Converting a Dress from V4 to G8F for dForce

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So, vwrangler expressed curiosity as to whether the Rovescio dress for V4 might be able to be converted to G8F for dForce use.  It sounded like an interesting challenge, and the dress is $2.99, so I thought I'd give it a try.


This will only work for rigged clothing.  Dynamics will require a different workflow entirely and aren't very workable with current available options.  I'm working on a product for that.


To go from Victoria 4 to Genesis 2 Female, I first set the dress to weight mapping using the edit--rigging option in the Scene Tab.

Then I dialed the V4 clone to 1.00 on Genesis 2 Female (making her the shape of V4).  I used Transfer Utility and the "Current" option under "Source" instead of the usual clone/reverse shape from selected option.  This avoided the "chunky hem" and crotch triangulation problems surprisingly well.  There was some clipping in the hip area when I dialed V4 clone back to 0 again, so I used the smoothing modifier and a mesh offset (you can apply both from the Scene Tab button's edit--geometry menu options) to fix the clipping.  Then I hid everything in the scene but the dress but left the modifiers on, exported to obj, and then used that scene tab edit menu again to use edit--geometry--update figure geometry, and loaded the exported obj through that.  This ensures I have a non-clipping version before I autofit.

To go from Genesis 2 Female to Genesis 8 Female I used the same Transfer Utiltity workflow, but this time I dialed in the G2F clone on G8F before I activated the Utility and used Current under Source again.  I used one of my templates from Ultra Templates because I prefer posing the skirt manually,  but this will probably work without that.  Again I got decent results except in the hip area, so I used the dress's morphs plus the smoothing/collision export trick to fix it again.  You have to fix clipping before you start dForce.  Just regular autofit to G2F, then G8F worked all right for the necklace and bangles.  I used Olympia for Genesis 8 Female plus a larger breast morph to demonstrate that it works without having to use the default.  (That's a couple of Faces of Asia faces dialed in smaller amounts.)

So then I was ready to select the dress, then go the Simulation Settings tab and its little top-left button and add a dForce dynamic modifier.  I went to Create and added a dForce Influence weight map too.  Then I used alt plus dragging the mouse in the Weight Map editor (alt shift W, and the Tool tab, create one if you don't have one) to lower the influence of dForce under the breast area to stop it from stretching downward too far.  I also went to the Surfaces tab and increased stiffness in the dForce settings there, but just for the lower Skirt material, to see if I could save more of that look that the original had.

Finally, I simmed with the default settings except with Stabilization Time increased to 1.5.  I updated the material to Iray.  This is the result.  The transverse tiny wrinkles are actually from the displacement map; the dress doesn't have enough polygons to do that with its actual geometry.  That would be a pretty heavy sim if it was; if you want to try for that you can increase the subdivision and set the Simulation Settings' Collision Mesh Resolution to "Viewport" instead of the base geometry.

In fact, I tried that exact thing for the second pose.  It took longer to simulate, but not by as much as I expected.  Next time I would also use the same conversion method as the dress on the necklace rather than Autofit it, I think.  It actually had custom bones that are now lost.

Rovescio Dress V4 On Genesis 8 Female with dForce by SickleYieldSYRovescioDressTest2 by SickleYield

If you do this, don't forget to save the dress or other item as a new library item so  you don't have to repeat your work.  When I do this I try to use the original author's name and if possible the same product name, as long as it doesn't overwrite anything (from V4 to G8 it won't because their file formats differ).  You don't have to save that little "dForce Modifier Weight Node" token.  It's only there to make the dForce map visible for editing.  The map is actually still saved to the garment when you save, and you only have to add another one when/if you want to edit the dForce weight map(s) again.

