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Iray Scene For Time Benchmarks



This uses items that came with the DAZ Studio 4.8 Public Beta and the Genesis 2 Female Starter Essentials.  Please make sure you have both installed before attempting to use it.  The "set" is just a primitive cube expanded to a large size and given an Iray shader.  There are many materials here that are refractive, emissive, reflective, or use subsurface scattering.  They're based on DAZ's included Iray shaders, though I have tweaked the colors more toward the blue end to avoid loudly clashing green and red things in the scene.

I've tweaked the materials on the outfit as well, and added translucency to let light show through, but it's still using only the textures that were included.

If using CPU only or older cards, delete sphere 8 and sphere 9 (the two blue ones to G2F's left and right).  They have strong SSS in their materials, and Iray is lagged by SSS where it is not lagged by reflection or refraction.


My time benchmarks for a 400x520 (small) image size at the included render settings:

CPU only 1st machine (Intel Core i7-5930K 3.5 GhZ, 6 cores):  16 minutes to reach 90%,  22 minutes total

CPU only 2nd machine (Intel Core i7-4700MQ 2.40 GzZ, 4 cores): 27 minutes 47 seconds to reach 90%, 1 hour 22 minutes total

CPU only 2nd machine (Intel Core i7-4700MQ 2.40 GhZ, 4 cores) on modified scene without spheres 8 and 9: 14 minutes to reach 95%

GPUs only 1st machine (Nvidia GTX 980 x2, GTX 740 x2, all 4gb cards): 3 minutes 30 seconds

(I haven't yet tracked down drivers for Machine 2's GPU that will work with Iray in Windows 7, so I was unable to test that single GPU with it as of yet.)
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DAZ 4.12Pro

CPU: i7-10700

GPU: RTX 2070

Time to 5000 iterations 1min52.49sec, GPU only.

Thanks for all the things you share.