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Okay, this journal serves two purpose, to list people I'd like to commission (if and when I can afford it, in some cases), and to continue experimenting with journal skins.

First the experiment:
This gives me two journals so far with a custom skin, and I am curious what would happen to one journal if I edit the skin on the other. Does it retain the skin as I originally added it, or does it update to the new edits?
If it updates itself, great. That means I can make changes as I go and not have to manually update every single journal.
Apparently, it does not. So I'll be looking for an off-site widget.
See, I want to display my progress in any stories I'm working on, and that will require frequent changes.

As much as I like the journal image, I might revert back to the default look, and just use CSS for the widgets....
Provided I can convince the CSS to give me a decent background color; strange how it doesn't want to show the right colors even when I type in the hex code. Like the subject line: CSS says it's #ffffff, which is white, and it shows white when I'm previewing or editing. But if I'm browsing, it occasionally shows as some gold-ish color, or more frequently as a darker, harder-to-read-against-the-background shade of brown. ^^;

Now the list.
There's not many here, yet, simply because I need to go through and see again who all I'd like to commission. The first ones listed here are just the ones who are fresh on my mind.

Prices, if mentioned or alluded to, are naturally subject to change.
Perhaps the artist has improved a lot since I first listed them and prices their commissions accordingly, perhaps financial needs have worsened and they need to charge more, or perhaps even those financial concerns have lessened and they feel they can afford to charge less.
Or any other reason.

Her prices are high, that of a professional rather than of a deviant hobbyist. And the sheer complexity of the work and talent shows it.
I want one of her Bloodi mounts, but that requires two things: (a) an income that doesn't rely on getting on someone's case to pay me the pittance we agreed on for babysitting, and (b) figuring out what the heck some of my characters look like. ^^;

I've commissioned and requested and received gifts from her before.
She has a very nice Sonic the Hedgehog style, and that's exactly what I've been commissioning her for.
She created the avie I'm currently using, drew my StH dingo Raki purely from his description, and my StH Aki-Ra from description and a reference image.

I like her work, plain and simple.
I haven't made up my mind whether her style is quite right for me, but I can see myself commissioning at least a book cover or character illustration from her.

Check out her gallery, or her professional portfolio christinegriffin.artworkfolio.…
Now I just need to check out her prices. ^^;

Another awesome Sonic-style artist. Her prices are not what many deviants consider "cheap," but they do reflect what the art is really worth, not to mention what the dA points are really worth (e.g. she charges 10 dollars for a sketch rather than 10 points), and should still be within the budget of the typical customer.
I haven't seen much in her gallery besides Sonic art, so I haven't made up my mind if I would, or could, commission her for my original work. But commissioning her for anything from my Sonic fan-fics sounds reasonable enough.

Awesome work. 'Nuff said.
Unlike some (but not all) of the other artists I'm interested in, whom I'm merely interested in commissioning for a visual of my original characters, I could see myself requesting a given scene or other from any of my pieces. Her prices aren't bad for full-color pictures, and she's looking for work--or at least, her prices wouldn't be "bad" if I had a job. ^^;

I never did add her to the list, for some reason. ^^;
From what I've seen, most of her work is Sonic-verse, as well as a fair few Sonic/Skyrim crossovers that I'd like to see more of. ;p
She also has a few pieces from other assorted fandoms.

Awesome Pony artist with her own unique and amazing style.

Because her comics are amazing, her pokemon and other art is amazing, and I really need to think of something I'd like to commission off of her. ;)

And that would be all I can think of off the top of my head.
I'll update later after I do a few gallery binges. :D

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Aw thanks for adding me to your journal! :3 It makes me happy when people do that. And I know what you mean, haha - my style is quite niche so people tend to mostly come to me with commissions for girly men. Hence my reputation. xD