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Okay, I keep telling myself I'm going to get involved in one of these, and so I finally did.
I've seen different numbers on this feature sharing, and since I'm playing around with my journals at the moment, I'll do it in five person increments.
E.g., I have four people featured (at present), so I'd only show up to the fifth slot. Once that fifth slot is filled, I add five more open slots. I'll keep going until I think the journal is too long. :D

I'm also toying with the idea of trying something like this on my WordPress site.
If anybody has any suggestions, here's the link: sidequestpublications.wordpres…
Check out the comments for the idea.

Here's the rules:
1. For every person commenting on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list! (You can do thumbnails or simple links as you like; I'll do links just so I can remain consistent without having to change things once I get a premium membership.)

2. If you'd like to play along, you can create a similar journal--with my rules or with the ones other people use, or some variation as you like--and list the tagger(s) first.
(In my case, the two people who tagged me get placed in order of when they tagged me.)

3. If you have multiple accounts, let me know! I'd be glad to look through the others to select other features.
For instance, in my case, I have two accounts.
This one, my main account, contains mostly fan art and fan fiction, and it's the one I do most of my communicating and watching and faving from. It's also the one I'll do these journals from.
My secondary account is for my "original" fiction... and the occasional fanfiction if it's one of my really old "look at how bad I used to write" pieces from high school, or any "technical" fanfictions that I have specific plans for (like my Doctor Who fics). And, once I get things going, stock photos. You'll find that at SideQuestPublication It's highly unlikely I'll do one of these journals, or any tags, on that account.
Pick your three features from whichever account you prefer, I don't care. Though the secondary count doesn't have much on it to choose from just yet....

Anyway, the list of the Tagged:

1. :iconkurodemangaka:
(It was so tempting to just grab my three gifts/commissions to the exclusion of her entire gallery... I tried to avoid that temptation by ignoring those three entirely for this journal. ^^;) (I, uh, "borrowed" my own character template from the layout she used. I'm also looking forward to hearing more about Morpheus.) (Okay, so I added one of my commissions, anyway.)

2 :iconixris: (GASP! Someone who understands me!)

3 :iconqueenmoreta:
(Hard to pick just three. But I think I picked a good selection.) (I can't not include this one, no matter what else I choose.) (Spellcasters everywhere...hide your books. Do not let Ash find them.) (I'm not so sure who Jack is, but he looks eerily cool.)

4 :iconbrutishdandy:
A true challenge, I'm afraid. The art and writing looks great... it's just... let's just call it a personal choice of genre and leave it at that. (For instance, I don't read poetry, and very little horror.)
But I believe I found a good selection. (Looks like slash fiction.) (Very interesting speculation on the succubus. He's got one on vampires, too.) (A character bio, of course. I eagerly await finding out more about this one.)

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BrutishDandy's avatar
Ehh, why not?
I've actually been doing the same thing on my page for a while now.
Plus, I do like your writing.
SideQuestPubs's avatar
Now I've just got to pick something from your gallery. :D
queenmoreta's avatar
hahah yes! I am planning a follow up picture to that ash one :giggle: and wow Old jack picture is old, I need to do and up to date one of him on his own.
Basically he is a spirit a sort of lost soul. but instead of being like a translucent ghost he can manifest into that solid form.
He and his adoptive parents were killed but he didn't pass on. He doesn't know why and what his purpose for remaining is and to be honest it's something I need to expand on. But he mostly hangs around my character Mona and toxa's crew :3.
SideQuestPubs's avatar
I think I'm with Edna on that one...I want to see what happens next. :plotting:

I just looked through your gallery for Jack pics...I thought he looked a lot younger than that!
At least in the group pics. (It's the size difference, probably.)
Even so, 19 is an awful short life. :sniff: Poor guy.
Although I notice you have a lot of undead characters, so maybe he's in good company?
queenmoreta's avatar
yeah, definitely in good company, I think thats why he hangs around toxa and company so much, mona is a demon and toxa is a demon vampire hybrid. he has met damion through toxa, mr tall meets mr short ass :D.
hmm now there's an idea, maybe I should draw him meeting ash zombie goat! :giggle:
SideQuestPubs's avatar
I'm not so sure meeting Ash qualifies as "good company." :paranoid:
queenmoreta's avatar
hahah, he can have his moments so yeah I think it would depend on ash's mood when meeting jack. :).
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