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The original version of this journal can be found on my other account.
This is the new version of that journal, and includes some changes I made when I uploaded to one of my websites. The pitches themselves, however, are still technically first or second drafts.
Another version can be found on my personal website, as can a contact form for anyone who wishes to speak to me anonymously or without requiring an account login... such as BBC Books or any Who/Torchwood authors willing to answer questions.

I'm posting it here on my "original fiction" account because, even though I don't have the authorization to publish any of my Who fics (yet), I have every intention of finding out how to get that authorization, and thus I am treating it like my other original works.
That is, that I'll post excerpts and notes and the like, but due to certain publishing requirements, I won't be posting entire stories until I find results with professional publishing.
I'm also posting it here to keep a version with the notes and excerpts I've already posted to this account.

Now, then, these stories are all loosely connected, even beyond being in the same series.
They are meant to stand alone, but they do have certain links from one story to another, and even some connections to my non Who fics. Some of these connections were deliberate, others were accidental.

Each of these features an original character of my own making, whether or not that character is actually mentioned within the pitch or notes. These characters are typically written in such a way as to make them a once-off character (for canon purposes), but the option for one or more to return should be left open. Some are recurring minor characters from my other fics, and would return on that basis alone... but should still only be minor characters.
You never know what might make it into the show, right? :fingerscrossed: After all, Donna started out as a once-off, and the Human Nature two-parter started out as a book.

And speaking of Human Nature:
If any of these were to ever get published and/or make it onto the show, I foresee that any of them could easily be rewritten to use the current Doctor and companion(s), while still keeping the same basic plot. With the obvious exception of the three Doctor story, and that only because it actually involves multiple Doctors.
The one distinction would be that rewriting them would cause them to lose the connections to the other stories in this set. Connections that, if I've written them well, could be removed easily for television, or at least only hinted at--as opposed to requiring viewers to know every story in the group to understand what's going on. But they are connections that I would prefer to leave in in the written form; I want any novels or short stories to keep the characters as I've used them.
For instance: in a televised version of the three Doctor story, the scriptwriters/producers could get rid of Amy and Rory all together, probably give Clara most of their lines, and work around what they can't give her. This should have no impact whatsoever on the other stories.
However, River (in the Beast of Gevaudan), Rose (in the prologue), and Jack (in one of the interludes) all allude to the events of this story, and both give Ten warnings that allow him to take certain actions within. In Rose's case, the connection could still be eliminated if this were turned into a two Doctor story; the Doctor isn't really acting any different than normal. In Jack's case, the the Doctor would still be acting as he normally would, and the allusion is deliberately vague so that the Doctor isn't sure who Jack is referring to. In River's case.... the warning, and therefore the action taken, is a little more specific, the warning itself is given during a longer story, and it might be just a bit trickier to eliminate.

Here are the stories, in the general order the Doctor experiences them.

Nicole Wynters is at a business party she's uncomfortable in, celebrating a promotion she doesn't want to a job she's unsuited for. And her background is completely hidden by something called Torchwood.
The Doctor, Rose, and Mickey try to find out who she is and what her company really wants with her. And just what is in the champagne?
This one technically takes place second in the Doctor's perspective, but he doesn't actually remember Nine's part in the events of the three-doctor story later on.
In terms of the show, this one takes place between Girl in the Fireplace and the Cybermen two-parter.

The Doctor and Donna investigate a distress signal from France in the 1660′s. But the Tardis lands them, instead, in the 1760′s.
They need to find the connection between the century-old signal and the infamous Beast of Gevaudan before someone becomes lunch.
This takes place any time between the Library two-parter and Turn Left. River Song shows up about halfway through.

The Tardis malfunctions, and the Doctor is stranded in Germany in the late 1930′s.
Three years and one face later, the Doctor lands in Germany, and arranges to rescue himself from the camp where he'd been held prisoner. He must achieve that rescue without rewriting his personal history…but he can't remember anything that happened while he was there, not even how he was rescued.
I came up with this one after watching the Doctor Who Confidential of the Pompeii episode, specifically after seeing David Tennant's reaction to the bodies.... I frequently refer to this one as "the sadistic plot." Any guess as to why?
This one's the three-doctor story. I have, in the order the story happens, Ten traveling alone (during the Season 4 specials), Eleven with Amy, Rory, and River Song (any time between Demon's Run and the 2012 mid-season finale), and Nine with Jack and Rose (immediately following the Empty Child two-parter).

It is said that the Nameless Beasts are a race of superior hunters. It is said that they are engineered and bred, above all else, to terrorize their prey. And it is said that they are very good at their job. So good, that no one in the universe, not even the Doctor himself, dares to speak their name lest it call them.
But now the Nameless Beasts are hunting the Doctor. Can he discover their secret and defeat them… before the hunt turns to his companion?
The pitches immediately above and below are, of course, for the same story; the one above is the first version, and the one I happen to like better. The one below is the new version, created in a failed attempt to write summaries of these stories.
The "Nameless Beasts" will be developed more, and very likely given names, as I continue to develop this story. These pitches are just based on my original plans for them.

The Nameless Beasts are the bogeymen of the universe: psychic hunters, bred to terrorize their prey before the kill. And, like any boogeyman, nobody really believes they exist, but nobody is quite brave enough to talk about them. No, not even the Doctor.
But where do the stories come from, then? And why are they hunting the Doctor?
This is officially the first story I began working on in the set. But when I decided to use it for my 2012 NaNoWriMo, I set it aside and started working on the others... and continued working on the others once November rolled around. ^^;
It takes place at some point after Clara begins traveling with the Doctor.

Torchwood members have been disappearing from time and space. Specifically, those members with strong psychic abilities.
Jack Harkness and Martha Jones need to work quickly to find their missing people and stop the disappearances…because whatever's taking them may be looking for the Doctor.
This one alone may qualify as a Torchwood story if I develop it in that direction. In addition, it may actually take place prior to the "Nameless" idea; I haven't developed it enough to decide either one just yet.
Eleven is technically involved, but until I develop the idea more, I have no idea how much of a role he'll play. Rose and the Metacrisis play a major role.
Alternatively, since none but the earliest stories in the set have been developed, I have toyed with the idea that this one takes place concurrently with the Nameless plotline... part of it, anyway. That would account for "our" Doctor's lack of involvement in this one, though it would require me to pay more attention to what everyone else is doing.
It takes place at any point following the Stolen Earth two-parter.

I have another story planned while the Tenth Doctor travels with Martha, giving me every Doctor and companion so far in the new series, from Nine and Rose all the way through Eleven and Clara, including the Metacrisis.
Aside from deciding to make it a "Prince and the Doctor" type of plot, I haven't really developed it enough to try for a pitch. I have, however, developed it enough to decide that my original "Prince and the Doctor" idea will probably make a fairly minor subplot... and the actual "Prince" will be a character from one of the other stories!

I have a prologue, which fits the entire set as a group, as well as one (and only one) of the individual stories.
And I plan to have shorter interludes between most of the stories. These do relate to the stories as a set, but they don't really have much to do with the individuals… except to provide a break between them, and to indicate when they take place.

And... I so far have one excerpt done up in two chapters:
Nameless Beasts -- The Doctor
Nameless Beasts -- The Companion
and three creature bios
Anyone who cares to provide a quasi-anonymous comment to any of these can also find the pitches and the prologue on one of my websites, Pioneers of the Shattered Waters. I've included it there because of one of those "accidental connections" mentioned earlier.
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