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A Reminder on Autofitting Shoes to Genesis 2 or 3

Important update: the method required for fitting V4 shoes to G3F is slightly different. I've made changes in bold text.  Special thanks to jerife for pointing this out.

This is what you do to get them fitting better, as in the picture, rather than constantly having the foot clip through.  I haven't fixed the shaders and most of these didn't come with DS mats, which is why they are shown untextured or with bad specularity.

You need the V4 clone for G2F to convert V4 shoes.  Get it here:…

You need the V4 and G1 clones for G3F to convert V4 and G1 shoes to G3F.  Get that set here.…

The Genesis clone is included with G2F Starter Essentials for free.

1.  Load your pair of shoes.  If Fitting to G3 now skip to Step 5.  Do not Autofit.  Convert to weight mapping using the scene tab's Edit-Rigging-Convert Figure To Weight Mapping if the shoes are V4 or M4.
2.  Autofit to G2F.  Choose the appropriate clone, V4, Genesis or Genesis 2 Female, and Footwear or Full Body (depending on if very high boots).
Do not do this step if fitting to G3.  Skip to Step 5.
3.  It autofits.  The feet probably poke through or appear at an odd angle if it's a high-heeled shoe.
4.  Unconform the shoes (fit to--none) but leave them in the scene.
5.  Pose the feet of G2F or G3F to fit inside the unconformed shoes.  Move the thighs if you have to, do whatever it takes.
6.  Now go to the scene tab and click on the name of G2F or G3F.  HOLD DOWN CONTROL, then click the shoes.  THEY MUST BOTH BE SELECTED BUT G2F/G3F MUST BE SELECTED FIRST.
7.  Click on the small Options button on the upper right of the scene tab and choose Edit--Rigging--Transfer Rigging (figure space).
8.  Now conform the shoes to G2F or G3F again.  They now should fit properly. 
If they don't fit properly on G3F after autofit - which they may not, owing to the shape of the V4 clone's feet - you will need to repeat the unconform-pose foot-transfer rigging step.  Then it will work.
9.  Not mandatory, but adding smoothing and collision through edit--geometry--add smoothing modifier can also help.  Set it to generic instead of match base shape if you have issues.  Edit--apply push modifier sometimes works better if smoothing causes distortion (set it down to .1 or so instead of the 1.0 it loads at).  V4 clothes were not made to work with smoothing and sometimes their geometry will fight you.

You still need to keep the feet posed in an "inside high heels" pose to work properly (you can't literally straighten your foot while wearing stilettos, so it doesn't really make sense for the figure to either), so it's a good idea to save some foot poses to library while you're working to save yourself time.

In my testing I was able to save the shoes to my G2F clothing library at this point as well and have them reload without having to redo this process.  It didn't perfectly preserve the giant heel on Bootleggers, but on anything smaller it works quite well (and it still did better with Bootleggers than my own SRMS does fitting them to Genesis).

This technique was originally pioneered by Gilikshe of the DAZ Studio forums, who originally gave me permission to use it in a manual on fitting G2F shoes to Genesis.  It works with many things.
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I need help making this work for Genesis 3. I followed the steps but I'm getting the same problem as if I would if I never used these steps. When trying to convert heels the feet pops out of the shoes.

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You're most of the way there! As it says in Step 8, you need to unconform (leave G3's feet posed), transfer rigging/figure space again, and reconform.

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So....? You're saying after I do all that I did.... I need to unfit (Fit to "None") the boots from the Genesis 3 and do the step all over again?

Forgive the way I'm trying to follow it but conforming isn't usually how I apply the clothes even though that's most likely the correct way of saying it. I'm going by the words what show up in my context menus

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Yes. Unfit to none, transfer rigging from G3, refit. Somehow that step did not go through earlier on. You should also convert the boots to General, not TriAx, weight mapping in future, if you're working with G3.

The reason is that Genesis 1 and 2 are TriAx figures and 3/8/8.1 are General weight maps.

