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Cabin in the woods

By Sickbrush
Screencap study, cabin in the woods, 2 hours.
Trying to get back to doing these, very very usefullllll!!
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HELL LORD !!!!!!!!!
YAY !!!!!!
Pyratesque's avatar
Why did I not see this earlier? I love this guy from the movie! You did an awesome rendition! I love it~
Sickbrush's avatar
hey thanks very much!
Pyratesque's avatar
you are very welcome!
Halowing's avatar
Great job!!
Serioulsy who is this guy!! I want to learn about him
JealousMilk's avatar
Its Fornicus lordof bondage and pain :) my favorite character in cabin in the woods. ( He is damn sexy *-*)
DeveryConlon's avatar
omg i love this so much
M60-Carnifex's avatar
M60-Carnifex's avatar
Do you even know this character's name? It's bloody hilarious.
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i don't but i'd love to..!
M60-Carnifex's avatar
Fornicus, Lord of Pain.
as in Fornicate.
schnurp's avatar
thats a cool name for this character! i would have loved to see him being summoned! it would be so awesome if there were different versions of this movie with different monsters :D
M60-Carnifex's avatar
I love the movie, and i just wish i could see more of monsters like Fornicus, the Killbot and the Giant snake.
schnurp's avatar
let's ask joss whedon if that wouldn't be a great idea for a sequel :D
M60-Carnifex's avatar
but didn't the world end?
Fried-Ricer-Man's avatar
I have a theory, the gods (old ones) might have been just more monsters that the organization controls, I think that the organization is like the SCP only they release there monsters onto people for fun or for some kind of religous "Yin and Yang" purpose, obviously they would know how to stop these gods from destroying the whole world but I think it's a interesting theory either way, Cabin in the Woods is like the answer to all horror films, ever since 1921 where the first horror films was fabricated (which it's said to be The Cabinet of Dr.Calvigar)the organization has been collecting, containing and releasing trillions of monsters and psychos for pleasure because the organization themselves represent the horror hounds and there love of seeing said monsters kill the characters and terrify the audience (again theory).
schnurp's avatar
yep, i mean a sequel as another version with another monster or something.. it would be so cool if there was an option on dvd where you can chose an object in the cellar! (ok i'm daydreaming again)
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great job with shadow/light!:skullbones:
fdasuarez's avatar
so good omg >.> , the lighttttt fml
Starkesven's avatar
I "saw" what you did there ;)
B4DR1CK's avatar
This creature always reminds me on one of the cenobites in "hellraiser". Well, great film and also great painting. Really good speedpainting.
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Yup it definitely reminds me of Pinhead.
muzski's avatar
You caught that powerful stare really well.
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