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CF - 3600 cargo transporter

By sicklizard
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Created the model a few years ago
Found it again, when I searched through my archive folder

Animated GIF, working best on Apple Quicktime


The CF - 3600 or "Condor" is a L-Class freighter vessel, built for cargo transports to critical spots. It´s very heavily armored and also has two guns to defend itself. On pictures, it looks much smaller, than it is, because of the gigantic windshield dome. In fact the glass is more than 2 meters (6 feet) thick.

Technical data:

Lenght: 87.71 meters without guns, 89.34 meters with mounted blasters

Height: 56.89 meters

wingspread: 94.26 meters

weight: 3.8 million tons

freight capacity: 3600 units á 300 m³ stored in subspace compression unit

shield unit: 250 Mjoule tesla deflector shield.

shield charge rate: 30 MJ/s

weapons: 2x Plasma Raycaster, 1x Flarethrower (max. 40 flares)

firing rate: 150 rounds/s

weapons precharge capacitaty: 2.5 MJ

weapons precharge rate: 100 KJ/s

energy consumption per shot: 250 KJ

engine: 2x Conical Ion Vortex Engines

Speed: Mach 35 at manual control. Mach 150 at travel mode Not suited for atmospheric flights.

maneuvreability: max 8°/s turning ability

additional installations:

10 cryosleep units
2 Gigajoule Hyperjump unit
Freight scan jamming device
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Great work!! :). I submitted this to my animation-fun-time group and hope you will accept. You can upload animation up to 5 day. Come check us out and enjoy our fun community by joining. :pointr: [link] :pointl: :):)
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I keep hearing something about spaceships being cliche in school, and I think this proves that wrong. A fantastic model. If you don't mind my asking, what program did you use?
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I use Cinema 4D 12 studio
I am glad, you see this as breaking the cliché. I appreciate that :D
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Ein sehr schönes Modell
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Nice concept, and its design makes sense.
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Thank you. I started with a pencil sketch. I created it quite instinctively, so I´s good to know it makes sense to somebody :D
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Awesome design. I love it to... polygons? :P
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Yes, polygons. Small (Sometimes also very big...) extremely thin, indestructible and therefore, very sharp digital triangles. Sometimes they even have more angles...:abduction:
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Very nice! love the greebles, works perfectly. Looks to be a speedy transporter ;)
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Thank you! :D
Sorry, but what are greebles?
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no prob, greebles are the little bits o useful lookin stuffs, like here the pipes inside the plates and the cylinder thing on your engine. Greebles are what make or break most spacey stuff, and you did a marvelous job with em ;)
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Thank you for your explanation. :D
I am glad you like my greebles :3
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wow simply awesome
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Thank you. Glad you like it :
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Excellent model. If I may ask, how do you coherently implement circular structures in square models?
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Usually, I use a boole. But I always make the mesh editable after booling and optimize the intersection manually ( weld superfluous points )

But in this case, the whole thing started with a cylinder object, from which I extruded the backside of the vessel.
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Hmm, I'm normally scared of booleans, they always fuck up my geometries epicly :o
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Cinema 4d´s boole object has a function called "high quality". It creates N-gon and drastically avoids superfluous points.
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Thank you! GLaad you like it :D
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You're welcome. ;)
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