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Follow Up... I think I got it to work correctly this time. I hope you don't mind I posted the steps you made into a tutorial on YouTube for Genesis 3. Please see it here:

My only question? Is there any why to smooth the bottom soles of the shoe so it doesn't look all crinkly?

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I don't mind. Hopefully it helps people. :)

Unfortunately there's not a great way to do that without just cranking up the smoothing iterations. V4 has a different foot posture than G3 (she loads in flat-footed, but when zeroed her toes point down).

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Cool. Some step by step tutorial can be daunting when you don't get all the terms. That's why I try to make a video so I don't have to go back and follow the steps when I need to do it all over again in the far future.

MarkSinister's avatar

Ahh... I was wonder about that TriAx thing. Thanks!

Method of Converting V4 Shoes to G8F using DAZ 3D - 4.1x and Blender 2.8x or higher:

Thru a great amount of reading, research and trial and error, if have found that it is very difficult MOST of the time to get a V4 shoe converted to G8F.

I also find that trying to getting a PERFECT FIT of V4 to G8F shoe to be a very tedious and time consuming process.

Be aware that an exact fit may not be possible depending on the V4 shoe item that you are trying to convert.

I convert the GV Pumps for V4 to G8F

Try these steps below to Convert and Fit a V4 shoe to G8F

0) Launch DAZ and Blender applications

1) Load your desired V4 shoe to convert into DAZ Scene

2) Select the V4 shoes in the DAZ Scene and OBJ export them using the DAZ format

3) Jump to Blender and import the above shoes OBJ

4) In Object Mode, select the shoes, then hit Tab to use Edit Mode

5) Next, double tab A key so nothing is selected in Blender - (no parts of mesh or objects are highlighted)

6) Hit the Select Vertices and Wireframe Viewport Shading buttons

7) Hit the B key and draw a box around one of the shoes - (i always remove the left shoe)

8) Hit the X key and select Vertices to remove the selected shoe vertices

9) Tab to re-enter Object Mode, then select the remaining shoe

10) Export to OBJ V4_Shoe2, with options = (Selection Only|Objects ad OBJ Groups|Material Group|Keep Vertex in Order)

11) Move back to DAZ and import the above OBJ you just created

12) Now you must reposition the shoe and G8F so her foot fits the shoe (requires OBJ adjustment of transforms including scale)

13) For G8F, you typically will never change scale, except maybe for Toe if they are hidden in the shoe.

14) Once G8F foot is inside the shoe as closely as possible, hide G8F and export the shoe to V4_Shoe3 OBJ

15) Next, apply all of the Transforms you made to the foot to the opposite foot, then save Scene as Convert_NameOfYourShoes

16) Next, hide the shoe and export G8F to OBJ

17) Move back to Blender and Import the two items G8F and V4_Shoe3 you just created

18) Use Proportional Edit Tool to fix poke-thru as best as you can

19) In Object Mode, add a [Mirror Modifier] and apply it to create a matching opposite shoe

20) Export the shoes to V4_Shoes4 OBJ using same options in step 10 above

21) Move to DAZ and import the V4_Shoes4 OBJ in DAZ Format

22) If the G8F Foot Transforms where correctly applied to both sides of the G8F model, the imported shoes should appear to fit nearly exactly

23) Select only the shoes and run the Transfer Utility from G8F to the shoes, and ensure you uncheck the [Parent To] and to check both [Fit To and Add Smoothing Modifier]

25) Next, select G8F in the Scene 1st, then Control-Select the the V4_Shoe4 figure

26) Run the [Transfer Rigging (figure space)] function

27) The shoes should now closely match and are [Fitted] to G8F

28) Next, select the shoes only and activate the Parameters Tab

29) In Mesh Smoothing Properties, turn on the Interactive Update and adjust Smoothing and Collision for best results

30) Next select the Hidden Properties and adjust the pJCMFootDwn_L and pJCMFootDwn_R for best results length adjustment to the Converted V4 shoes

