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Rite of Passage is now also available on deviantArt as Premium Content. fav.me/d61xrsh
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As opposed to being an unofficially "published" fanfiction author. ;)

Rite of Passage, my first completed original fiction, is now for sale.
Rite of Passage started life as a flashback, telling of a certain incident during the childhood of the desert nomad Fahd, a few days before he was to be named an adult.

Rite Of Passage cover by SideQuestPublication

From Smashwords:
Fahd grew up in a desert tribe that travels at night and shuns the burning day. But as children often do, he longs to disobey his elders, and see for himself just what it is that they fear so much. But when he has an accident shortly before a holy ritual, he may find himself learning more about the day than he ever wanted.

Or the longer description:
In a way, Fahd was like most children. He played games and raced with his friends, he had chores, and he didn't always obey his elders. But in a way, he was not like most children. See, Fahd grew up in the desert, within a tribe of night wanderers who shun the day, fearing both the burning sun and the demons and demon hunters alike that are said to prowl beneath its glare.
A few days before Star Fall, a holy day in which the children are to be recognized as adults, Fahd and his friends sneak out in the day to race one last time. But this is one race that nobody can win.

Now, if you've read the prologue to my Sonic fanfiction "Forgotten War" sidequestpubs.deviantart.com/g… this is indeed the same "Fahd" from the pirate crew. Just... the human version, since Rite of Passage is not a Sonic-fic.
The story is essentially the same; there are only minor differences, mostly regarding the characters' species.
While Fahd and his tribe are all desert cats within the Sonic-fic, they are human within the original version. Fahd and his mage/healer mother, however, bear some resemblance to certain animals, due to their exposure to magic. Fahd shares some traits with the desert cats, and his mother has the scaly skin of a snake.
Adheera, likewise, is different between the versions. In the Sonic-fic, she is an olive green echidna from the Nocturnus tribe. In the original version, she is one of the legendary Wandering Ones, human in build, but covered in feathers (find out why on my website pioneersoftheshatteredwaters.w… or my other deviantArt account fav.me/d4voe22).
And Fahd's granddad, mentioned only in passing... is a shoutout to another fandom. ;p

The story can currently be found as an ebook on Amazon www.amazon.com/Rite-of-Passage… (ASIN: B00C5VR3CK) and Smashwords: www.smashwords.com/books/view/… (ISBN: 9781301821242) for $1.99.

Thanks to Smashword's Premium Catalog, it can also be found on:
Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Sony, and possibly a fair few others (their catalog also includes Apple, Diesel, Page Foundry, Baker & Taylor Blio, Library Direct, and Baker-Taylor Axis360).
So keep an eye out for it if you shop other online retailers.

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I'm finally awake from coffee intake to actually make a comment that doesn't seem like I slammed my face on the keyboard!

That's awesome you've gotten a piece published into ebook format! :D No thanks to juggling novel ideas with Kuro, I've been tempted to go back to my original works and read through them again to see if they're decent enough to really go forwards with until I feel it's completed. :XD: Some of them I felt were a bit rushed in some parts, but here's hoping I can correct what needs to be corrected! (I've been stalling since 2010--I think I need to move forwards already!)

Hopin' those sales fly through! Good luck! :nod: