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AU 13: Memories
Leonard slumped in his usual perch above the Pipeline, waiting for something, anything, to convince him that they actually had a chance. For the last fifteen minutes he'd watched as two of his Rogues, Roy and Shawna, struggled to take Nyssa down.
Mick waited near the combatants, watching for a chance to tackle the assassin, while Thea watched from a perch similar to the thief's own.
They battled it out within the Pipeline itself—with the repairs going on nearby, and Jay and Joe's argument upstairs, the tunnel was the only place big enough for the fight without the risk of damaging important equipment. And yet, even with Shawna's teleportation, she and Roy were losing.
Oliver gave a piercing whistle that made Leonard clap his hands over his ears but did nothing to make the fighters hesitate.
"Ow," Thea muttered. She pointed to her left ear. "Can you do that again, Ollie? I think I can still hear on this side."
The archer shook his head. "Nyssa!" he called. "Mi
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Mature content
Tess 02: SSDD :iconsidequestpubs:SideQuestPubs 0 0
Amber Character Bio
Name: Amber.
The name itself is a temporal paradox—when Leonard first met her from his perspective, that was the name she'd introduced herself with. But when they first met from hers (vis a vis a time travel mission), he and Mick both recognized her and called her by that name, confirming that they would know her very well at some point in her future.
Where the name came from in Timelines 1.0 and 2.0 (both without Len's participation on Rip's mission, and thus without that initial meeting from her viewpoint) has never been revealed.
Gender: Ambiguous. The identities Len is most familiar with utilize a female persona, though Amber has confirmed she is quite capable of taking on male and other roles. She has never confirmed whether he has met her under any other identity.
Species: Ambiguous. Claims to pre-date the human species, but presents herself as human when working with humans. Len considers her a metahuman.
Powers: Shapeshifting: Abl
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AU 12: Three Fronts
"29, 28, 27, 26," Cisco counted down. "Come on buddy, just 25 more to go."
Nyssa, clad in blue jeans and a t-shirt, examined a set of x-rays at another computer.
"Any luck with his injuries?" Sara asked.
"Not as such, no," Nyssa replied. "It's rather fascinating, actually. We of the League have always been trained to press on in spite of injuries, to tend to them only as the mission allows or if they imperil our success, but we are no more adept at healing than any other. But this man, Snart.... I've never seen anyone recover so quickly." She glanced over to see Leonard watching the monitor over Cisco's shoulder.
The thief looked up to catch her eyes on him, and immediately recoiled. He had barely stopped doing that since Henry had allowed him out of bed.
Nyssa quickly looked away before she risked panicking him again. Fear was a common weapon for the League, but it served no purpose here and would almost certainly interfere with the mission. "Physically recover,"
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AU 11: Best Laid Plans
Roy Bivolo crouched over the barely-conscious Oliver Queen and removed his mask. "Ah, damn," the metahuman said. "Lost that bet."
Shawna Baez smirked at him. "Told you. Pay up."
"Er... rain check?"
"Oh, god," Barry muttered, hiding his face in his hands.
Oliver groaned. "What hit me...?" He lifted one hand towards his head, and stopped short. "Why am I handcuffed to a chair?"
"Need me to hit him again?" Shawna asked.
Mick snorted. "That's supposed to be my job."
"I wanted to knock him out, not kill him," Shawna retorted.
"Oh, god," Barry muttered again.
"You missed a hell of a freak-out, Biv," Mick said, ignoring Barry completely.
Roy frowned. "Pity. But knowing Leonard, it's only a matter of time; I just hope I can see how my power works before he ends up dead."
"Hey, whoa, whoa!" Cisco protested. "That is just sick!"
Caitlin shot Roy a scandalized look. "You want to see if you can enrage Snart while he's having a panic attack?"
"Not enrage," Roy sai
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Trace 2: In Training
Vanishing Point
Leonard raced through the corridors, trying desperately to outrun his pursuer.
He burst into the council chamber—no place to hide—and looked around wildly for another escape route.
Several levels above, Damien and Eobard peered down to watch the show.
"How many times has it been?" Damien asked.
Eobard shrugged. "I lost count after fifty-two."
"So where'd you hide it this time?" Damien asked.
Eobard simply pointed to a higher level on the other side of the chamber.
Damien looked up at the level indicated and scoffed at the cold gun prominently on display. "He's been all over the place by now. He'll find it. You might not even have to step in."
"I'm done stepping in!" Eobard snarled. "I had no idea he'd be a damn coward without his sister. But he's useless if he won't fight."
"He'll fight," Damien insisted. "He'll do whatever he thinks necessary to bring her back. He simply has no experience with a proper duel."
"He never will have
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Tracing Time 1: Final Recruit?
"We're going back tonight," Leonard said.
"Back where?" one of his thugs asked.
"To the museum," Leonard explained. "That diamond isn't going to steal itself."
"Super gun freeze your brain, Snart?" the other thug scoffed. "The museum's going to be crawling with police by now. And the Streak."
"This can stop the Streak," Leonard said., hefting the cold gun. "It hurt him, and I know his real weakness. So we go, unless you want out."
"We both want out," one of the thugs growled.
Leonard paused, barely turning his head when he sensed the guns pointed at him.
"Alive," the thug finished.
"So you thought ahead and made a plan," Leonard drawled. "Least I taught you something." He sighed. "So what are you waiting for? Shoot me."
Neither thug moved.
Morons. Clearly they needed another lesson in following their plans, but he just couldn't dredge up the energy to care any more. "You better put a bullet in my brain right now," he snarled. "Because if
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Majummed Bio--Earth One
Name: Full name: Leonard Snart.
Nicknames: "Lenny" to his sister Lisa. "Leo" to his grandfather, to Amber, and to Doctor Henry Allen. "Captain Cold" or "Snart" to Team Flash and assorted villains.
Occasionally "Leo" to Lewis Smart when the older man is bullying him into compliance.
League name: Majummed (full name roughly translates to "frozen wasteland," but he is usually only introduced as Majummed)
Age: 40's
Gender: Male
Species: Variable.
Leonard: Human.
Majummed: Metahuman.
Clothing: Leonard: Parka and goggles. Occasional other outfits as the situation demands. Normal civilian attire.
Majummed: Futuristic armor fashioned to resemble standard League of Assassins attire.
Preferred Weapon: Leonard: Pistol, cold gun, fists, shark knife, random debris
Majummed: Standard League dagger and scimitar. Psychically-controlled ice in the form of a beam resembling that created by the cold gun. Abi
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Beginnings 03: Rude Awakening
When Leonard woke, it wasn't because of the sunlight streaming in through the windows, or the birdsong, or even the realization he was in a bed. He recognized Lisa's favorite safe house, though he had no memory of reaching it last night.
Not even the voices murmuring downstairs were enough to disturb him.
No, what forced him awake was the smell that made his stomach growl and soured his appetite at the same time. A peculiar combination of half-burned meat and fully-burned alcohol.
Leonard groaned. What the hell was Lisa cooking?
He rolled out of bed, and started shaking the instant the covers were off. Little wonder that he was freezing; he was still wearing his clothes from the heist, all but his missing shoes, but everything was soaking wet!
Lisa would never have let him go to bed in such a state. Had something happened to her last night? Why couldn't he remember?
In through the nose....
Hard to say whether he was hyperventilating due to hypothermia or a panic attack.
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Beginnings 02: Lost Contact
Lisa continued to stare at the phone, but it remained dark.
"Where are you?"
Leonard had called to tell her he had a situation with Scudder, and that he'd return with the loot in an hour.
That had been more than three hours ago. Then there was that explosion in the middle of town, and then... nothing. Power outage friendly, my ass! She should at least be able to call for emergency services, but she couldn't even get a damn error message!
She laughed nervously. "I'm so stupid," she muttered. "If I can't call him, of course he can't call me." That had to be it. He just couldn't reach her because of whatever had happened, and was laying low somewhere to wait it out.
More likely, he was taking the long way home. He wouldn't want to stay away from her for long in this mess, not without some way to get in touch with her.
He'd probably be tired when he got back. And hungry. Lisa abandoned the phone and started searching for supplies.
She had just lit a couple of candles a
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Beginning of a Legend 1: A Rock and a Hard Place
December 21, 2013, Central City, warehouse district
"Well, if you're out..."
Leonard sneered at the idiots in front of him. He no longer cared which one had botched this latest job, whose stupid idea it had been to spend that money while the cops were still on their trail. He was beyond tired of these two constantly putting his crew in jeopardy. He should've taken care of the problem before the heist—would've done, if he hadn't been preoccupied—but if they wanted to keep making the same mistakes together, then they could face the consequences together.
"You're out." Leonard whipped out his pistol.
Sam rushed in to twist his arm around and force him to drop the weapon. The two traded blows as the fight became a race to see who could retrieve the gun first.
Leonard spared a quick glance for Rosa—she was handling herself well against two of his thugs—before he returned his attention to his own pitiful opponent and sent Sam crashing into t
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Changes 07: Lifeline
"No!" John yelled. He grabbed for the salt packet inside his bag. "We lose the circle, we lose the girl! Hurry!" The three mages worked quickly to fix the circle. But with every gap they filled in, some... thing zipped around them, scattering the salt as it went.
Lisa began to fade.
First line of defense... Mick climbed to his feet to try to confront the thing.
He barely made it three steps before something grabbed hold of him. He caught a glimpse of a figure all in yellow, with burning red eyes, before he crashed into the far wall.
He pushed himself to his knees, but the blow left him too dizzy to stand.
"It's him!" Lisa cried. "That's the thing that killed me!"
"We've got to cancel the spell!" John ordered. He had to yell to be heard over the crackle of lightning.
"I can't just leave her!" Amber replied.
"We'll find her again," John promised. "We know where to look. But we can't allow that thing to—argh!"
"John!" Anne-Marie screamed.
Mick stared at the sigh
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Changes 6: Mick and Magic
Langford Institute, Midnight
Mick paced around outside the institute, keeping a close eye out for the guards. When he tired of pacing, he returned to the alley to find Amber lounging where he'd left her.
Then he walked out to begin pacing again.
"What are we doing here?" he asked after he'd made the rounds several more times. "Didn't you say these people were from England? Even with the tickets—that I paid for—" he added with a sneer.
"With whose money?" Amber asked.
Mick ignored the interruption. "Plane ain't going to be that quick. Not to mention jet lag; even if they slept on the flight, it'll be a long while before they're ready to help."
"Before who's ready to help, mate?" a man's voice asked from outside of the alley.
Mick felt like he jumped about a foot in the air before he whirled around to face the speaker. "Will you people stop sneaking up on me like that?" he... yelled. He hadn't shrieked; he had definitely not shrieked. "It isn't natural."
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Legends 4: Foreshadowing? What Foreshadowing?
One of the nurses gave Leonard another dose of Haldol shortly after he arrived in the infirmary. It was, to John's senses, just as useless as the first dose.
John shrugged. At least there was no risk of an overdose that he could sense. And now that the thief had delivered his warning, he was no longer controlled by his panic; his sickness should put him out before anyone else realized that the medicine was completely ineffective.
"You were there," Leonard murmured. "Before everything went to hell."
"Ain't that the truth?" John replied. He hesitated. If the thief was lucid enough to dwell on the previous night, it would probably be a good idea to explain matters to him before another panic attack set in. But was he lucid enough to understand?
"Course, 'sall goon to hell anyway," Leonard added, his voice beginning to slur. "E'en before she left...." His words trailed off into an incoherent mumble, and he dropped into a fitful sleep.
Oh. Not last night.
Under the circumstances, the
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Logo in Progress by SideQuestPubs Logo in Progress :iconsidequestpubs:SideQuestPubs 0 0
AU 10: Impossible!
Leonard pushed himself, slowly and painfully, up into a sitting position. He paused only to wave Mick and Barry off when they both stepped forward to help him.
Caitlin and Henry shared a bewildered look. Joe scratched his head, and Oliver looked... well, it was hard to tell what he was thinking with that damn mask, but from the way his eyes darted around, Leonard thought he might be more puzzled by everyone's reactions than anything else.
Once upright, Leonard leaned forward, one arm on his knees and the other hand holding the oxygen mask that was strapped to his face. He rested for a moment, far too exhausted from so little movement. Only once he'd caught his breath and was sure of his balance did he begin fumbling around under his pillow, wincing when the motion pushed at the IV in his arm, to retrieve the phone hidden underneath.
"You could at least pretend to be ashamed," Barry muttered. He took the phone back and shoved it into his pocket. If he'd used his speed to so much
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Sonic the Hedgehog/Knuckles the Echidna--based mostly on the earlier comics.
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
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Skryim (on hiatus)
Assorted character bios and personal headcanon




