be incorporated into your book that you're working on. No matter if they are just sketches or fully colored and detailed pieces I'm sure they'll all be amazing.
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I absoloutely admire your work. I just love how you draw your female characters too. You are a really huge inspiration.
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Thanks so much! That really means a lot to hear!
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how do those girls not fall off? nice work as always
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