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I make props, conformers and utilities for Daz3d figures! Sorry, I am unable to accept commissions.

I also sell at ShareCG:



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Suspiria (both versions), Return of the Living Dead, Soldier
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Mystery Science Theater 3000
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I like a lot of alternative, some oldies and classical, the odd pop song.
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Chanur Saga, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, LOTR, After De'shea
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Cherryh, Tolkien, Bujold, Abnett, Farrer
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Morrowind, Oblivion, Doom 2016, Minecraft
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Blender, the GIMP, Substance Painter, Zbrush, 3d Coat, Flame Painter
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Ballroom dancing, fantasy and sci movies, horror movies old and new, painting miniatures, watching reviews of media on YouTube, Unreal Engine
User @DigitalHallucination had some interesting comments and questions about shaders under the old Iray Surfaces tutorial from 2015. That led to some experimentation with shaders this morning, the results of which I will share now. Please, please feel free to comment and debate. I think this is an issue of interest to more or less all of us. I commented offhand that I didn't think the PBRSkin shader was an improvement, but that the maps in use were what made the difference, and DH disagreed with this and provided some comparison renders using Alexandra 8. They definitely looked definitive, so I decided to run my own tests. At first I tried it with base G8F, but that wasn't an apples to apples comparison because G8F originally uses the old glossiness method, so she's going to look worse compared to any shader that uses the new spec. So, like DH, I went to Alexandra. In this case I used the default lighting with the camera headlamp turned off, Subd1, Alexandra 8 at 100%, and the
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Fast Fog and Atmosphere Iray is out!
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RSSY Clothing Converter G8-G9 is out!
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Hello Sickleyield ! I'm a lover of your DAZ products, and I just discovered you were into Morrowind and Oblivion too ! May I ask if you were a modder for thise ? I may have used some of your mods when I was playing (and modding) those a lot :)

It's been years now, and my work on those Oblivion mods is embarrassing (I was learning to model/texture and my results were bad). But yes, SickleYield was my modding handle. There's still a profile with that name on Nexus with my old Araachnalian and Undead races and a bunch of conversions I did for the Fantasy Figures body mod because I couldn't pick a winner to save my life (I use HGEC in games now like everyone does, but hey, at least I was right about good old Robert's).

I also had some very cringe views about what constitutes appropriate armor and clothing in my 20s that I really regret now as a 41 year old. I have content in my store that 24 year old me would lynch me for lol.

The best thing about those days is that modding helped keep me sane at a bad job, and it also introduced me to Pendraia, Alienslof, and other lovely people, who were ultimately the cause of me getting into Daz Studio as a career. It also introduced me to what absolute bellends some people could be about mods with anything even mildly sexy for men in them, so when I received negative feedback on Daz projects it was often mild by comparison. The nastiest people have been here on dA, but even then it's usually not that bad.

Where any sexy male thing in a mod caused a bunch of assholes to call me gay as an insult (it was MUCH worse for Alienslof), in DS/Iray I have GSM coworkers and customers and always have, and that attitude is largely not tolerated in these spaces. I wasn't out as queer back then and am still figuring out the whole "definitely asexual/aegosexual, might be a bit genderfluid" thing now, but then as now I was a cis female who liked male content more, so people calling me gay was if anything kind of silly.

Sorry for the wall of text answer haha! It's been quite a journey. Sometimes I miss the old CanadianIce & Howndog modding forums. It was a safe place for me for a long time.

CanadianIce had the best mods ! The big house and also the quest (Andromache I think) that started with Heavy Metal store at Dagon Fel :) I didn't go to forums much at this time because I wasn't sure enough of my english skills :)

Also I never really could agree with myself for chosing a body in Oblivion :DAlso Alienslof's shops are the only thing that made me try a male character on Morro ^^ I didn't know Alienslof was on DAZ as well !

I understand what you mean, video games and especially the ones where I can create a character (usually MY character, she went in almost every fantasy game now ha ha) and try outfits and stuff, are a great help for me as a very anxious person. There are somewhat lifesavers for my sanity.

I'm female, and cis with an ace tendancy (or is it the other way round ? Can't be sure !) and I love putting sexy stuff on my female character for some reason so I usually pass for male or lesbian online x)

But yeah, people can be very agressive or mean on here, I hope now you don't meet this kind of behaviour too much? On DAZ They do seem more open and chilling.

Thanks for the answer ! It is nice to be able to chat with one of my fav content creator !

Ps : I'm 40 so we're very close in age too :)

Thank you for being open about the process of character creation. Your tuts and advice has been invaluable!

You are the best!

Thank you for your tutorial: Creating Clothing Morphs With Blender and Daz Studio on YouTube, it helped me a lot.

If you are interested in my puppets and the content of my videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel


I am very much a fan of all the content components and conformers you create for DAZ3D. Just wanted to say thank you.