[Tutorial] Prepping .CR2 Gens for G2M

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Adzan's Hirogens (link to adult site) are a fantastic free set of genitalia, originally for Hiro 3, that are still great now.  You can't use your Genesis 2 Male genitalia textures with them, but you won't need to - you just need to buy this product from Jepe, which has every natural skin tone imaginable in it and is cheap, and I do mean cheap, at the price he sells it for (certainly more so than buying a pro bundle to get the DAZ gens). 

He also sells such a set for the UlfGens and one for the M4 Gens (same freebie link for UlfGens, expansions at the same store as the linked one), giving you even more options.  The UlfGens also have an M4 mapped option (again, same freebie page) for use with Michael 4 UV textures.

An advantage to, say, Adzan's Varsity set is that they have a lot more bones than the G2M gens, allowing for more realistic flaccid posing in artistic renders (as well as the other sort, of course).  At the very least, it's good to have the option.

I can't release the version of these that I've fixed up for me to use with Genesis 2 Male, because that would violate the original EULA of the free gens.  So instead I'm going to teach you how to fix up your own .cr2 format gens for use with Genesis 2 Male.

You need:

-Genesis 2 Male
-Adzan's Hirogens or another .cr2 set of genitalia
-DAZ Studio 4.6+

If making a fit the slow way: Modeling software, knowledge of how to use it
If unable to change compatibility bases (discussed in detail below): A multifunction text editor such as Notepad++ (free) and an unzipping utility such as 7Zip (also free)



Install the gens of your choice.  Install add-ons first, and re-save to library with morphs injected so the cr2 will load with all those morphs on if needed.  This is to ensure those will be in your .duf version.

Load Genesis 2 Male.

Load the gens into the scene.

Go to the Scene Tab and select the genitalia.  Click the little arrow up in the upper right hand corner of the tab and choose edit--rigging-convert figure to weight mapping.

Choose Convert to TriAx.  Click Accept.

Now, in Scene Tab, select Genesis 2 Male and ctrl+click to also select the gens.  The gens must be selected second for this to work.

Click the little arrow button again.  Choose edit--rigging--transfer rigging (figure space).  This changes the bones of the gens to match the position of G2M's.  This works because they share a hip and abdomen bone name.

Click the little arrow button again.  Choose Edit--Set Default Compatibility Bases.  Choose Genesis 2 Male.  If you can't do this, as I can't (my system has never worked with metadata), there is a second method I will get to presently.

If you were able to change the compatibility base, you should now be able to conform to Genesis 2 Male.  The gens are not properly positioned; we will do that next.

If you were unable to do so, the gens are functionally useless because now they trigger AutoFit when you try to conform them.  Never AutoFit genitalia because it will destroy their bones.  Just continue through the steps and saving process, then follow the text editing procedure at the bottom to fix it.

Unconform the gens.  Make sure in Parameters -- mesh resolution that they are set to Base and 0 subdivisions.



Hide or delete Genesis 2 Male.

Export the gens to obj.

Load the obj into your modeling program and edit it to fit an exported G2M mesh.  Do not change the vertex order.  Export it again and give it a name like "G2M Fit."  Note what program's export setting you chose.

In DAZ Studio, press the button that looks like a flexing arm with a P on the bicep to start Morph Loader Pro.

Make sure the "Convert to DAZ Studio: From" dialogue has the same scaling as your export settings you used to send to a modeler.

Click Choose Morph Files.

Navigate to your exported Obj.  You can right click the words Morph/Morph Loader Pro to change the group it will end up in.

Click Accept.

Now dial your new morph to 1.0 or 100% (depending which your DS is set to display).  Leave it at 1.0 for Step 3.


Leave Genesis 2 Male in the scene.

Unconform the gens from Genesis 2 Male.

Scale and reposition the gens until they fit as best they can.  In the scene tab, hit the little button and edit--apply smoothing modifier.  Go to the parameters tab and look at the new smoothing and collision modifier.  You will need to manually set the collision to Genesis 2 Male.

