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Alien City V4 WIP

Remember that Alien City I've been working on? Well here is version 4 of the work in progress. I still have to add the sky traffic and a few other buildings into the scene... but she's getting there.

I love Bryce... you can just load that sucker to the tits with polygons... takes a shit load to make her choke I'll tell ya! ;)
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Impressive really fantastic artwork can[t wait to see the finished picture
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wow bro. this is immense!
and i really dig that alien plantlife you're developing too.
at least i think that's what that is. heh.
i was wondering,...your atmospheric perspective is so
excellant. does the app apply that for you? or is that something
you have to consider and apply yourself?

very nice work.
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Thanks "D" I'm using Bryce 5 for my rendering and the possibilities with the sky lab are virtually endless... I must spend hours just tweaking the atmosphere settings alone.

I'm working on some new more detailed city tiles, they are more detailed but have fewer polygons than a lot of the terrain generated city tiles you see filling a lot of the BG space, those tiles were created using Bryce's terrain editor and a Photoshop PSD file (B&W geometric shapes to create buildings) This is a quick and dirty method of city creating... I'm making more detailed tiles stricktly in Amorphium Pro and texturing them in Bryce and then saving each city block as a Bryce Pre-Set, it's a much more time consuming process but you get a more realistic looking city in the long run...:D
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Excellent work! I love the spikey plants(?). The ground plane bitmap's looking a bit weird at the moment but I'm sure you'll sort it.

Oh, and Merry Christmas! :D
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Thanks... yeah... I was not sure if I should work it in post or not... allthough... I think it just needs a bump map, I think I may have forgotten to give that part one... that area was actually suposed to be in the background, but when I was playing around in the director mode I accidentally came across this scene and I just had to jaz it up a little with the plants and then render it off. :)