[Tutorial] Rigging A Door In Daz Studio

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By SickleYield
I'm still going to continue my Intro series with the Surfaces tab, but until I have the energy to do that much longer tutorial, this one was requested specifically by CrissieBrown

This is an intermediate tutorial.  It assumes you already have modeled, textured and have completed material setup of a mesh in your modeler.

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Thanks for doing this, with following this I was able to rig a door and handle that work!

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Here is the way it did not work:

After tilting the window bone 14 degrees in the Joint Editor, I went to the Parameters tab and slid the Y-translation slider. The window and it’s bone both moved straight up or down, ignoring the 14 degree tilt of the bone.

The window bone has it’s sharp, pointy end facing up, but tilted 14 degrees inbound of the car, exactly the way I want the window to translate.

I do not understand the distinction between “using the Weight Map Editor” and “just very groups”. I assume I used the Weight Map Editor because that seems to be the only method you covered in your tutorial, which I was following. I mean, I did push Alt-Shift-W and executed the subsequent menu selections.

In one of your previous replies to me, you mentioned that I should change the names of the translation sliders. I did not bother to try that until just recently. But when I went into the property editor of the slider, I was not given the option to change the slider’s name, only the lable. Name and lable are distinct properties, it seems. And it won’t let me change the name. So I’m wondering if the problem comes from not knowing how to change the name, rather than the just the lable.

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No, sounds like you did things correctly. I meant the label, and I apologize for using the wrong term.

Since it still doesn't work it may be that I've forgotten why it doesn't.

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Ok. And thanks so much for taking the time to help me.

Here is a screen shot of the problem: Problem With My Door Window Rigging by luqu

I suppose I'll post this on the Daz Studio help forum.
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Long shot, but if you memorize the figure rigging is it still a problem?

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Ya. I remember trying that very thing. Memorized figure rigging, tried the Up / Down slider and got the same result.

I mean, even if you do see in my screen shot that the 14 degree rotation value is highlighted, indicating that it was not committed to "memory", I took that screen shot after I experimented with the remember figure rigging and then undid it.
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This tutorial helped me make parts rotate. Is there a tutorial for making parts simply translate linearly?
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It's the same procedure, just you change the name of xtranslate, ytranslate or ztranslate and make them visible using the right click edit menu and turning off "hidden." If you can't see the translation info for a given bone you may need to turn on "show hidden" in your Parameters settings.

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Right on. Thanks. My translation sliders were hidden.

Next question: How can I make my linear translations move at an angle other than the major axes?

Tryin' ta get a car door window to go down, retracting inside the door, with a linear motion 14 degrees off the Y axis.

I tried crating a bone and tilting it 14 degrees Z-rot, and then making my window bone a child of that tilted bone. This failed.

Do I have to do some kind of trick where I link two translation slider controls together in some "rise-over-run" linear function?
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You have to tilt the bone you actually want to move at an angle, and you may also need to change the axis of rotation (but whether XYZ or ZYX, etc., you will probably still need to rotate it). You do the rotation in the Tools panel of the Joint Editor, not in Parameters, and then you need to make sure you memorize figure rigging before saving. As far as I know the rise/run thing is not a thing, thank goodness.

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Yes. Changing the bone in the joint editor is what I did, rather than in the parameters tab. It still did not work.

But I did this bone rotating AFTER I had assigned the vertex groups to the bones. Does the bone rotating (orienting) need to be done BEFORE assigning the vertex groups to the bones instead?
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No, the order of that is less important. In what way did it not work? Did you do weights from the weight map editor or just very groups?

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Hey Sickle Thank you very much for this. I have some cars I want to rig, at this point I just tear them to pieces and null them back together. This should make it a lot easier......:) 
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Great, I'm glad that it helps :)
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Oh. My. God. This is way simpler than I was expecting. Now all I have to do is sort out vertex groups in blender. Thanks very much for this tutorial. :thumbsup:
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You are very welcome :)
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Tutorials like this are so badly needed. Thanks!
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Wonderful! Thank you so much!
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