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Titan steam hovertrain

Hi guys here's my latest piece! Zbrush + Keyshot + Photoshop.
Check out the process here:… [scroll down for wips]
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Wow! Love the colour combinations. Great artwork

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Off the ground...
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Like the lighting and comp, pro work.
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crazy stuff man :O 
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Wow, its amazing!!
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How much does a ticket cost? Does it have dining cart? Smoking room? I want to go on it! 
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I'm really stunned and freaked out
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looks fantastic! O_o
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I want the Lightning Rail in Eberron to look like this now.

I want Wizards of the Coast to reboot the Eberron setting, and I want them to hire you to do all the artwork.
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My favorite part of the picture is the magnetic lodestones getting lifted up.
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This is utterly awesome in every way!😎
really good and atmospheric, a mix of cast iron and Tesla.
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Thats amazing! :D
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How do you even make this stuff D: ? its so beautiful :'(
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Nice peice great design
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Very impressive. Beautifully done!
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Where we're goingwe don't need roads.
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This is like a mixture of steampunk and sci-fi. Really cool.
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wooooooooooow!! :omg: :heart: ^^
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