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just around.. here and there.
moved to pittsburgh a few days ago.. havent been able to do anything new or reply on comment yet.

hopefully i'll be able to by next week:)
yes yes, im in pittsburgh, PA now and will be going to school here for the fall semester..

i'll be taking classes at Univ. of Pitts.

also i will be getting a new digital camera soon so finally i can start taking more pics and start doing a lot more art....stuff

thought i just let yall know.
ok.. first journal entry, lets see if anyone reads..

well lately ive been working with a new style.. digital watercolor on the computer photoshop and illustrator, anyway, the reason i started trying that out is bc i was looking around the web and saw this one guy who did something like it, or at least seemed like it was water color on the net. anyways i wont say much but u should DEF. check out his gallery,


thats about it....enjoy :)