[Tutorial] Rigging A Door In Daz Studio

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I'm still going to continue my Intro series with the Surfaces tab, but until I have the energy to do that much longer tutorial, this one was requested specifically by CrissieBrown

This is an intermediate tutorial.  It assumes you already have modeled, textured and have completed material setup of a mesh in your modeler.

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Is there a version of this procedure for MORPHing an otherwise rigid object, instead of RIGging it?

Like, suppose I wanted to deform the door, such as by twisting it all out of shape, instead of pivoting the door on it’s hinges.

I once knew how to do this via Hexagon. But I have forgotten. And Now I feel more comfortable with Blender instead anyway.

I just posted this question to Daz’s Blender forum. So maybe you’d prefer to answer my question there: