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Which scenario is better for testing purpose than some easy balls?
While the creators of Fryrender are promising to release Random Control, an unbiased realtime renderer but don´t, I found Keyshot by Luxion. It´s very small and it´s fascinating and easy to use. It doesn´t support mapping for anisotrophy or SSS but who cares? It´s in realtime!
Time to build the scene at this sample level: about 20 minutes.

Tech details:

amount of blur shader samples: 32
ray depth (bounces): 6
shadow quality:5
depth of field sampling quality: 10
Image details
Image size
1280x730px 177.36 KB
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This is still outstanding :-)
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I run the group #KeyShot, and I was wondering if you'd allow us to add this image to our galleries. It's truly a beautiful render, and we'd be more than happy to have it in our group.
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Feel free :D Thanks
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wirkt täuschend echt^^
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Das freut mich. Das ist fast immer mein Ziel :D
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This looks great!
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Danke. Freut mich das es dir gefällt :D
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I prefer maxwell :giggle:
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Keyshot is basicly for a quick preview. For bigger or more complex scenes, I prefer Maxwell, too.
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-bows down to your amazing rendering skills-
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Thank you very much! :D
OMG! Your comment was damn quick! I was just clicking "view (subitted) deviation" and your comment just appeared with it.
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LOL, really? I just saw it pop into my deviation stacks and thought I'd comment :XD:
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