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SY 200 Free Morphs Genesis 8

The DieTrying morphs just don't copy that well to G8, so I did some new morphs.  These are brand new and sculpted by me, not based on any preexisting product or set.  There's also a mirror at ShareCG.


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This is such a great contribution to the community. Thank you so much for the hours put at this!

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Thanks so much!!

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Hi! I've been using this morph on a daily basis now and it's a wonderful set, thank you so much for sharing it!

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I'm so glad you like it :)

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Does this add a bulge to any pants/shorts/underwear that genesis 8 female wears by any chance?

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Hi Thankyou very much I appreciate your generosity

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You are very welcome :)


I just wanted to say "Thank you." I D/L'd these morphs about 2 weeks ago when i finally transitioned from Studio 3 to Studio 4.14, and was so busy finding content, I didn't always thank people for their hard work.


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You are very welcome :)

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Hi! I seem to have an issue... I downloaded all files and installed them into my DAZ studio, however they don't show up anywhere in my application... I don't see any file named Sickleyield. Can you help me out?

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These are morphs for Genesis 8. You can only see them if you have a Genesis 8 Male or Female loaded into your scene and are looking at the Parameters tab, where it says Actor. The morphs are distributed out by body part, under full body, legs, arms, etc.

Brilliant great job, no image not rendered yet.

A must for any dial spinner

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Thank you so much for your great work and for sharing it.

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Incredibly great work, so extensive and finely tuned!

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Thanks, I'm glad you like it. :)

it may not be possible to use this content fully in the newer versions of DAZ 3D, as I was able to install the morphs for the female, but not the male. I am new to the software as well but I wasnt able to figure out what the difference could be that was causing it to load only one set of morphs even though I installed both the same way. Perhaps the software changed the name of one attribute for the male so it no longer matches. Presumably if it's not just me, someone else will be along shortly with the same problem. In the meantime I will keep trying to see if I can figure out what's wrong.

Thank you for your hard work,


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It's the first I've heard of the issue, and I'm entirely puzzled what could be happening. As far as I know the male and female are packaged together in the same folders, so if the female works, the male should, too.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I was able to get it working, but only by placing the morphs in a directory with Daz 3D\Applications\Data\DAZ 3D\My DAZ 3D Library\data\DAZ 3D\ in the path, which I apparently did by accident at first. Most likely I did something odd when I first installed the program, but I want to leave this up in case the default installation directory actually has changed ... Ive only been using the program for one week.

Again, thanks for all of your careful work and attention to potential issues that need help.

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Thank you so much! These are amazing!

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Fantastic work, friend!

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