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The Scavenger - Prologue
Konochev district, Gorod Moy, Oslow, Parallel Universe
A man stood in front of a mission booth. He wore a black leather jacket over his grey shirt. His lower attire consisted of blue slack jeans and sneakers. There was a length of bandage wrapped around his left leg. A pair of dog tags hung around his neck, one for himself, and another for someone who was long gone. Silver colored bandana settled on his head. His mouth was frowning, and he wasn’t happy. Simply because...
“What do you mean, I was reassigned?!” 19 years-old Liam Solokov asked his district leader Marik Konochev. His arms opened up widely for answers.
“Like I said, Liam” Marik said, rubbing his forehead to relieve his headache. This was not the first person he had to argue with today. “There was an accident at your mine. Rescues are underway. In the meantime, I looked for a job for you so you could pay up the rent. This was the only one”
:iconsidekick101:sidekick101 1 0
Massively Effective 2 - Nikolai's App Sample
Pokemon species: Golisopod
Name: Nikolai
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Country of Origin: Russia
Personality Inspiration: Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3) (until 3:09) (until 9:41) (until 2:06:11)
Role: CQC specialist/Vanguard
Career: Pirate
Team: Team Revenant
Rank: Hardened
Est. Paragon: 31%
Est. Renegade: 69%
(initial) Weapon Handling
Pistol: Lv0
SMG: Lv2
Shotgun: Lv1
Assault Rifle: Lv1
Sniper Rifle: Lv0
Light Machine Gun: Lv0
Move Channeling Effects:
Razor Shell:
Attach a razor-edged bayonet on the gun
+20% melee damage increase
+50% chance of reducing the target’s defense on hit
-25% recoil when attached
Aqua Jet *GPAT*:
Shoot a strong continuous stream of water
+Negligible recoil
+25% projectile speed
+(SMG) 20% accuracy incre
:iconsidekick101:sidekick101 2 3
Nation Name: Zadrea
Government type: Communist Dictatorship
Capital: Valkatya
Population: 3.2 million (2012)
Establishment Date: 1945 AD
GDP: 7.8 billion
Territorial Reach: None
Currency: Dollar
Technological progress: Advance
Military strength: approximately 950000-1000000
Military Organizations: The Snow Hunters, Automaton Company
Military alliances: Oslow
Military Concerns/Purpose: They are extremely defensive due to their xenophobic nature.
Government Structure: One party state
Political Issues: None
Emergency Preparedness: In the event of the Moroznaya Burya, all activities outside the cities will cease until the storm is gone. A daring scout team or two would be sent out during this storm in c
:iconsidekick101:sidekick101 2 13
Oslow Scavenger - Infantry Units 1 by sidekick101 Oslow Scavenger - Infantry Units 1 :iconsidekick101:sidekick101 0 0
Nation Name: Oslow (Formerly Parallel Union of Soviet Socialist Republic)
Government type: Communist Dictatorship
Capital: Gorod Moy (Southern region of Oslow Desert)
Population: 2.4 million (2012)
Establishment Date: 1945 AD
GDP: approximately 2.9 million
Territorial reach: None
Currency: Scrap
Technological progress: Outdated
Military strength: approximately 1.1 million
Military Organizations: Oslow Scavenger
Military alliances: Zadrea, USK Partisans
Military Concerns/Purpose: Oslow's military are defensive, protecting their potential resources which will be used in rebuilding their country. However, they can be aggressive if the leader allowed it.
Government structure: one party state
Political Issues: none
:iconsidekick101:sidekick101 2 0
Massively Effective 2 - Adam's App Sample
Pokemon species: Chesnaught
Name: Adam
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Country of Origin: Germany
Personality Inspiration: Grayson Hunt (Bulletstorm) (until 2:06) (until 13:48) (until 3:01:15)
Role: Tank/Assault/Warrior
Career: Privateer->Pirate
Team: Team Revenant, formerly Team Penal
Rank: Veteran
Est. Paragon: 33% (before) - 30% (mid) - 40% (After)
Est. Renegade: 67% (before) - 70% (mid) - 60% (after)
(initial) Weapon Handling
Pistol: Lv0
SMG: Lv0
Shotgun: Lv1
Assault Rifle: Lv2 (Akimbo: Lv1)
Sniper Rifle: Lv0
Light Machine Gun: Lv1
Move Channeling Effects:
Leech seed:
Fire a single shot with health stealing effect. Leeching last for 5 seconds
(Not available for shotguns, SMG, and LMG)
+Damage enemy 10% to lost health for 5 se
:iconsidekick101:sidekick101 0 0
Mature content
Stimulating gameplay :iconsidekick101:sidekick101 0 0
[MMD] Noivern and Midnight Lycanroc by sidekick101 [MMD] Noivern and Midnight Lycanroc :iconsidekick101:sidekick101 5 5 [MMD] Greninja and Blaziken by sidekick101 [MMD] Greninja and Blaziken :iconsidekick101:sidekick101 4 4 [MMD] RE6 Bear Commander DL by sidekick101 [MMD] RE6 Bear Commander DL :iconsidekick101:sidekick101 26 1 [MMD] RE6 Assault rifle RN DL by sidekick101 [MMD] RE6 Assault rifle RN DL :iconsidekick101:sidekick101 10 0 [MMD] RE6 Assault Shotgun DL by sidekick101 [MMD] RE6 Assault Shotgun DL :iconsidekick101:sidekick101 7 3 [MMD] RE6 Sniper Rifle DL by sidekick101 [MMD] RE6 Sniper Rifle DL :iconsidekick101:sidekick101 7 0 [MMD] RE6 Grenade Launcher DL by sidekick101 [MMD] RE6 Grenade Launcher DL :iconsidekick101:sidekick101 15 1 [MMD] RE6 Lightning Hawk DL by sidekick101 [MMD] RE6 Lightning Hawk DL :iconsidekick101:sidekick101 7 1 [MMD] RE6 Machine Pistol Accurate Fire DL by sidekick101 [MMD] RE6 Machine Pistol Accurate Fire DL :iconsidekick101:sidekick101 4 0