Now the gens will snap to covering the surface of G2M closely.  This works better with the Ulf gens than the Adzan ones, but it's still decent on Adzan.

Hide Genesis 2 Male, but leave the gens colliding with him.

File--export--wavefront/obj.  Export as a name like "G2M Fit."  Note what program's export setting you chose.

In DAZ Studio, press the button that looks like a flexing arm with a P on the bicep to start Morph Loader Pro.

Make sure the "Convert to DAZ Studio: From" dialogue has the same scaling as your export settings you used to send to a modeler.

Click Choose Morph Files.

Navigate to your exported Obj.  You can right click the words Morph/Morph Loader Pro to change the group it will end up in.

Click Accept.

Now dial your new morph to 1.0.  Leave it at 1.0 for Step 3.


With your new fit morph dialed to 1.0, and the gens selected, go to File--Save As--Figure/Prop Asset.  Give it an appropriate vendor and product name.  I saved the Hirogens Varsity under vendor Adzan and name Hirogens Varsity.  Gens should be saved in your Genesis 2 Male/Anatomy folder. 

If you were unable to change the compatibility base, uncheck "compressed" at the bottom.  We'll need to text edit the .dsf to add that information.

Click Accept to save.

Now you should be able to reload your gens from the library and use them on G2M just as you can the G2M genitalia. They are conforming but not geografted, but this won't matter when all your lovely textures for them are transmapped and Jepe has made ones for every skin shade (ditto the many, many nice transmapped gen textures for the M4 gens; if you choose to do this with those make sure you zero the figure first).

If you were able to set the compatibility base, you're done.


Navigate to data/DAZ 3D/Genesis 2/Male Genitalia/Genseis2MaleGenitalia.dsf.  If you do not have the G2M male gens, which you can only get with a fairly expensive pro bundle, any conforming item will do. 

Right-click on the .dsf file and unzip it just as if it were a zip.  You will get a file called Genesis2MaleGenitalia with no extension.  Open it with your text editor.  It will open just as if it were a text file.

Use Find in your text editor (Ctrl F in Notepad++) to search the word "Presentation."  You need to copy this entire block of code, from the " before that word down to the }, below it.  Omit nothing.  Copy should be Ctrl+C when you have it selected.

Navigate to where you saved the gens in data/vendorname/productname.  Open their .dsf with the text editor; since you saved it uncompressed, you should not need to unzip it.

Search in the converted gens .dsf file for "general_scale". 

Just under the }, that terminates that section, paste the presentation settings you copied.  Make sure the " in front of presentation is right under the }, and add or remove tab spaces to get it there if needed.

If you had to paste from a clothing file, the "type" entry will be wrong.  Change it from whatever it is now inside the " " marks to "Follower/Attachment/Lower-Body/Hip/Front" in exactly those words.

Now save the .dsf file with your text editor (ctrl S in Notepad++).

Now you should be able to load the gens in DAZ studio and conform them to Genesis 2 Male.


You will notice, as vwrangler did (thanks again for your helpful suggestions, V!), that if you apply body morphs to G2M you see some distortion in the converted gens.  This is easily fixed with rigidity mapping.

Load the converted gens from library and conform to G2M.

First, make sure there are no broken FBMs saved to library in the gens.  Delete them in edit mode in Parameters tab if so.

Click on the icon in DAZ Studio for the polygon group editor.  It looks like a square of connected dots with a pen over it.  Make sure you have a tool tab up; if not you can create one from Windows--Panes (Tabs).

If using the latest version of DAZ Studio as of this writing, you will need to click the "Vertex selection" button up at the top of the tool tab in the polygon group editor to see the "Rigidity Groups" options.  Go to the phrase Rigidity Groups in the tool tab, right-click on it, and choose "Create Rigidity Group."  Give it a name.  It doesn't matter what it is.

Now the idea is to select just the vertices on the genitalia that you want to deform with the body when morphs are applied.  These will be the "reference" group. 

Selection in DS is not cumulative, so you can't add to a given selection by dragging once you've let go with the mouse.  So the best thing is to drag the mouse along the edge of the gens as long as you can from one view, release (you should see a bunch of little yellow and red dots now) and go right-click on the word "References" in the tool tab under Rigidity Groups.  Choose Assign Selected Vertices To Group.  Repeat until you've got a ring of reference vertices all the way around the edge of the gens.  With the Ulf Gens, that's enough references; with the M4 and Hiro gens, you'll probably also want to add the flat pad that sits against the body above the phallus.

When you've got enough references, click the plus sign next to the word "references" in the tool tab to select all at once.  Now right-click in the 3d window and choose Geometry Selection and Invert Selection, or just press Ctrl I.

The selection will invert, causing the entire phallus except the reference verts to appear to be covered in red circle-dots.  Go back to the tool tab and right-click on Participants, and choose "Assign Selected Vertices To Group."  Everything assigned to Participants is now "rigid" with regard to morphs and will not pick them up from the body.

Now you have a reference group and a participant group; you can see the number of verts assigned to each next to the plus and minus signs.

Save to library, reload, and test.  Now your gens should fit properly to FBMs around the edge areas without having a distorted penis and testicles.  All done!


Please feel free to ask questions or suggest clarifications below.  I'm not a professional teacher, and I know sometimes my writing could be clearer, so let me know what I can do to make this clearer to you (while still being in this text-only format).
© 2014 - 2021 SickleYield
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the site is not aviable anymore.
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Bit late to the party, and thanks for documenting your method.  I'm afraid I am struggling to get this to work using the Ulfgens.  I can't set compatibility bases, and the smoothing modifier/collision does nothing at all (made sure it's enabled and tried upping the smoothing and collision iterations, still no change at all).  So I resorted to fitting the gens to G2M in Blender, and I can get as far as creating the fit morph in Studio using Morph Loader Pro from the fitted .obj.  But when I dial up the new fit morph to 100%, whilst a good fit is achieved the whole of the gens scales up and distorts at the end in an ugly fashion.  I just can't figure out what I am missing or doing wrong and have been through this very carefully step by step several times.  I've not added any vertices in Blender, only grabbed/moved existing one in 2-3 rows around the edge of the Ulfgens to touch the G2M surface, so only those few should move when I dial the morph up, but the whole mesh moves to a greater or lesser extent.

I do notice one thing that seems odd.  When I first load the Ulfgens at the very start, the widget for translate/rotate/universal too is positioned nowhere near the gens: they are up above it, about where G2M's head is.  If I activate the Joint Editor, the little red and green markers are up there too.  I wonder is calculating the deltas for the morph in relation to that and it is messing them up?

It's a shame, I would really like to get this working.  Any suggestions much appreciated.
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Usually that's because you did the morph without the gens zeroed.  You  need to zero them with ctrl E before you export them to create the morph.  Gens are never loaded at their real zero pose (because their real zero pose looks like an erection, I'm guessing).  With the M4 gens the zero pose of the testicles makes them very small too, I assume for ease of rigging, but I don't recall if the Ulfgens are like that.

The location of the widget is unrelated, it just means that's where the object center is.

Not being able to change the compatibility bases (how?  Not showing up in the list?) usually means your CMS is not working and/or you never installed it.  Check your DIM to see if it was ever installed.  This is one that does not do well with manual installation.
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Thank you for such a swift response.  I will try again and be careful to zero the Ulfgens before exporting to Blender via .obj.  I do believe I moved (translated) the gens before exporting, to bring them closer to the G2M - probably should have left them in their default position and moved my G2M reference mesh towards the gens in Blender.

Compatibility bases - I have nothing in the list to select from.  And yes, my CMS has never worked since I installed DS 4.8 through DIM (the 'right' way?).  Apart from this issue, I haven't missed it, and I'm not keen on installing Postgres just to get it to work.  (A database as feature-ful and complex as that to store a few bits of metadata?  Massive sledgehammer for teeny, weeny nut.  Better options exist.  But I digress!)

