Genesis 9 Is Not Coming

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Those of you who have read some of my FAQ journal entries are aware that I often known things I can't tell, because the Publishing Partner Agreement at Daz3d basically contains a non-disclosure agreement.  I can't discuss these issues until Daz3d has mentioned them openly, or risk losing my relationship with my main broker.

But as I understand it, I am allowed to discuss this today because it was mentioned on Daz3d's Facebook page (as well as on the forums).  It's roughly that point in the product cycle where people would start saving up for Genesis 9, because we're approaching roughly the time span between Genesis 3 and 8. 

Well, don't do that.  Daz3d is not releasing Genesis 9.  In fact, as far as I know they're not even working on Genesis 9.  Currently their plan is to keep developing the technology of the program before they worry about making another figure generation.

And this is good news, and I'll tell you why.

Genesis 8 was not a big leap in tech from Genesis 3.  They're practically the same figure in different poses.  Even their base FBMs in the body pack are the same.  The only real improvements are in Genesis 8's better facial expressions.  The eyelashes are separate, but I don't know that this is an improvement for anyone but us content creators.  This is not a V4 to Genesis gap.  It's barely a gap at all.

So, rather than release a Genesis 9 that is basically the same tech with a slightly different shape, I would rather see Daz3d continuing the path of developing technology to a point where it's possible to create better, more lifelike figures.  Because as much as I love Daz Studio, we are not at that point yet; as great as the devs are, they can only work so fast.

The second reason this is good news is that it gives us content creators more time to develop deeper G8 catalogues.  Genesis 8 might well be the first figures to have as much content for them as good old Michael 4 and Victoria 4 (if not more!).  And artists like me, who specialize in utilities, have more time to give you even more options for interconversion between existing figure generations. 

Customers will have more compatibility options than ever before.  And that can only be a good thing.

So don't get worked up over Genesis 9 just yet.  Genesis 8 is here to stay for a good long while.
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(I found this on an unrelated Google search* and since the time you posted it Genesis 8.1 has come out that's a similarly small leap as from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8.)

Some of the things I've seen artists do with Genesis 8 are mindblowing. Not merely the quality of the images, which can butt up against an overly processed photograph, but the extremes to with the figure can be morphed.

RawArt is easily the best example of this with their crazy-detailed animal-men, along with about a dozen other highly detail Furries from other artists, but I've seen artists make Xenomorphs from Alien, a literal hedgehog, a Clive Barker style demon, various types of androids, Lolth the Drow Goddess, just about every playable fantasy race you can find in D&D or Pathfinder and more and wilder aliens than George Lucas thought up during his cocaine-fueled CGI binge in the early 2000s and you can make them in every age from an infant up to extreme old age...

I mean, holy crap, that's pretty crazy amount of flexibility for two base (male/female) figures. And that's not getting into celebrity look-alikes that actually really do look like the celebrity. (I have my G8F characters panel open and see Angelina Jolie and Sigourney Weaver right now and I've used a Masie Williams for a Halfling.) And with HD morphs and subdivisioning detail can be added (or removed) as needed.

I can certainly imagine how the figure could be improved in the future, but for now I feel like DazStudio is touching the state of the art for consumer and prosumer figures. I honestly think the biggest problem right now the the woefully anemic graphics memory on even top-of-the-line the nVidia cards required to use iRay. Well, that and the fact as of April 2021 you simply can't buy them due to a chip shortage that even industry insiders don't predict will end anytime soon. (I've seen 2022 and even 2023 and mostly coinciding with new industrial plants opening.)

* I was trying to find the name of a Clockwork Orange inspired costume that I swear I have in my runtimes.

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Don't I know it, $2500 is a lot for a card but at this point I'd pay it just for the sheer difficulty of getting one!

Just came across this while searching how actually to replace a G3F character in a scene with a G3M. The ability that came with Genesis - for me was a milestone unachieved ever after. So, if you happen to come up with such solution consider me a returning customer (have most of xypur conveters in my lib). Oh, and I'd buy a "repalce G3 with G8" in a wink of an eye, too!

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I'm glad they're taking their time with the actual engine. Yearly releases aren't the best in the long run. Trust me, I know this from sports gaming and how I plan to release my mods. :D

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its been 3 years since they released genesis 8, its taking too long

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What is your rush? I am personally welcoming that Gen 8 will be around longer as I have invested quite a bit of money into Daz in my first year into it (2019). I am not looking to buy things all over again when the next Generation comes out. Do you have money burning a hole in your pocket? Naw, not me, I can wait. Rather them take a few years and do something spectacular instead of having them rush a new Generation release that doesn't offer much improvement.

