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Necropolis 4: Recovery
When Carter woke, he felt refreshed and completely dry.
How long have I been asleep?
The play of lights outside the window told him they were back in the temporal zone. No information there.
A fresh outfit lay folded at the foot of his bed. He dressed and donned his armor—now clean, though he was sure he would have woken if anyone else had entered the room—and left to find answers.
He didn't encounter anyone until he reached the corridor to the Med Bay. Sara stood guard outside.
Carter looked away from the assassin. "Still want to find out if the League can stop me from reincarnating?" he asked. "Who knows? Maybe they came up with something new since the last time I dealt with them."
"I'm still thinking about it," she replied. "Go on in, if you really think you need to."
He gave her a curt nod and approached the door. But voices within made him hesitate.
"—don't begrudge him his life," Kendra was saying. "But even if time 'wants to happen,' it hardly
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Necropolis 3: Rescue Operation
"He better get back down here soon," Sara muttered. "I don't know about you guys, but I can't keep this up for much longer."
Rip shook his head. "I don't think we can keep this up for long even with Mr. Hall's aid," he admitted. "The good news is, this lot has some peculiar ideas about leadership. They won't attack if there's nobody in charge."
"We take out the warlord, we win?" Mick asked. "What's the bad news?"
"The warlord will only attack if he sees a chance to take out whomever he believes to be our leader," Rip said. "But he'll be staying out of the thick of things as long as possible."
Sara groaned. "And since Leonard is the only one who isn't 'in the thick of things,' the warlord's probably going to target him."
Rip nodded. "That would be my theory, as well."
"Then we gotta find this guy," Mick said.
"Any ideas?" Sara asked.
A body flew off the pillar and crumpled on the ground in front of Mick.
"Found him," the arsonist said before he unloaded a full clip
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Necropolis 2: Recon Mission
Leonard gritted his teeth and kept moving. Carter had flown up to him a few times to comment on his progress, but the thief had kept his mouth firmly shut.
Decades of surviving under Lewis' control had told him exactly what the demigod had been doing. Carter had almost certainly wanted to provoke him, to force him or Mick to start a fight, ready to claim—and rightly so—that he'd only been defending himself if either of them retaliated; frightening the thief might have been a bonus but it had never been the man's intent.
And that alone was reason enough to ignore him. Why give Carter that satisfaction when Leonard could claim that he was simply trying to concentrate on the climb?
And the fact was, Leonard did need to concentrate. The ledges were considerably wider than the map had led him to believe, but so were the gaps separating them, and many of the bridges threatened to crumble under his feet. Seven times he'd had to signal to Sara, so that she coul
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Necropolis 1: Low Tech
Ray made another adjustment to the Atom suit's wiring, and a shot hit the deck between the criminal pair.
Mick jumped. "Watch it!" he snarled.
Leonard merely glanced down to examine the burn mark, and watched with mild curiosity as it vanished from his sight.
"Sorry!" Ray said quickly. "Sorry." He sighed. "What's the point of us even giving this a second thought? Rip has already seen the future. He knows exactly what's in store for each of us. Might as well have stayed dead, 'cause the world doesn't need any of us." He glanced at Sara. "You're just a lost assassin." He transferred his gaze to the two thieves. "You're just a pair of good-for-nothing criminals."
Mick glanced at him. "I can live with that," he said, and returned his attention to his own weapon.
Leonard had to agree with Mick. The professor had been right, after all; people didn't typically consider you a legend until after you were dead. Making a mark on history held a certain appeal, and half
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What If: Reflex
"Okay, now close the right eye," Julian said.
Leonard closed his right eye as instructed and opened the left. He tried not to flinch at the light shining directly on his pupil.
"Tracking's good," Julian said. "Both eyes dilate and constrict properly. No more double vision?"
"No," Leonard replied. "I'm fine. Or I will be as soon as you quit trying to blind me. Can we get on with this?"
"Not quite yet." Julian set the light down and picked up a rubber mallet. "I believe next is—"
"I hit back," Leonard said.
That hadn't been true for years, but he still found himself astonished at what he could decipher about a person's medical skills by how they reacted to such a comment.
Cisco looked up from the monitor and watched them with a gleam in his eye.
So glad one of us is amused. Leonard refrained from rolling his eyes at the kid's expression.
Julian's mouth opened and closed a few times. "It's to check your reflexes," he finally replied.
His eyes were narrow, but his hands
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What If: Infantano Street Recruitment
"And I assume saving your girlfriend requires us doing something... less than lawful?" Leonard asked.
"We need to break into ARGUS," Barry replied. "And steal an alien power source."
"The Flash, a thief?" Leonard smirked. He flexed his right hand, making sure his fingers were plenty limber for whatever he might need to pick up. "That's my kind of mission." He frowned. "Just one problem; when are you from? When's this heist supposed to go down?"
"Um...." Barry shuffled his feet; he wouldn't look at the thief. "2017," he mumbled.
"Hmmm.... sorry, I'll have to pass," Leonard said. He turned around and walked into the Waverider.
Barry followed close behind. "But Snart, I—"
"Mr. Snart!" Rip snapped. He glared at the thief. "How many times do I have to tell you people, to stop bringing in—Mr. Allen?"
Barry sighed and removed his cowl. "So much for keeping it a secret," he muttered.
"Everyone on this ship already knows who you are," Rip replied.
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Mature content
Frustration--Leonard Snart :iconsidequestpubs:SideQuestPubs 1 0
Trace 3: Field Work
Vanishing Point