31) With above adjustments done, and when [best possible results] have been achieved, you should save your DAZ Scene one more time

32) To complete this process, you will 1st create a foot pose [Pose Preset] from the G8F in your scene, and then a [Support Asset/Figure/Prop Asset] of the shoes

33) Update the [Scene ID info, including setting its Compatibility and Preferred Base] options to G8 Female. IMPORTANT - Be sure to UnFit the shoes before you perform/create the Support Asset save

34) You can now load the saved Support Asset - [Converted V4 Shoes] onto near any G8F figure

35) Apply the Pose Preset you created for the shoes AFTER you apply or set the desired figure pose for your scene


You can also adjust the other pJCM's at the Hidden Properties Step(30) above to try to improve the Shoe fit also

V4 Digital Creations - GV Pumps for G8F
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Thanks so much for this great tutorial.

I have converted a bunch of high heeled boots to G8F. I noticed that the toe tip and heel box are often distorted. Smoothing with the node weight brush tool sometimes helped. But often there would still be an unsightly distortion. Turning off the pJCM's for toes and feet can be a big benefit. DX30's highboots5 for instance wound up with a weird toe wrinkle. Setting the pJCMToesUp_60 to zero fixed the problem. I then locked the parameter to make sure it stayed at 0 while posing the figure.

MarkSinister's avatar

You should make a Video Tutorial.

SickleYield's avatar

I'm glad you found a solution that worked for you! That's always a downside with conversions, you tend to lose the original creator's solutions to these issues (like dummy JCMs for the old figure or the like).

Thanks for the great tutorials. I am a beginner but was wondering, if I were to convert some old shoes for V3 to V4, would that be even possible? sorry for the noob question :)

SickleYield's avatar

Hi! Probably not, as those are for generations that came out before autofit and are not weight mapped. The destination figure has to be Genesis or later for it to work, usually.

Dear SickleYield,

Thanks for the great tutorial! I want to fit G2F sandals to G3F, but after fitting I realized an ankle strap issue (see in the pictures below). What should I improve?

Thanks a lot!

Sandal-nofit by AndreaPrk83   Sandal-fit by AndreaPrk83  
SickleYield's avatar
If there are no helper morphs in the strap, I'm not sure there's a lot to be done.  Mesh offset and smoothing may help a little, but when it's this much clipping they map look wrong.
Nicklaos's avatar
I'm converting few boots for V4 right now,I have understood quite well all the steps but I have just one question,is there a way to prevent that the fitted feet area gets deformed because it get too much the shape of the feet?
I mean,I wish that they keep the original form because before fitting they look good and the feet is not poking through but after the fit they become almost like socks,and I'm not even applying smoothing.
SickleYield's avatar
If I understand you correctly, what you do is to pose the feet into high heels pose (foot bent down, toes bent somewhat up) to restore the shoes to the shape that they should be.
Nicklaos's avatar
Yes but there's always deformation because the shoe part takes too much the shape of the foot,it almost takes the shape of the toes.
SickleYield's avatar
I'm not understanding what you mean. Can you put a pic in yiur Stash hee and link it?
Nicklaos's avatar
Hi sorry I'm late with the pictures of the issue but I didn't have the time to work again on this lately.
Here's the link stash
First picture the boots spawned and not fitted,they come with that position,second picture the result of following you guide,they looks fairly good,no push modifier or smoothing applyed.
The disaster comes in the third picture when I move the G3 foot into high heel position and the boot follow the pose but with this bad deformation loosing the shape.

SickleYield's avatar
I can't completely tell looking at the pic, but I'm afraid in this case there may be no help but smoothing.  There's always some distortion converting between generations.
Nicklaos's avatar
I think that in this case the problem is that these boots come in that weird pose instead of a proper "high heels" pose.
Other boots in fact have less distorion.
Genesis 3 isn't so lucky when searching for free footwear.
Nicklaos's avatar
Sure,I'll do few examples.
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