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i want highly detailed displacement maps to finally replace normal maps. This is the only way to make characters more realistic, yet they dont even offer good displacement maps for money. maybe gen 9 will have it.
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Give 'em time. I still want to have some fun with the Gen 8 stuff that I still didn't use yet! LOL! Like I said, I had invested so much in Gen 8, I am in no rush. I would rather them take their time and make a really decent next generation figure. I was just lucky I came in right when Gen 8 was making strides. I have heard many Gen 3 users were very reluctant to move to Gen 8 because it was only a minor upgrade. For me, I have both since much of the clothing I bought is both Genesis 3 and 8, I also invested in some Gen 3 figures too.

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I'm actually glad they're focusing on more important things. We don't need a brand new model with all of the upgrades and extensions for G8. I have over 300 models for this generation alone. Thousands of textures and thousands of morphs. We don't really need a new model.

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Any news now on if 2020 will see G9? The way they're making sales for the G8 pro bundles has me worried, because I don't want to have a new generation of figures and all new content. I've invested too much in G8, and barely getting started, so I really hope they take their time still. I also agree with other posts here that I'd rather see big advancements like native particle/physics engines, modeling capability, (or an official way to link with Blender like D|S does with Zbrush) etc., than new base figures. But I know that's probably too much to ask.

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There are things I can't discuss without violating my NDA, but as far as I know still no G9 in sight.

Apparently G9 might be coming this year sometime(?) but I'm not expecting much from it to be honest. SickleYield, if you get the chance could you please remind the folks at Daz that the glutes and the hamstrings are not the same muscle. One does not simply stretch seamlessly into the other. They should still be visually distinct along the inside edge when the figure bends at the hips. They seem to have a hard time understanding that and when G9 does finally come around I really hope that we aren't going to be facing another uphill struggle of having to develop a butt load of new morphs (pardon the pun) to make the glutes behave themselves again.

I, for one, won't be updating to a new Genesis iteration that doesn't fix this long-standing problem. I think that G3 has come the closest to addressing it so far, so I'll stick with that if theres no improvement.

PS. Love your products. I buy them all the time. Keep up the good work! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

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Good. Maybe they'll start converting features over from Bryce, Hexagon, and Carrara... would be nice to have at least some basic modeling tools and atmospheric effects for 3Delight or even OpenGL. Iray just doesn't seem to be worth the headache... hell, while they're at it, why don't hey grab one of the ray-tracing engines and add it as an option for those of us who prefer not to give nVidia $500+ for a new card.

The terrain, tree, and texture labs would be nice too. :plotting:

Good news allround. Thanks for keeping us in the loop

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I'm happy they've decided to follow this direction, and we've already seen some improvements in Daz Studio, while the Genesis 8 library grows bigger and products become more affordable. Nowadays I don't even need to use G3 products anymore.

Do you think they're going to update the OpenGL version?

PS: I know this is a old journal, but Google sent me here today xD
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I have no idea! That would be nice, but I'm not privy to the hardware stuff.

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Thank you for your answer SY :D

This is good news isn't it. Less time spent converting existing libraries to new figures. I would like to see more work done on d-force, especially some "rag-doll" like features, collision detection (hand grasp and so on) and better physics on the figure itself, not just cloth sim for clothing.

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I have a hard time believing that DAZ is strongly committed to DS. There are only 20 people, and management is developing alternative business strategies ( ). We, the users, are much more committed to DS than management is. We got what we got.

They better dump iray, and introduce a better rendering engine that supports both AMD, and Nvidia graphics cards.

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Imagine how many official G8 figures and bundles there will be. I feel like I can already extensively modify G8 and G3. Both are still worth continuing to expand libraries for in a major way. This is exciting. 
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Yes I have a bucket load of application / UI improvements that I would like to see first anyway. Like a tool to show the 3D relationship between two surfaces more clearly. And simple one click jumps for the pan and rotate view tools. Also some better lighting previews to make adjusting set lights easier.

Oh and can we please have better ways to organise the elements in the library. Please, please, please. Even just a simple drop folder heirarchy arrangement with drag and drop would be great.

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Well, I"m late saying it, but good to know, thank you. :)

Clearly, I need to get onto DA more than two or three times per year >.>
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Hi Sickleyield. Just getting around to reading up on future plans for Genesis. I wholeheartedly agree with their plan. Started with the original DS back using Victoria and Michael 1 many years ago and still have the most content for Michael and Vicky 4 than any other iteration. A stable character platform gives us a chance to fulfill our creativity desires without worrying about upgrading yet again. I'm using mostly Genesis 3 and 8 now and still have lots that I want to do and learn. I think continuing to develop things like dforce clothing and hair and facial/body morphs is the way to go for now. I would really like to see an eventual incorporation of a dforce body that allows for more realistic rotation/compression/expansion of the joints and body over a much more flexible skeletal frame. I would like to be able to put 2 characters together in a scene and have contact between them morph each other such as when one touches the other the skin compresses as it would in the real world. More realistic affects of gravity would be a welcome addition even though it would probably make my computer go on strike. As always, love your tutorials and products. Thanks for giving us so many toys.

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