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By SickleYield
I'll be using Esha's lovely Triton mertails, which are only for G2F, and which I wanted to use on Genesis.  For this tutorial you need:

-A G2F item with custom bones
-The G2F clone for Genesis, here: www.daz3d.com/genesis-2-female…
(Or one of the free ones; you can try this without one, but it will work poorly.)
-DAZ Studio 4.6
-An external folder to export geometries

And that's it.

Import Genesis and the Triton tail into your scene.

Start the Transfer Utility.

Transfer from Genesis to the tails (don't worry about rigging yet, we just want the shape reversion on this pass).  Choose Clone--Genesis 2 Female from the left dropdown, and make sure "reverse source shape from target" is checked.

When the process is done, delete or hide Genesis (it's important that the tails are not conformed to it).  Export the converted tails as an .obj to the folder of your choice.  Make sure you add a G in the name or some other indicator that it's different.

Delete this first conversion from your scene.

Now, leaving Genesis gone or hidden, load the original G2F Triton Tail again.

Re-import the .obj.

Run Transfer Utility again, this time from the original to the imported .obj.  On the Morphs option, make sure Source Morphs is checked, so that we get any fixits etc. from the original.  This time do NOT check reverse source shape or a clone (that second shouldn't be possible anyway).

When that is finished, delete the old G2F version.  Save the new one to library with a name that will not overwrite the original, such as artist Esha/item TritonTailsG/.

Now load Genesis, hide the legs or morph them away with the Mermaid Genesis preset, and conform the triton tails to Genesis.  If they don't fit just right at the top, go to the Scene Tab.

Select Genesis and shift-click the tails.  Now right-click and choose edit--rigging--transfer rigging (figure space).  This is a GREAT option because it updates only the rigging that is shared with Genesis and doesn't mess with the custom bones.  The item should now snap into place.

Save to library again.

Now your custom-boned item is ready to use!
© 2013 - 2021 SickleYield
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This sounds like a solution to a problem I meant to ask you about. I'm working on a hair model with custom rigging for the bangs and ponytail, and I know I'm making versions for G3 and G8 males and females. I was afraid I'd have to redo the weightmaps and rigging for each version, seeing how the autofit/transfer utility tends to wipe those out normally. I'll have to reread this a couple of times to make sure I'm clear on the procedure. I just wanted to make sure, first, that I should be able to use it to transfer the custom bones and weight maps to the conformed models for each figure. Is that correct?
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Well, it sort of helped with going from G3M to G3F. l already had the model reshaped for G3F, and (Edit: after updating the base geometry) went through the normal steps to conform it to her. I used the transfer tool to recover the custom bones, and the real tip was adjusting the rigging to figure space. I got stumped the last time I tried this because the hair position went off on that step. The only issue I'm having now is that the face groups transferred only in name. The geometry assignments were lost, which is annoying, but at least the bones and weight maps came across. 

Good to know transferring to G8 figures should be easier. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by changing the scene identification (I'm sure I'll get it once I've really read the tutorial), but reloading the morphs will be easy--assuming the "adjust rigging to shape" step goes right. I've been having a little problem with bones popping out at random. I have to go through and reposition them before ERC freeze. Again, a little annoying, but it's only happened on this figure, so far.
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Oooo. Thanks, SickleYield; changing the scene identification preference and conform to allowed me to fit to G3F without losing anything from the custom rig. Moving on to the morph rigging adjustments and ERC freeze...
Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial.
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Aw, nertz. I was hoping this might be useful for fixing the messed up hand rigging that occurs when you transfer a G1 morph to G2s. I do know about the pose helper in the Daz store, but I'm dead broke at the moment, so I have to come up with some other way to port character sculpts done on Genesis to G2 (and *wince* G3, really) that doesn't involve starting over from scratch on a G3 base mesh. In many ways, that's the only safe route in the end, but I hate duplicating work and I really don't have any time to waste once the universe has done it's best to mangle my workflow. 

Le sigh. 

In case I never said it before, your tutorials have all been a really big help to me on my path to mastering Daz-centric modeling and rendering. I very much like the Blender tie-ins, too, as I tend to do more modeling in that than Hexagon.

Kudos! :tighthug:
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I seem to have done something very wrong somewhere. I tried following step by step, and what I wound up with was Genesis from the waist up, and the Mertails from the toefins down. Everything in between -- legs, leglike fins, whatever -- completely gone. The toefins are actually apparently attached to the waist. I tried two different conversions, both with and without smoothing modifier, but it doesn't make a difference. I mean, it's an interesting look, torso with finny feet, but not precisely what I'm aiming for!

If I turn conforming off, the mertail legs come back, so clearly they're just somehow being ... compressed? I expanded out both mertail legs, and all the custom bones are there, and nothing of Genesis below the hip/pelvis, so the re-rigging worked. I can parent the mertails, and they sorta kinda work, although I have to be very very careful about posing.

Any suggestions about what I'm doing wrong? Are there particular OBJ export settings I need to make sure of? (I've done so much tinkering, one way and another, that I've no idea what the defaults for OBJ export are. I think I've got it set right, but who knows.)

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Do you have the Genesis Mermaid "hide legs" preset on?  It contains a morph that's probably transferring to the Triton Tails (the Mermaid sets have a perma-zeroed version of it to prevent this).  Find the "SFMNoLegs" morph under Actor and set it to 0.
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And that was indeed the issue! Thanks! Now I can finish Underseaside Story! (...OK, not really. I hope.)

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I wasn't planning to go any further into G2F considering I don't really do female characters (I got the base and the morphs, that's it), but there are some nice G2F conforming items coming up, such as the mertails (and I'm eyeing Luthbel's new Horror Survivors: Cris). I thought your clone would be a good investment (don't really want to go messing about with the DIY options) so I've got it, and the mertails and I'll be trying this out right now!
SickleYield's avatar
I hope that it will be, but you could've just bought the G1 version to use on males, you know.
FyraNuanser's avatar
Sorry, I'm confused—the G1 version of what? I'm talking about using your G2F clone to convert Esha's triton mertails—these are G2F only aren't they?

Anyway, I followed your tutorial above and it works brilliantly. I had to do the adjust rigging (figure space) as there was quite a lot of poke-through on the hip area, and that did the trick. However, it's left it a bit loose so there are slight ghostly areas of semi-transparency at the edges, which I think I can improve with a morph.
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OH.  Derp.  For some reason I had a brain fart and read "mertails" as my own product with Fuse.  What an idiot!

I'm glad you were able to get it figured out.  It just gives one a lot more options, since this method can be used the other way around as well (and between G2F and G2M when each has clones for the other one).

It even works with, say, EasyPose hairs for Generation 4, if you convert them to weight mapping.  It doesn't work with Gen4 clothes as-is mainly because of the Abdomen 2 bone (which Genesis 1 and 2 have but Gen 4 did not), but most hair doesn't use that bone area anyway.
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It's a useful technique and I'm glad I learned it. Thanks!
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Sounds like a fun thing to try (if my brain manages not to shut down en route ... ;))
SickleYield's avatar
It's a little tricky the first time, and after that it's pretty easy (maybe less with a really huge bone rig, but come on, how many artists are really doing that with things that conform to characters?).
SimonJM's avatar
Um ...?  I really have no idea whatsoever! :)
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SimonJM's avatar
I guessed from context that was going to be the answer :)
dylazuna's avatar
Useful. Thank you for sharing :)
SickleYield's avatar
You're welcome!
Telperion-Studio's avatar
Nice!! Thank you, Sickle! :dance:
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You're welcome. :)
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