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A Reminder on Autofitting Shoes to Genesis 2 or 3

Important update: the method required for fitting V4 shoes to G3F is slightly different. I've made changes in bold text.  Special thanks to jerife for pointing this out.

This is what you do to get them fitting better, as in the picture, rather than constantly having the foot clip through.  I haven't fixed the shaders and most of these didn't come with DS mats, which is why they are shown untextured or with bad specularity.

You need the V4 clone for G2F to convert V4 shoes.  Get it here:…

You need the V4 and G1 clones for G3F to convert V4 and G1 shoes to G3F.  Get that set here.…

The Genesis clone is included with G2F Starter Essentials for free.

1.  Load your pair of shoes.  If Fitting to G3 now skip to Step 5.  Do not Autofit.  Convert to weight mapping using the scene tab's Edit-Rigging-Convert Figure To Weight Mapping if the shoes are V4 or M4.
2.  Autofit to G2F.  Choose the appropriate clone, V4, Genesis or Genesis 2 Female, and Footwear or Full Body (depending on if very high boots).
Do not do this step if fitting to G3.  Skip to Step 5.
3.  It autofits.  The feet probably poke through or appear at an odd angle if it's a high-heeled shoe.
4.  Unconform the shoes (fit to--none) but leave them in the scene.
5.  Pose the feet of G2F or G3F to fit inside the unconformed shoes.  Move the thighs if you have to, do whatever it takes.
6.  Now go to the scene tab and click on the name of G2F or G3F.  HOLD DOWN CONTROL, then click the shoes.  THEY MUST BOTH BE SELECTED BUT G2F/G3F MUST BE SELECTED FIRST.
7.  Click on the small Options button on the upper right of the scene tab and choose Edit--Rigging--Transfer Rigging (figure space).
8.  Now conform the shoes to G2F or G3F again.  They now should fit properly. 
If they don't fit properly on G3F after autofit - which they may not, owing to the shape of the V4 clone's feet - you will need to repeat the unconform-pose foot-transfer rigging step.  Then it will work.
9.  Not mandatory, but adding smoothing and collision through edit--geometry--add smoothing modifier can also help.  Set it to generic instead of match base shape if you have issues.  Edit--apply push modifier sometimes works better if smoothing causes distortion (set it down to .1 or so instead of the 1.0 it loads at).  V4 clothes were not made to work with smoothing and sometimes their geometry will fight you.

You still need to keep the feet posed in an "inside high heels" pose to work properly (you can't literally straighten your foot while wearing stilettos, so it doesn't really make sense for the figure to either), so it's a good idea to save some foot poses to library while you're working to save yourself time.

In my testing I was able to save the shoes to my G2F clothing library at this point as well and have them reload without having to redo this process.  It didn't perfectly preserve the giant heel on Bootleggers, but on anything smaller it works quite well (and it still did better with Bootleggers than my own SRMS does fitting them to Genesis).

This technique was originally pioneered by Gilikshe of the DAZ Studio forums, who originally gave me permission to use it in a manual on fitting G2F shoes to Genesis.  It works with many things.
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I need help making this work for Genesis 3. I followed the steps but I'm getting the same problem as if I would if I never used these steps. When trying to convert heels the feet pops out of the shoes.