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The Map Transfer utility in DAZ Studio 4.5 Pro is used to convert textures from one UV to another.  In this instance I will use the example of converting M4 textures to the M5 genitalia UV, since that's what I've been using it for recently.  I've used this to create M5 gens from the m4 textures I did for all of my character packs as well as to convert M4 Albane's gen textures for M5 use.


You will need:

The M4V4 UV Mapped M5 Gens (here: sites.google.com/site/crblackt…  )
The M5 Gens from DAZ3D (we won't be using them directly, but you have to have them to use the above)
The GIMP or Photoshop, for cleanup.  Instructions will be for the GIMP.

OR if doing this with another figure: You need the figure to have BOTH the original UV you're converting FROM and the new one you're converting TO.  So if you're using Genesis, you probably can convert Gen 4 to Gen 5 UVs, but not Gen 3 to Gen 4/5 (unless you know of a Gen 3 UV for Genesis set I'm unaware of, in which case, PLEASE comment 'cause I want some M3 body textures on my M5/D5, oh yes I do).  You should be able to use this to interconvert M4 and V4, too, since they can easily load one another's UVs in DS.

In the present case, apply your body preset (not the gens, the body) to the M4V4 mapped V5 gens.  You will see it show up only on the hip area.  You need this because the M5 gens need to cover the hip material partially and the M4 ones don't, so we have to get that from the torso texture.

Go to the Surfaces tab in DS4.5, or create one from Windows--Tabs.  Select the 2_SkinGenitalia material.  You will need to navigate to the  location of these textures manually.  A shortcut is to copy the 2_SkinHip material and paste it into the genitalia material's channel, then go to the diffuse and bump (and any other maps) and click on their dropdowns.  This should take you right to the folder the main body texture was in, which is where the gens hopefully are, too.

These may not look right.  The gens tend to reset them to the default UV (viz., the M5 one).  Go to the dropdown and change it back to M4 on both materials.  The dropdown for UVs is at the bottom in default shaders and at the top for HSS shaders.

You should end up with the hip texture and the gens texture looking basically right, but they'll have an ugly seam between them.  That's what we're going to fix.

Now select one of the materials.  It doesn't matter which.  Click on the little icon in the upper left of the Surfaces tab; it looks like a small stylized sheet of paper with lines and a little arrow on it.  It has many options, including Load UV Set and, just under that, Map Transfer.  Click on Map Transfer.

Now you're looking at the Map Transfer dialogue.  Right-click in the empty left panel and choose New Template.

Drag the 2_SkinGenitalia surface from the right panel over to this template.  We'll do both eventually, but we need to do them one at a time.

Below this you should see Surface Options: Target UV Map.  Make sure it's on Default.  This means we will bake TO the M5 gens default UVs.  

Below that is the Template Options.  Click on the three dots to the right of this to make sure you know where your temp folder is, or choose another place for it to bake.  If you can't, you need to select the template name in the above window for options to appear editable.

Below that is Baking Quality.  I set this as high as it will go.

Now you should be able to click Accept.  Wait for it to run.

Now navigate to the folder where you told it to bake.  It should now contain baked versions of all the maps in that material (usually just bump and diffuse, but specular, displacement and SSS are not out of the question on really nice sets).  Instructions following will cover fixing up the diffuse.  Sometimes it's easier to make a new bump from this rather than bash together the baked ones, depending on how carefully the originals were made; I'll leave that for you to decide.  

Now go back to the Map Transfer window. Drag the 2_SkinGenitalia material back to the Surfaces window and replace it with 2_SkinHip.  Repeat to bake the hip material.

Now open both the hip and genitalia materials' diffuse in the GIMP.

At this point I select the black areas in each, use edit--transparency--add alpha channel, then edit-select by color and select all the black.  I delete this.  I will add a background in a new layer by filling it with the most intermediate or "average" shade I can get from the main texture layer with the dropper tool.  If there's a "halo" of black still, select the transparent area and use select--grow and increase the number to 4, then delete again.  This should eliminate the halo without ruining the seam areas.

Now you still have these two pictures and it's time to combine them.  Create a new layer in the file of the gen mat (it's lower and you can see the head of the glans).  Copy and paste the hip material into it.

Now you can see there's a color mismatch.  What I usually do is retint the genital material layer to match the hip area as much as possible. You can do this with Color Tools-colorize or Tools-Color Tools-hue/saturation/value.  Then I add a mask to the top layer and blur out the lower edge to blend it as much as possible with the gen mat on the layer below.  Do NOT recolor the hip area layer at all!  It needs to stay the color it is to match the body texture it goes with.

When you've got these matching to your satisfaction, file--save as and save the .xcf somewhere in case you need it again.  Then File--export and put the new .jpg in the same folder as the M4 gens for that body texture set.  Give it the same name with m5 on the end, or whatever you care to name it.

Now you're ready to load this up in DS4.5's surface tab and see how it looks.  If you're happy with it, you can repeat with the bump, displacement, etc., and any LIE tattoo or overlay layers.  You will need to save a material to library with the new gen textures in it.  I would put it into the same folder as the original character set.


You can also use this method to create a NEW M5 gens texture from a body texture that doesn't have one.  You will need a merchant resource for the gens and the original body texture.  You would bake out just the hip area, then recolor the merchant resource on a lower layer to match it and use the same blending techniques.  So far Renderotica is the only place I've been able to find an M5 gens merchant resource, but there is a decent one there.
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