Damien stared at the chart, his amusement warring with impatience as he waited for Eobard's tantrum to run its course.
"Agh!" Crash!
And there went all of that sensitive equipment that Eobard had claimed was so very critical to their mission.
Damien chuckled. "Temper, temper." He turned around and grinned at the furious speedster.
"Don't test me, Damien!" Eobard snarled.
"Shouldn't it be the other way around?" Damien asked. "You sent me and Malcolm off to find the Kalabros Manuscript while the Legends managed to abscond with the Spear of Destiny. I should have that zombie speedster you're so afraid of eat your brain."
"No," Eobard murmured. "No, this... is actually a positive development."
"Or maybe he already has," Damien added.
Eobard shook his head. "With the entire Spear in the Legends' possession, we no longer have to keep going after it piecemeal."
"Yeah...." Damien said, "I'm a glass half-full kind of guy—"
"The Legendary idiots
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Catalyst 01: Night of the Hawk
Harmony Falls, Oregon, circa 1958

"Oh, boy," Martin said.
Leonard agreed with the sentiment. "Just when you think you've seen everything," he replied.
The bird-thing leapt for the two men, but Leonard quickly knocked it out with a blast from his cold gun.
A second creature dove at them. A second blast of ice sent it flying backwards.
"Guess those missing kids are no longer missing," Leonard added.
But what has Savage done to them?
And just how many people had that lunatic changed? Judging from the screams in the distance, they had a lot more than four missing kids to worry about.
A growl came from the shadows ahead, and a third creature emerged. A sour feeling built in the pit of Leonard's stomach; even the previous two creatures couldn't prepare him for this new horror.
"Oh, my God," Martin said. He stared at the creature advancing on them. "It's Jefferson."
Leonard eyed the creature warily. This thing was the kid?
"Jefferson," Martin said, "it's... us!"
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AU 13: Memories
Leonard slumped in his usual perch above the Pipeline, waiting for something, anything, to convince him that they actually had a chance. For the last fifteen minutes he'd watched as two of his Rogues, Roy and Shawna, struggled to take Nyssa down.
Mick waited near the combatants, watching for a chance to tackle the assassin, while Thea watched from a perch similar to the thief's own.
They battled it out within the Pipeline itself—with the repairs going on nearby, and Jay and Joe's argument upstairs, the tunnel was the only place big enough for the fight without the risk of damaging important equipment. And yet, even with Shawna's teleportation, she and Roy were losing.
Oliver gave a piercing whistle that made Leonard clap his hands over his ears but did nothing to make the fighters hesitate.
"Ow," Thea muttered. She pointed to her left ear. "Can you do that again, Ollie? I think I can still hear on this side."
The archer shook his head. "Nyssa!" he called. "Mi
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Mature content
Tess 02: SSDD :iconsidequestpubs:SideQuestPubs 1 0
Amber Character Bio
Name: Amber.
The name itself is a temporal paradox—when Leonard first met her from his perspective, that was the name she'd introduced herself with. But when Earth One's Mick and Earth X's Leo first met from hers (vis a vis a time travel mission), Mick recognized her and called her by that name, confirming that he would know her very well at some point in her future.
Where the name came from in Timelines 1.0 and 2.0 (both without Len or Leo's participation on Rip's mission, and thus without that initial meeting from her viewpoint) has never been revealed.
(Likewise, this is why she prefers to call call Len "Leo" after meeting the Earth One version.... this and the fact that she'd met him as a child when he still went by the name of Leo.)
Sex/Gender: Ambiguous. The identities Len is most familiar with utilize a female persona according to the traditional definition of the word; she has confirmed she is quite capable of taking male and other roles, though her a
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AU 12: Three Fronts
"29, 28, 27, 26," Cisco counted down. "Come on buddy, just 25 more to go."
Nyssa, clad in blue jeans and a t-shirt, examined a set of x-rays at another computer.
"Any luck with his injuries?" Sara asked.