Incidentally: 'conforming' and 'unconforming'?  Having no experience of DS prior to 4.8 (which doesn't seem to have an option by that name), and none of Poser, I'm a bit lost here.  What are these in DS 4.8-speak?
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I wouldn't move your reference mesh.  Have them both zeroed.  Any changes in distance that you need should be done as part of the morph; that's part of the reason for doing it.  You can also tweak positioning after your fit morph is done, but it really needs to be after the morph is finalized.

The term DAZ uses is "fit to."  When you tell it to "fit to" the figure you are conforming to the figure; when you tell it to "fit to--none" you are unconforming the item.
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Really appreciate your help,

I've had another go through, but with no more success than before despite carefully ensuring the gens were zeroed before exporting to Blender :(.  When I dial up the new fit morph, the verts around the edges move to make the fit, but the whole of the gens also scale up, along all 3 axes - not enormously so, perhaps 50%.  This does not show in the Parameters tab, where scaling on all axes is still 0.)  So vertices that I have not moved in Blender seem to be seen as moved by DS 4.8, and the fit doesn't work because the whole figure is now bigger all round.

I notice that while the conversion to TriAx weight mapping clearly does something, the transfer rigging (figure space) step is either blindingly quick or does nothing.  Thanks for the clarification re: conforming/unconforming - I have not been attempting to 'fit to' at any point.

I can only think of trying the export/re-import in a different format (I have been using Daz Studio format), but see no logical reason why that would help.  I should say I am using all the defaults when exporting from DS, and am selecting Keep Vertex Order and checking Poly Groups when importing into Blender (version 2.75).
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I don't know why that would be happening.  It's not an issue I've had.
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I actually got the Hirogens Varsity to work! Woot! Now I can render improbably endowed men with properly conformed whangers!

So ... is there any way to get the Varsity foreskin to work properly with this? It seems to weightmap without issue, but I have no idea where to go from there.

(... I have had the oddest conversations, in a virtual sense, since I started this hobby.)
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Isn't that a conformer?  It should work basically just like clothing does.  You would use Transfer Utility from the gens to it just like any body to clothing setup, I would think.  Or even Autofit should work, and will not lose any morphs it has.

I hear ya. :D  I'm aware of forms of pornography I didn't know could possibly exist when I was in college.
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I tried doing the conformer transfer. I think I just don't have enough computer for it. It gets to 17%, CPU and memory use suddenly goes off the charts, and I have to kill the Studio process before it locks up my computer so badly that I have to crash/hard-boot. Ah, well.
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For one foreskin?  Yikes!
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Thanks for the time to writing this down :D
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No problem. :)  There's a lot of great content for generation 4.
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Useful tips and tricks. /wink

Much appresh!
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Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of that down!
*giggles about rigidity mapping of genitals* ;)
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*Descending trombone notes*

Yes, I did some giggling about that myself. :D
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You're welcome. :)
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Thanks very much for the information and the links.
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Just tried it with Ulfgens and it kind of worked, despite a screwup I had in the middle!

Speaking of said screwup, one more suggestion: instead of "Now dial your new morph to 1.0", maybe "Now dial your new morph to 1.0 or 100%, depending on whether your interface is showing you decimal numbers or percentages." My interface does Morph Loader Pro in percentages and not decimals, so when I dialed it to 1.0, I accidentally dialed it to 1%. Then, when I dialed a shape into G2M with the gens attached, they deformed spectacularly. I'm going to try again and hope that it's just that I did that part wrong that made that happen.

Also, for the rigging step, does it matter that Ulfgens doesn't have either a hip or abdomen bone?

EDIT: Hmm. OK, I thought I did everything right this time, but every time I dial in a shape on G2M, Ulfgens deforms spectacularly. I wound up having to go through, show hidden, and dial out every autogenerated morph. Did I do something wrong?
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I was able to confirm what you found and I've added a section on rigidity mapping at the bottom.  It's actually very easy to do.  I will post my POC render sometime today. :)
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