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CASPER ISSUE 41 by Hartman

I love visiting the blog COVERED(coveredblog.blogspot) where artists submit published comic covers in their own style. I finally had a chance to do one and chose CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST issue 41 with Casper and Wendy the good little witch flying on a broom ( link to original image --> [link] ).

You can also see the image on the covered site here --> [link]
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Since I haven't stated it, I will state it now.

In my fan-fics, esp. the last 4 - Wendy does grow up. They all need rewriting, tho. I was burning out,.

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I favorited this, NOT for being cute (it wasn't), but for being just plain WEIRD !
THIS would scare even his uncles. (I don't think they're his REAL uncles, tho.)
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Well, little Hilary Duff is all grown up now, so if she ever decides to do a sequel to Casper Meets Wendy, we've got our poster art.  
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Same with Casper. Look at him in this!
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Awesome concept, well-executed!
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My childhood just an upgrade...a MAJOR upgrade
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I just checked and discovered that this pic is missing from my own pic files, so I resaved it. I lost a lot of stuff in a hard-drive crash and I got about 90% back...
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Awesome work here
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Serously love this piece! Awesome!
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awesome design

keep the good work :thumbsup:
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Wow, I'd be scared outta my wits if your Casper tried to be friendly with me! Great picture!
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I loved those comics, well still do. Great Dave!
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Ha ha... Looks like Casper's looking for a demographic with more disposable income. :D
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I've been on covered 3 or 4 times...but it took me 4 tries to get on there in the first place! It IS such a great great site! This cover rules.
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Whoa snap! This rox d house!
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I love your Wendy. But I love all the witches you have done.
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Thank you!!

I'd love to see more of your witches. Love what you did on American Witch.
Do you do commissions at all?
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Thanks again! I'll have to post some more of the American Witch work sometime. Right now I am not taking any commissions and not sure when I will be able to. Once I do I will post on my journal here. Thank you for asking.
Can't fall asleep... Casper will eat me...
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Are still doing comics these days?
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