"Not as such, no," Nyssa replied. "It's rather fascinating, actually. We of the League have always been trained to press on in spite of injuries, to tend to them only as the mission allows or if they imperil our success, but we are no more adept at healing than any other. But this man, Snart.... I've never seen anyone recover so quickly." She glanced over to see Leonard watching the monitor over Cisco's shoulder.
The thief looked up to catch her eyes on him, and immediately recoiled. He had barely stopped doing that since Henry had allowed him out of bed.
Nyssa quickly looked away before she risked panicking him again. Fear was a common weapon for the League, but it served no purpose here and would almost certainly interfere with the mission. "Physically recover,"
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AU 11: Best Laid Plans
Roy Bivolo crouched over the barely-conscious Oliver Queen and removed his mask. "Ah, damn," the metahuman said. "Lost that bet."
Shawna Baez smirked at him. "Told you. Pay up."
"Er... rain check?"
"Oh, god," Barry muttered, hiding his face in his hands.
Oliver groaned. "What hit me...?" He lifted one hand towards his head, and stopped short. "Why am I handcuffed to a chair?"
"Need me to hit him again?" Shawna asked.
Mick snorted. "That's supposed to be my job."
"I wanted to knock him out, not kill him," Shawna retorted.
"Oh, god," Barry muttered again.
"You missed a hell of a freak-out, Biv," Mick said, ignoring Barry completely.
Roy frowned. "Pity. But knowing Leonard, it's only a matter of time; I just hope I can see how my power works before he ends up dead."
"Hey, whoa, whoa!" Cisco protested. "That is just sick!"
Caitlin shot Roy a scandalized look. "You want to see if you can enrage Snart while he's having a panic attack?"
"Not enrage," Roy sai
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Trace 2: In Training
Vanishing Point
Leonard raced through the corridors, trying desperately to outrun his pursuer.
He burst into the council chamber—no place to hide—and looked around wildly for another escape route.
Several levels above, Damien and Eobard peered down to watch the show.
"How many times has it been?" Damien asked.
Eobard shrugged. "I lost count after fifty-two."
"So where'd you hide it this time?" Damien asked.
Eobard simply pointed to a higher level on the other side of the chamber.
Damien looked up at the level indicated and scoffed at the cold gun prominently on display. "He's been all over the place by now. He'll find it. You might not even have to step in."
"I'm done stepping in!" Eobard snarled. "I had no idea he'd be a damn coward without his sister. But he's useless if he won't fight."
"He'll fight," Damien insisted. "He'll do whatever he thinks necessary to bring her back. He simply has no experience with a proper duel."
"He never will have
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Tracing Time 1: Final Recruit?
"We're going back tonight," Leonard said.
"Back where?" one of his thugs asked.
"To the museum," Leonard explained. "That diamond isn't going to steal itself."
"Super gun freeze your brain, Snart?" the other thug scoffed. "The museum's going to be crawling with police by now. And the Streak."
"This can stop the Streak," Leonard said, hefting the cold gun. "It hurt him, and I know his real weakness. So we go, unless you want out."
"We both want out," one of the thugs growled.
Leonard paused, barely turning his head when he sensed the guns pointed at him.
"Alive," the thug finished.
"So you thought ahead and made a plan," Leonard drawled. "Least I taught you something." He sighed. "So what are you waiting for? Shoot me."
Neither thug moved.
Morons. Clearly they needed another lesson in following their plans, but he just couldn't dredge up the energy to care any more. "You better put a bullet in my brain right now," he snarled. "Because if
:iconsidequestpubs:SideQuestPubs 2 0
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And once again I have a story with only chapter one posted, or even written, for that matter.... and my brain decides I need to work on chapter 10-or-so.
(In my defense, I had just seen the Infantano Street episode of the Flash and the chapter I'm working on is based directly off of that--albeit without the scenes that require re-watching for specific dialogue--whereas the chapter I should be working on requires re-watching the tail end of Night of the Hawk and the bulk of Left Behind before I can write any of it.)

