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Alien City 001 V7 WIP

Well the other city was driving me absolutely crazy trying to get a more uniform look, so I've scarapped a great deal of it in favor of something that is a little bit of both worlds mixed together.
The buildings were created in Amorphium Pro and ultimately rendered in Bryce 5.

Hope you like it... I still have to add some larger structures in the background... not sure what type yet though??
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THis look remotely like Corisant <spell check from STAR WARS!
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Looks good so far.

I wonder how this would work with 2 suns?
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that's awesome! really awesome! what exactly is Amorphium Pro?
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thanks... Amorphium Pro is a modeling application available from:

It's very intuitive and easy to use 3D modeling and rendering application...
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damn. in the cone shape structure in the foreground you can
see the distorted reflections of surrounding structures. wow.
excellant as always man. i could go on and on, but i'd just be
repeating all the other things i've said so many times before.
very nice work.
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Thanks... I love that about 3D, dead acurate too...
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Pretty! That is a very nice city! That is magnificently done, the buildings seem real and buildable. That would be sweet if we could have a city such as this, great job!
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Thanks, the other versions were really starting to piss me off... I could not seem to get a uniform enough look so I started somewhat fresh with this idea... still needs a lot of work yet though.
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It's still very pretty and I love him, it would be great to see an even better picture of him, that would be amazing!
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woa, I'm liking it so'll look more alienish if the atmosphere was'nt blue like earth's..........more of a dark red or greenish might look nice.....or a night sky
sicklilmonky's avatar
Thanks, Yeah, personally I too like a nice ALIEN looking sky, but I'm going for an "E" type planet with futuristic looking buildings... something similar to what's in Star Wars but hopefully different enough to be original ;)
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several Star Wars planets had different colored atmospheres, could'nt hurt to play around with the colors and see which might look best ^^
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Good point... I banged off a really nice series of golden sunsets with this city... they look wicked!!

Making them available on as image stock. Do a search on Redemption to see my uploads if you like.
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