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1.  How do I use this?

Here's my YouTube starter series!

And here's a tutorial index, although it can be harder to find things if you're brand new to the program.

Searching for "Daz Studio" on YouTube will also find you a LOT more tutorial content both by Daz staffers and by other Published Artists.

2. What's the difference between Victoria 4, Genesis 3, Michael 5, etc.?

This confuses a lot of people new to our market.

SHORT VERSION: Basically Daz has "figures," and Daz has "characters."  A "character" is usually a dial or set of dials that changes the shape of a "figure" within the program.  Characters with number 5 after them are dialed morphs of Genesis (Victoria 5, etc.), 6 are morphs of Genesis 2 Male or Female, and all the very numerous 7's are morphs of Genesis 3 Male or Female.  Morphs are not directly interchangeable between males and females on any figure except Genesis, and they only work on the generation they're made for.

If you want to know if a character that lacks a number is for a given figure, you will have to read the description on the product page.  With few exceptions, a character only works on the figure for which it was made.


The latest "figures" are free with the Starter Essentials you hopefully downloaded with your free copy of Daz Studio (currently Genesis 3 Male and Genesis 3 Female).  Each figure is a separate standalone mesh that can't wear clothes for the others without a conversion process that, up until Genesis and AutoFit, required professional skills or paid licenses for a program called CrossDresser.

They are, somewhat abridged and roughly in chronological order:

Michael & Victoria & Aiko (The first Stephanie was a female morph of Michael from what I can find)
Michael & Victoria 2
Michael & Victoria 3
Hiro & Aiko 3
David & Stephanie 3
Michael & Victoria 4
The Kids 4
Genesis (androgynous figure)
Genesis 2 Male & Genesis 2 Female
Genesis 3 Male & Genesis 3 Female

Slightly more history is on Wikipedia.

Starting in Generation 4, most characters are now morphs of the figures and are not free (Kids 4 was the only other standalone). 

A morph changes the shape of an existing figure and is presented to you, the user, as a dial.  So, for example, Aiko 4 is a dial that you can turn on to transform Victoria 4.  You can load an Aiko 4 icon from the library (and many other characters), but in fact it is just loading a version of Victoria 4 with that morph already turned on. 

At Generation 4, official Daz character morphs started being called "Character Name + Number" to go with their parent figure. 

So Aiko 4 and Stephanie 4 are morphs of Victoria 4; Hiro 4 and Freak 4 are morphs of Michael 4; etc.

With the first Genesis, ALL the named characters are morphs of the androgynous base - that is, Michael 5, Victoria 5, David 5, Aiko 5, etc., if it has a 5 it is a morph of Genesis (also the Troll and a couple of other creatures).

If it has a 6 it is a morph of either Genesis 2 Male or Genesis 2 Female (Michael 6, Victoria 6, Minotaur 6, etc.)

If it has a 7 it is a morph of Genesis 3 Male or Genesis 3 Female.  Daz greatly sped up production of named characters with Generation 7, so the number of "Character Name 7" characters is higher than any previous.

3.  I see a lot of things for previous generations are on sale a lot, can I use them all on Genesis 3?

The short answer, for a complete newbie, is "no, unless it's clothes for Genesis 2." 

The long answer is "yes, some, if you are willing to do some work and buy additional helper products."

Clones for using pre-Genesis 2 items.

Templates for using things with a skirt/tunic.

Sort of use Victoria 6 textures on G3F.

Sort of use Victoria 4 textures on G3F.

Two-step pose conversion to Genesis 3 from other generations. 

Here's a free way to do pose conversion and a discussion of pros/cons.

4.  Can I make my own characters/clothing/etc. in Daz Studio?

No, not by itself. 

Daz Studio is a rendering and content assembly program.  You have to have mastery of modeling and texturing software to make anything but lights and basic morphs.

You do need to learn to rig in Daz Studio and use its Surfaces tab for applying your textures if you want to make content for the program (also see: YouTube channel again), but your models and textures still have to come from somewhere.

5.  Can I make a living with just this program and content I buy or download?

You can make a living with a piece of string and a twig if you are very clever.  Making a living from pre-created assets in a render engine isn't quite that difficult but it's certainly not easy.

People use Studio to make commissioned renders on deviantart.  To do this you make the best-looking renders you can for your gallery and just post that you're available.  You will soon receive many offers to make illegal commercial fan-art, awful pornography, regular-looking renders supporting a less obvious kink, and occasionally people's gaming or roleplaying characters.  Almost no one makes a living doing this; mostly it might be a hobby or bonus income.

If you're interested in making porn commercially you can find some comparison renders and animations on Renderotica.  I'm not sure if that pays more or not.  Ask around over there.

People use Daz Studio to create book covers for Amazon or other self-publishing platforms.  I have no information on how one gets in touch with authors or how much this can make (I've heard "an okay second job" but that's just a rumor).

Daz Studio is often used to make art for commercials or infomercials.  If you're interested in that use you probably already have a Kickstarter or something and know exactly what to do here.

Daz Studio is used to make independent animations and graphic novels.  These are very hard to monetize regardless of how they are made.  It's especially hard to compete with hand-drawn comics using 3D.

Other commercial uses of Daz Studio often involve it being an intermediate between several programs in a 3D workflow, in which case you also don't need me to tell you what to do.

6.  I manually installed a freebie/a product and it doesn't work! 

Reinstall it using this guide!
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Charlierock2 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Clap Thank you.
SickleYield Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
ANGELREAPER1972 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
my mother was given a birthday card bought from some newsagency with an image created via daz studio know it was cause most of the image featured content I have 
tora-no-shi1369 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The only "characters" are morphs of the base. I just wish some one would make a skin builder series for Genesis 3. I might spend more time with them. Most of my story characters take advantage of skin builder pro, as well as a lot of morphs. :) It is nice that you are still doing this for beginners. Heck I still struggle with a lot of this.
Tikiman-3d Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Sorry if this is not the correct place to ask this question...

I've purchased many items from DAZ but I also  have some things from Renderosity and free items, such as your Injector. 

Is there a trick to get the non-DAZ products to show up in the smart content tab?

SickleYield Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Not really, unless you want to add smart content to them yourself:…
Tikiman-3d Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the link
SimonJM Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016
Hmmmmmm <-- some fan humming ;)

I have some string, but I seem to be twigless, alas! ;) (or is that clueless?)

From the point of view of someone who has been using Daz Studio for a while I wish this had been around when I started, though of course there was no real issue over the different generations (V4/4, M3/4 and David aside ... ;)) that people have nowadays, so this will be of even more use!
SickleYield Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Well, and it was impossible to even use clothes from V3 on V4 so these things never came up!
SimonJM Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016
True, but in my early days (of DAZ) I found myself getting confused over texture add-ons and the actual item they go on, along with a bit of initial uncertainty over V4, V4.1 and V4.2 and would stuff for V4 work with V4.2 :)
SickleYield Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Good point, I'll add some updates!
Janus3003 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Hum of the fans" makes me imagine your followers standing behind you, humming.

Also, thanks for all the help!
SickleYield Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
*Looks warily over shoulder*
scraverX Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016
Sugar free PB&J? Such a thing sounds wrong.
SickleYield Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
While there's only one kind of sugar free smooth peanut butter where I live (Adams Creamy Natural), homemade sugar free jelly and preserves are the effing bomb.  Most fruit has enough fructose in it that it tastes awesome without adding pounds of additional sugar.  It's more tart than the sugar jello they sell as "jelly" at the store, but it's ever so much more flavorful.

Regardless, I can't eat sucrose any more without getting a bad headache. *Shrug.*

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I believe most of the reason store bought jelly is so sweet is because folks believe it has to be that way because that's how the manufacturers do it. I much prefer my mom's homemade jelly, but I'll have to wait until next year when she will be able to make more.
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Ah, fair enough. I make my own peanut butter sometimes but I like it crunchy so lucky me.
I've never made my own preserves but I do like tart.
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