And, courtesy of a flashback/exposition within the chapter-10-or-so my brain also decided I need to work on yet another "what if," this one requiring the team to go on at least one attempted mission between Chronos' attack in episode one and the arms sale in episode two. And then I need to rewrite that flashback so it's a little less exposition and a little more just alluding to what (hopefully this time) will actually be a fairly short chapter.

One of these days I might continue writing these stories in an order that I can actually upload them. ^^;
Currently working on (almost) the same scene from two different timelines, several chapters into What Could Have Been.
Because my brain doesn't want to tell me what happens in chapter 3. :roll:
Oh the joy of epublishing....
Finding a typo in a "published" work and being able to fix it without printing off a whole new edition.
And then realizing you have half a dozen more copies of the story to fix. ^^;
#selfcare #rant #venting 

I would've created a poll for this just to see how some of the options rank, but I don't currently have a core membership (and can't be bovvered to get another one just for this) and I'm not sure I want to put it on my writerly FaceBook page.

But here is the question: What would you say are some of the biggest lies of our time.... albeit without bringing politics into the equation? (So leave your MAGA and similar ideologies at the door.) And why do you think it's a lie?

Me, I think there are a few specific lies that need to be on that list.
"The check's in the mail" seems to be a famous one. (Though sometimes the check really is in the mail.)
"The customer is always right." (As any retail employee knows... especially when that customer decides to be abusive.)
"It was just a joke."

That last may one need a bit of elaboration.
I will grant you, it is possible for "it was just a joke" (or more accurately, "it was meant as a joke") to serve as an explanation.... or part of one. If it is acknowledging the disconnect between how the joke was intended and how it was received, and if the teller of the joke is willing to take responsibility for what they'd said. Personally, I don't know whether this is my autism or me in general, but I find it hard to apologize without acknowledging that disconnect, which naturally requires acknowledging my intent; the apology just doesn't feel sincere otherwise. (My biggest failing in that regard is that my apologies don't always include the words "I'm sorry," so there's another disconnect for me to work on.)
I've made jokes that I didn't realize until hours later probably didn't sound the way I intended, and yes I will mention the fact that I have a weird sense of humor when I attempt to apologize for them. (Yes, #JohnBarrowman, I'm still calling it weird! ;) )
But all of that requires the teller of the joke to own up to the fact that they said something that might have been offensive. To accept that they contributed, however unintentionally, to the insult that occurred. Even if they don't come right out and apologize, even though they have no control over how the recipient interpreted those words, the teller of the joke needs to be willing to take responsibility for the fact that they themselves said those words.

If, on the other hand, the phrase "it was just a joke" is accompanied by anger towards the recipient, by phrases like "get over it" or "get a sense of humor"....
If the joke-teller is so bad at reading their audience that they immediately assume upset on the recipient's part the very instant the recipient replies, even though the recipient was merely addressing the logical side of the joke (or gods forbid, joking back)....
Or worse, if the recipient is genuinely upset by that type of joke every single time it is told (case in point, one clearly at the recipient's expense, such as a "threat" to sabotage one of the recipient's sources of income in the name of maintaining control over the recipient's theoretical free time) and the joke-teller continues to tell jokes of that type.....
If the teller of jokes is upset when they themselves are on the receiving end of jokes of that sort, yet they continue to make the same kinds of jokes about other people....
Well, there is a reason the joke-teller assumed offense on the recipient's part, and the recipient is not to blame for that assumption. (No, not even if the recipient has a sense of humor so dry that they sound serious even when at their silliest.) And it was most definitely not "just a joke."

And the reason I'm not (yet) inclined towards posting this on FaceBook...?
Well, for one thing it has no place on the writerly page unless I can find a plot bunny in it.
For another, if I post it on my personal profile, past experience tells me that the parties who inspired this particular rant will see it and a) ignore it as they are clearly incapable of being in the wrong and therefore I couldn't possibly be talking about them or b) accuse me of "airing their dirty laundry" (never mind that they made it mine to clean up however I can the moment they flung that metaphorical laundry in my face) without me ever once mentioning who and what inspired the piece to begin with. Trying to talk with them in person, unfortunately, tends to lead to some combination of these two results.
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I need this on a stamp. Or my own version: "My characters are like my (best) friends; I think I know them well, but I don't know everything. They still find ways to surprise me."
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