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Finder Toolbar icon Pixel Mod



Mac OS X "SnowLeopard" 10.6.x only!

ThemePark - Geekspiff [link]

Safari Toolbar icon Pixel Mod : Preview / Download
Menubar icon Pixel Mod : Preview / Download

Screenshot Preview : Always Loved A Film

OS X "Lion" 10.7.2 : Finder Toolbar icon Minimal Mod - NEW! -
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Dear Side-7, I'm trying to port your theme over to 10.8.5, and possibly 10.9.x, which seems impossible at the moment.

I've got Alex Zielenski's sartFileTool to de- and encode the SArtFile.bin. Decoding the default 10.8.5 SArtFile is no problem, decoding your modded one is, since the images are modded it keeps giving me an error.

sartFileTool[74518] <Error>: CGImageCreate: invalid image size: 2916 x 0.
2013-10-08 12:40:29.354 sartFileTool[74518:707] *** Assertion failure in -[NSBitmapImageRep initWithCGImage:], /SourceCache/AppKit/AppKit-1187.39/AppKit.subproj/NSBitmapImageRep.m:1242
Something bad happened: NSInternalInconsistencyException : Invalid parameter not satisfying: cgImage != NULL

Would you be willing to share the modded images (.pdf's) so I can encode my own SArtFile.bin?

Once recompiled I'm willing to send you a copy so you can distribute it on your DeviantArt if you'd like (: