Forgotten War

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History remembers a pirate, who tricked his way into joining Albion's Knights of Aurora.

History remembers that he betrayed Albion, and tried to sell secrets to the Order of Ixis.

History remembers that, for all his fearsome reputation, this pirate was an insignificant player in a war that threatened to destroy an entire civilization. wrong.

This is the true story of Voalt Remington, and the part he played in the Forgotten War.
A quick "blurb" of a sort, meant only to introduce the story.
I have plans to adapt this story to my original fiction, and if I do, I see this segment as that passage you often see on the back of the book. Whether a publisher agrees remains to be seen. :shrug:

Here, it's meant to stand in as the title page cum table of contents.
If I come up with a decent picture of Voalt, I might switch this submission over to a drawing, and place that text entry directly into the description. Or not; I might just use a "preview" picture.

Warning: this story takes place so long ago in the Sonic/Knuckles storyline, that it's bound to be full of, and focused on, original (read: my) characters, with maybe a handful of canon characters making a brief appearance.
So if you're any sort of canon purist, this story may not be for you.

Chapter 1: Denizen of the Deep
Chapter 2: Storm
Chapter 3: Egg
Chapter 4: Hatching
Chapter 5: Voalt
Chapter 6: Leaving Port
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interesting, i'm very intrigued
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I'm so glad dA provides links when they alert us to these messages.
I always seem to forget what I've posted. :roll:

Anyways, thank you much for the quick review and the fave.
I can only hope that you will keep on being intrigued.