I've got an idea for a way to maybe make this process a lot faster, but I'll need to do some experiments before I consider it workable.
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I can say enough about your tutorials!  I love, and appreciate them, so much!  Thank you!
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You are very welcome!
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I'm just curious why you chose G2F? Would you get better results if you started with G3F with Wear them all (if you happen to have that)?  You could dial the clone up and do the transfer that way.  Then you could avoid the 2nd autofit when fitting to G8F.  I was hoping to use this technique on the Lady of the Abyss dress… since I've never been able to get it to fit properly on anything other than V4 (too much crotch deformation) but for some reason Daz does not recognize it as a figure so I can't convert to figure and do the transfer.  I'm not entirely sure why, it's not a dynamic.
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Huh.  You know, I guess there's no reason not to try it?  I'm not sure why that one won't convert, though.  What error are you getting when you try to autofit it?
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Well as for the Lady of the Abyss dress I can autofit it, but i can't do the transfer utility step.  The transfer utility doesn't recognize it and that usually means you need to convert it to a figure.  When attempting that, it says that something with geometry must be selected.  And when I autofit it normally, the deformation is so terrible it can't really be used.
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I've been tinkering with this off and on since you posted. And ... I think the weight map node and I will never ever be friends. We are not buddies.

I wish there was a way to tell the dress surface -- other than weight mapping -- to sim just so far and stop. When I try the weight map under the breasts, it basically sags over the map; if I try without the map, it turns into the baggiest thing ever, everywhere.

The weight map node is on the entire dress, right? There's no way to tell it to apply just to the whole "dress" surface but ignore the skirt surface, other than painting with the colors of the wind ... er, weight map brush? (For some reason, it won't let me put a dynamic surface on the skirt and a static one on the dress body. Which is probably overkill for the situation anyway, but I couldn't think of anything else to do.)
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You can't put a static surface on one material, but you CAN go to the material zone of the dress body and turn the "dynamics strength" to zero in the surfaces tab. This absolutely works.  I use it on hair caps pretty often.

But also remember that you can paint different strengths on the weight map - you can paint strongly under the boobs and a low/mid value over them to decrease the amount of sag while still having it sim.
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OH! Thank you, that was it. I think I must have used dynamics strength in combination with something else before, and it made it go all esplodey. When I use dynamics strength by itself, that works just fine! No weight map needed, thank goodness. (I think using that requires a steadier hand on mouse than I have.) Using dynamics strength around .4 lets it sim a small amount without going full-sag.
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Great, I'm glad we found a solution. :)
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Hi SickleYield. Do you do commissioned work/projects? I'd like an over-the-shoulder cloak similar to the one in this product that works with dforce for Daz Studio:…
I'm trying to make the one in that pack work so dforce would look good while it is animated, but I'm not having much success. Please let me know if you're interested and available. Thank you. ~angel

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Hello.  I don't do commissions, but I can probably help you figure that one out!  It looks to me like it should work all right if you do a map with the head and rope area painted to 0%, is that not working?
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It's not working correctly when animating. Works like a charm when I do poses, though it seems a little too elastic. When I try to simulate across an animation, it gets all explod-y!
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Turn on smoothing/collision?  Clipping through the body is a frequent though not the only potential cause of 'splodey.
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I installed DS 4.10, and so far I can't even get the "little top-left button" in Simulation Settings to respond! No dForce for me.
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heeey, I thought you'd have a list of dforce settings and what they do by now... where do I go NOW to read DS instruction manual???
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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XD Thanks sweetie
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Looks pretty cool. I'd love to see a video tutorial of the process.
Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Shalen.
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Maybe.  With revenue down this year I'm scrambling to get things in all the time, which is why I haven't done one in a while. I'll see what I can do!
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dForce is an interesting technology. Thanks for investigating and sharing you findings.
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woah, that's an awesome tutorial, thank you! :wow:
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You're welcome!  Mada does some great tutorials on her channel.
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Yep, her tutorial on YT for d-Force is already in my favorite list.
So far d-force itself seems strangely easy to use even for a beginner ( with dynamic stuff) like me. :D
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Oh, cool! Thank you for doing this! It's great to know that it can work. I think I've already done the other work, apart from converting it to dForce, so this seems doable.

Thank you again!
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