Being a Tengu by Prinny77 Being a Tengu :iconprinny77:Prinny77 47 2 Picnic by Arteses-Canvas Picnic :iconarteses-canvas:Arteses-Canvas 283 30 Sceptile Splat Roller ver by asdons Sceptile Splat Roller ver :iconasdons:asdons 6 0 Chesnaught and Swampert by asdons Chesnaught and Swampert :iconasdons:asdons 3 0 Miraak x Dovahkiin - Removing his mask by SayurixAkuri Miraak x Dovahkiin - Removing his mask :iconsayurixakuri:SayurixAkuri 1 0
Permanent slave to the Hutt part 3
Life was hard now for Claire, being a slave to an enormous slug and, at the end, to James. Claire might not even be the right name for her, since everyone in this place only called her Leia, Slave or Khankhee. She did not know for sure how long she had been the slave of the slug, but it was most probably two years now. Her days always followed the same pattern. She would be woken up by a tug on her leash, and the Hutt would then proceed to molest her in diverse ways, from groping her ass and licking the top of her breasts, since the bra couldn't be removed, to thrusting his slimy tongue deep into her throat, making her gag. If she behaved well during that time, he would "reward" her by fishing a frog in his snackquarium and forcing her to eat it. If she didn't, she would then have to spend the whole morning hungry. Claire quickly learnt that spending the whole morning famished was worse than behaving, because her master would in any case have his way with her.
After eating, she would t
:iconajonesindy:Ajonesindy 64 1
Permanent slave to the Hutt part 2
It had been five years since Claire had been chained inside Jame's basement and had been glued in a permanent metal replica of Leia's metal bikini. Five years where she was stuck in a copy of Jabba's throne room and collared to his throne. One thing Claire did not know when she was first chained to that place was that even if the dais was made out of at least a ton of cold hard rock, James could input a code somewhere behind it to make it slide to one side, and reveals a small room normally hidden under it, close enough so that Claire can access it, and is simply furnished with a bed and a small shower in a corner. It was there that James brought Claire and mated with her. Some might consider it as rape, but no one down there could do anything about it.
After two years, James had finally saved enough money and added a complex machinery to the empty snackquarium on the dais, the aquarium where, in the movie, Jabba fed himself on live frogs inside a green liquid. On this throne, the mach
:iconajonesindy:Ajonesindy 65 0
Permanent slave to the Hutt part 1
University. Nothing is worse than university, thought Claire. Claire is a 22-year-old woman that finished school with lots of hope for her life, but that got shattered once she entered university. She wanted to be a doctor, but did not like much the amount of work required to become one. So she slacked off, preferring to be with her friends, watch movies, hang out and stuff. Her best friend, James, a man in the same university as her but that studied architecture, was a huge fan of Star Wars. But when I say huge, I mean HUGE. He had seen every single movie at least twenty times, and went to every single Star Wars convention. Claire, however, liked the films but wasn’t so much in it as him. But they were still best buds, so when he asked her if she would come with him to yet another convention, she had to agree.
Since Claire is brunette, she decided to simply go as Leia, so James logically dressed himself up as Han, so they could go together. The convention was wonderful, the two
:iconajonesindy:Ajonesindy 117 3
Naruto Kyuubi Post-Body Swap by Fighting-Wolf-Fist Naruto Kyuubi Post-Body Swap :iconfighting-wolf-fist:Fighting-Wolf-Fist 148 35 living Suit Of Kyuubi 2 by LiquidPhazon living Suit Of Kyuubi 2 :iconliquidphazon:LiquidPhazon 24 12 Living Suit Of Kyuubi 1 by LiquidPhazon Living Suit Of Kyuubi 1 :iconliquidphazon:LiquidPhazon 25 3
Naruto Shippuden: Living Suit of Kyuubi
This is a story based of my 'Living Suit of Kyuubi' pics.
As usual, enjoy.
----Age of Characters----
Naruto Uzumaki: Age 16
This takes place some time after Naruto defeats Nagato.
Chapter 1: Naruto's forced change
Deep within the forest of Konoha was the container of the Kyuubi and hero of the Leaf Village, Naruto Uzumaki, who had been training for days, trying to perform the Big Ball Rasengan without the assistance of his Shadow Clones, as he wanted to get stronger if there was anyone just as powerful as Nagato was.
While several members of were against Naruto leaving the village alone, Tsunade entrusted them that they had nothing to worry about as the blond haired Jinchuuriki could take care of himself, as he did defeat all Six Paths of Pain, and if anyone tried to fight him, they would only wind up like the countless enemies Naruto had defeated, broken and beaten.
However, the Hokage was unaware of what was going to happen to Naruto, something that would change the brat's life
:iconliquidphazon:LiquidPhazon 80 4
Mature content
Jennifer's First Straitjacket :iconjdfox187:JdFoX187 202 17
Fire and Ice by TeaDarkA Fire and Ice :iconteadarka:TeaDarkA 51 26 Dragon Love under the montain by TeaDarkA Dragon Love under the montain :iconteadarka:TeaDarkA 55 19 Daedric-Meridia by TeaDarkA Daedric-Meridia :iconteadarka:TeaDarkA 27 4




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