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Eglantine | Wyngro

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Name: Eglantine
Sex/Gender: Female / performs female
Type: Standard (bump nose) Wyngro
Current Age: Wyngling
Birthday: July 19th, 2017
Traits: Gentle, Sweet, Excitable, Over-eager, Stubborn
* BIO 
Eglantine was found in the cliffs of the outskirts of Wynsiph, by Koshari (rookare). Koshari took the egg in and kept it safe with him as he lived alone in the cliffs and forests to train by himself, attempting to surmount his personal self-esteem issues. Eglantine came at a strange time for him, but she knows nothing but the kind, brown wyngrew--for all she knew, he was her father. Eglantine follows him closely and listens to his every word. Koshari has not yet let Eglantine go to Wynsiph by herself yet, as she's still a small baby and incapable of speech. 

New *Eglantine has now grown older, and she is guided by Koshari as her father figure. Koshari has carefully laid out a path for Eglantine from their little den in the cliffs, that leads her to the Nook and safely back. She goes to the Nook every other day to learn from Alma and the other wyngrew in Wynsiph, and she loves school and playing with the others kindly, as Koko's taught her.

New *Lately, she's been meeting with a rambunctious wyngling named Wildeve (rookare), who's crossed her path. They were quick friends, and Eggy was convinced to stray the path Koko made for her to join Wildeve on adventures. Soon, her naughty streak may have consequences...
Black Star N/A
+ Prick Ears (upgrade marble, purchased July 21, 2017)
+ Spot markings (upgrade marble, purchased July 21, 2017)
+ Iris Rings (2nd Anniversary Baby)
+ Hair Tuft
+ Cheek Fur (prereq: fullbody gift)
+ Tiny Arm Wings (2 weeks old) 
+ Baby Teeth (prereq: favourite food)
+ Paw Pads (prereq: weekly promptNew *
+ Tiny Horn (prereq: 5 gifts / 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5New *
+ Body Fluff (prereq: digital + traditionalNew *
* RELATIONSHIPS (open for casual rp via discord, or if you draw eglantine with your gro i'll try to respond!)
Black Star Koshari (rookare): foster dad =uwu=
Black Star Scorpio (feligriffin): baby uguu friends
Black Star Wildeve (rookare): owo?? who dis
Eglantine's time with Koshari:  discovery by sidefury ->  awkward by rookare ->  fatherhood by sidefury
First Day of school:  first day by sidefury
Meeting Wildeve:  [WP#4] Innocence by rookare >  [WP#51] Nocturne by rookare

Eglantine Ref 1: link

This is Eglantine's official sheet that I'll be updating from now on! Updated October 15 2017.
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I love her ;3; Mom.. plz. stahp with the cuteness xD
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THAT name..... makes me think..... of guardians Of Ga'Hoole.....
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THe first time i heard that name was from Thebes's guy guardians of ga'hoole movie, which was the first time I ever heard of guardians. I know it don the follow the book, but I still like the movie.
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*SCREAMS* I want, I need- *grabs her and runs*
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That is really beautiful. Your linework's clean and those markings are so pretty!
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thank you!! uwu
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She's so beautifuuuuul <3 <3 <3
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little squishy wyvern bean!
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who is her mother
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or daddy...?!! :)
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yea or daddy!! who is ittt
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why didn't dA notify meeeeee
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Gosh she's ADORABLE!
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ahhhh thank you!!
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Aaaaa! The spots and the ears! :0 It's so cute! 
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She's a cutie!! 
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Would she be up for tea parties?
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