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Manuscript template

I originally created this template, oh, thirteen years ago?
Back when I was using the computer a lot to work on my fiction, and actually had an easy way to transfer documents from one computer to another. (By "easy," I mean USB ports were common and flash drives were already available, albeit in much smaller capacities than currently available. I don't believe I was using this template when I relied on floppy disks; if I was, I've recreated it from scratch since then.)

The original template was nothing more than a means to use my custom toolbars in those files that needed them--that is, the toolbars did not exist when working on homework, but they were present for stories.
The toolbars have been fine-tuned over time, with some items added as I used them more frequently and others eliminated as unnecessary.

I have since added a custom style--the "Manuscript" style--to account for articles I've read about publishing. The style's purpose is to make the text easy on the eyes when submitting a printed story to a magazine or publisher.
Upon reading the Smashwords style guide, which seems to imply that ebooks focus on styles as somehow more efficient than merely changing format, I added a few more styles for the purpose.

Each of my styles and toolbars can be seen in the preview image.
The styles are described within the text of the image.
Most of the toolbar buttons are self-explanatory--most of them come from Word's default options.
Others, such as those that I had to choose or create a design myself, may not be so obvious. For instance, the footprints are used to mark text as hidden. The pencil allows you to insert different kinds of breaks, and the gears to use the Paste Special function.

If you download this, you have free rein to edit the styles and toolbars as you see fit. Try it out, and let me know what you think! Even suggest changes, if you like.
The template is designed for use with Word XP-2003, though it can be used with older (some buttons may be disabled) or newer (the ribbon interface changes the toolbar layout).

Finally, licensing. I'm still wading through the language of deviantArt's default license agreement for Premium Content, trying to determine what exactly I can change, and how, and what should stay as is. If anyone out there has a better head for legal language, please advise.
The bulk of the license, I think, would remain as is, with one crucial exception: Anyone who purchases this template may modify it and create a new template, or write a story using it, or whatever else one does with such templates, and may also sell whatever has been produced as such.
You may not re-sell this template itself, and I would prefer that you not sell another template based on it (but I will not forbid you, legally or otherwise). And you may sell whatever story you've used this template to write. All I ask is that you link me to where you used it--either leave a comment here saying where you used it, or link to here from where you used it... or both.
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