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C4Dtut: Realistic Glass Mat

At very first, let me apologize for all the typos. I was in a hurry and additionally, there were some friends of mine at my place, so I couldn´t concentrate that well....
I will change that ASAP....
(text layer rasterized already.... :( )

Software: Cinema 4D

An explanation of the C4D transparency.

How you create realistic glass with correct reflections.
How to create opaque materials with the tranparency absorption.

If there are any questions, ask me by sending a note.
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what happen if u put another object inside..say for example..water..or wine..

i was doing some test few days ago..and even if i had a lot of raytrace ray bouces, the inside object was looking crap :(

can u glass (no color) and some color liquid inside..your set up will work ?
thank u!
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To put liquid in it, it´s important that the liquid doesn´t "touch" the glass. To get the best result, the glass and the liquid should slightly overlap. (with slightly, I mean less than 0.01 units)
That will create the most realistic refraction.
I suggest you to set ray depth to 7 or 8 and reflection depth to 3 to 5.
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Excellent job mate! :w00t:
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Thank you. Hope it´s helpful
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I like the colors men ;) nice one just look exactly like a glass i got some time ago. ;)
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Nice job! I love the glass that you made for the tutorial :) It looks almost like it's made of cool!
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Thank you :D Glad you like it!
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Good explanation!

ich benutze zwar c4d nicht aber trotzdem sind die basics in jedem 3d programm gleich.
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Freut mich, dass es dir hilft :D
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Thank you :D

OMG your avatar.... O_Q
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It's just a stop-motion , by camera
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I know...
It´s not about HOW...
It´s WHAT I see... :lmao:
Did you never get in trouble, like "your avatar needs a mature tag" or something? XD
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not at all. Should I change it?
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Because, I suggest you? NOO!
It was just catching my eye in an unconvinient way. But nevertheless, funny!
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As I said before u r a co0l man ;)
(if u remember)
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thank you very match....:)
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