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Currently working on (almost) the same scene from two different timelines, several chapters into What Could Have Been.
Because my brain doesn't want to tell me what happens in chapter 3. :roll:
Oh the joy of epublishing....
Finding a typo in a "published" work and being able to fix it without printing off a whole new edition.
And then realizing you have half a dozen more copies of the story to fix. ^^;


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This "commission" option is a cross between a donation and art requests... all for the sake of me practicing.
So give me something to practice on, will ya? ;p

Nothing special here: a general sketch of a fairly simple prompt, hand-drawn in whatever medium I choose, most likely a quick outline of sorts as I attempt to get the basic shape right.
Cleaning up the sketch after, detail work, inking, colors, etc will be done at my discretion or not at all, thus the extremely low price of 10 points (i.e. 12.5 cents)
Uncolored Line Art
A simple lineart, black-and-white sketch of a character of your choosing.
I expect to draw this one on paper and scan it in after the fact; you can have a color background of your choosing (via PhotoShop's paintbucket tool) at no extra cost, and I would make other touch-ups/corrections once it's on the computer.
I prefer commission requests that are accompanied with a reference image, but am willing to try based on description. Character-maker apps are valid as reference images.

See my journal for more details on what I am or am not willing to do.
Flat Color Lineart
A simple lineart, flat colored sketch of a character of your choosing.
I expect to draw this one on paper and scan it in after the fact. Any coloring or touch-ups will be done on the computer.
I prefer commission requests that are accompanied with a reference image (please note that my own useful sample was done without a reference image), but am willing to try based on description. Character-maker apps are valid as reference images.

See my journal for more details on what I am or am not willing to do.
Short Written Story/Scene
I have a particular preference for fantasy, and will gladly edge into science fiction, but am open to experimenting with other genres as well. Tell me what you'd like me to try and I'll see if I can manage it.
Since I can't set a per-length price on the commission widget, I'll just say that this widget is for 500 words. You might have to commission me multiple times (or pay me via PayPal) if you want a longer story. See my journal for details.

See that journal also for more details on what I am or am not willing to do.
#selfcare #rant #venting 

I would've created a poll for this just to see how some of the options rank, but I don't currently have a core membership (and can't be bovvered to get another one just for this) and I'm not sure I want to put it on my writerly FaceBook page.

But here is the question: What would you say are some of the biggest lies of our time.... albeit without bringing politics into the equation? (So leave your MAGA and similar ideologies at the door.) And why do you think it's a lie?

Me, I think there are a few specific lies that need to be on that list.
"The check's in the mail" seems to be a famous one. (Though sometimes the check really is in the mail.)
"The customer is always right." (As any retail employee knows... especially when that customer decides to be abusive.)
"It was just a joke."

That last may one need a bit of elaboration.
I will grant you, it is possible for "it was just a joke" (or more accurately, "it was meant as a joke") to serve as an explanation.... or part of one. If it is acknowledging the disconnect between how the joke was intended and how it was received, and if the teller of the joke is willing to take responsibility for what they'd said. Personally, I don't know whether this is my autism or me in general, but I find it hard to apologize without acknowledging that disconnect, which naturally requires acknowledging my intent; the apology just doesn't feel sincere otherwise. (My biggest failing in that regard is that my apologies don't always include the words "I'm sorry," so there's another disconnect for me to work on.)
I've made jokes that I didn't realize until hours later probably didn't sound the way I intended, and yes I will mention the fact that I have a weird sense of humor when I attempt to apologize for them. (Yes, #JohnBarrowman, I'm still calling it weird! ;) )
But all of that requires the teller of the joke to own up to the fact that they said something that might have been offensive. To accept that they contributed, however unintentionally, to the insult that occurred. Even if they don't come right out and apologize, even though they have no control over how the recipient interpreted those words, the teller of the joke needs to be willing to take responsibility for the fact that they themselves said those words.

If, on the other hand, the phrase "it was just a joke" is accompanied by anger towards the recipient, by phrases like "get over it" or "get a sense of humor"....
If the joke-teller is so bad at reading their audience that they immediately assume upset on the recipient's part the very instant the recipient replies, even though the recipient was merely addressing the logical side of the joke (or gods forbid, joking back)....
Or worse, if the recipient is genuinely upset by that type of joke every single time it is told (case in point, one clearly at the recipient's expense, such as a "threat" to sabotage one of the recipient's sources of income in the name of maintaining control over the recipient's theoretical free time) and the joke-teller continues to tell jokes of that type.....
If the teller of jokes is upset when they themselves are on the receiving end of jokes of that sort, yet they continue to make the same kinds of jokes about other people....
Well, there is a reason the joke-teller assumed offense on the recipient's part, and the recipient is not to blame for that assumption. (No, not even if the recipient has a sense of humor so dry that they sound serious even when at their silliest.) And it was most definitely not "just a joke."

And the reason I'm not (yet) inclined towards posting this on FaceBook...?
Well, for one thing it has no place on the writerly page unless I can find a plot bunny in it.
For another, if I post it on my personal profile, past experience tells me that the parties who inspired this particular rant will see it and a) ignore it as they are clearly incapable of being in the wrong and therefore I couldn't possibly be talking about them or b) accuse me of "airing their dirty laundry" (never mind that they made it mine to clean up however I can the moment they flung that metaphorical laundry in my face) without me ever once mentioning who and what inspired the piece to begin with. Trying to talk with them in person, unfortunately, tends to lead to some combination of these two results.
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My characters surprise me constantly. My characters are like my friends - I can give them advice, but they don't have to take it. If your characters are real, then they surprise you, just like real people. ~Laurell K. Hamilton
I need this on a stamp. Or my own version: "My characters are like my (best) friends; I think I know them well, but I don't know everything. They still find ways to surprise me."
Case in point: my tendency to change character bios well after the fact. I try to avoid physical changes (those bios exist as much for the hope of commissioning pictures as for readers' reference), but changes will occur.

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