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Slay the Monster, Rescue the Prince

For fun, and for a thread contest at DAZ3D forums.  70's Fantasy Art girl Olympia just came out, so I had to render a fun variation on one of the old Frazetta themes, which is "barbarian fights snake creature while person nearby is chained to something."  Of course they drugged him before they stuck him in the sacred pool.  It's not as if he would've just walked in there without a fight.

DAZ products:

Genesis (Gorgon)
Genesis 2 Female (barbarian)
Genesis 2 Male (captive prince)
RAwArt's Gorgon for Genesis
Olympia G2F
Nidale for Olympia skin/partial face
Curvaceous Olympia expansion (clothes on G2M and G2F, morphs on female)
Kalypso Hair (female_
Mermaid Clothing G2F (gorgon's top)
The Drowning Pool


SAV Alpha Hair (on G2M)
SY Torso Jewels G (nip shields)
SY Agile Tongues G
PD Carmen (on G2M, with my SSS shader)

Postwork in the GIMP for water effects; bless G'MIC and the filters thereof.  Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.6 pro.  Reuploaded 01/01/2014 to touch up ripples with new brushes I found.
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Something tells me that this prince doesn't want to be rescue.

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I thought the same, maybe the princess will be drowned by this famel snake that could be fun ;) !

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pure awesomeness
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Thanks!  This is my most popular non-tutorial render. :)
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That is pretty slick.:):):):)
SickleYield's avatar
Thanks!  This is my most popular image I've ever done, oddly enough!  I thought other people would be offended by the gender reversal from "traditional" roles, but I was very happy to be wrong. :)  Art people just aren't like that I guess!
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All good my friend.
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Looks cool.....nice! BTW, have you fiddled with the Blender displacment modifier in combination with a Gimp cloud great waves and a bit more controlable then the ocean modifier.....that reminds me of captain Ahab, but it's not what you want in a cosy pool....mine has considerably less monsters......hey, I'm a lazy dude, so I leave the slaying to professionals.

Greets, Ed.....
SickleYield's avatar
I have not.   But then, I don't render in blender. ;)
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Shame on you.....I love my mcTeleblender from time to time (althougfh Iray is even pretier but then I get GTX980 x 2 envy :-)). But the water doesn't need to be's geometry. Displacement modifier displaces vertexes (verticies, whatever). It creates ripples in a pool without the need for gimp......and with some physics I can throw a stone in the water as well. You know the Open Bullet Physics Blender uses got Oscarefied this year.

Greets, Ed (who is looking forward to the Blender convention, damned summer)!
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Thank you!  I'm amazed how many people liked this image!
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actually, looking for absolutely s'thing else... landed here *thx, goggl'*... and wow! Epic La amazing pic! you totally captured the ambiance of this pool and the old legends! nice enviro settings, great action scene *kill da beetch!* ~ besides, u made me discover dat pool *want*
and saving the princel in distress... a plus! :headbang: 
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Wow.  Between the lighting, the water, the posing, and the details like the sword, I just don't know where to begin.  Very nice.  Thank you for sharing.
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Thank you!  I've been amazed how well people actually reacted to this one!  I thought I was the only one who liked this sort of subject. ;)
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Brilliant scene, so complex and greatly composed!
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You're very welcome! :)
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Nice job on the water by the way.  :)
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