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Cynder finished  by SicaChii Cynder finished :iconsicachii:SicaChii 4 0 Cynder outlines  by SicaChii Cynder outlines :iconsicachii:SicaChii 4 0 Cynder scetch  by SicaChii Cynder scetch :iconsicachii:SicaChii 2 0 Finding Navi finished  by SicaChii Finding Navi finished :iconsicachii:SicaChii 6 0 Finding Navi Outlines by SicaChii Finding Navi Outlines :iconsicachii:SicaChii 2 0 Finding Navi by SicaChii Finding Navi :iconsicachii:SicaChii 3 0 Ichi/Grimmi collage complete by SicaChii Ichi/Grimmi collage complete :iconsicachii:SicaChii 3 0 Ichi/Grimmi collage  by SicaChii Ichi/Grimmi collage :iconsicachii:SicaChii 4 0 Ichi/Grimmi collage  by SicaChii Ichi/Grimmi collage :iconsicachii:SicaChii 3 0 Ichi/Grimmi Outlines by SicaChii Ichi/Grimmi Outlines :iconsicachii:SicaChii 2 0 Ichi/Grimmi Collage by SicaChii Ichi/Grimmi Collage :iconsicachii:SicaChii 3 0 Ichi/Grimmi Collage  by SicaChii Ichi/Grimmi Collage :iconsicachii:SicaChii 0 0 Ichi/Grimmi Collage by SicaChii Ichi/Grimmi Collage :iconsicachii:SicaChii 4 0 Ichi/Grimmi Collage by SicaChii Ichi/Grimmi Collage :iconsicachii:SicaChii 1 0 WE ARE GROOT! by SicaChii WE ARE GROOT! :iconsicachii:SicaChii 4 0 Ichigo Kurosaki collection complete: finished by SicaChii Ichigo Kurosaki collection complete: finished :iconsicachii:SicaChii 6 0


More than a colleague -- {Levi/F.Reader} request
You sat on your usual wooden uncomfortable chair in the meeting room, one oil lamp on the table of the same material illuminating the papers and books in front of you. It was another autumn night you spent on planning expeditions and dealing with the small budget you had for it. Reports and papers about the last area you explored sprawled before your eyes as you tried to draw a map of the known outside the walls area.
Your job was simple in words. Put together all the information the Scouting Legion gathered on the area outside the walls and draw maps of it. The first draft of the maps was usually done while on the field, as you drew some details of the vegetation and took notice of new plants or animals, if you discovered any. The actual work began once you returned at the base.
The second part of your job was to guess at best the conformation of the next area you had to explore from only the information you had gathered and some old books you found in the library. A big part of the p
:iconizahi:izahi 273 24
A Cat and a Mouse || Kuroo Tetsurou
WARNING: Rated 16+ for slight sexual content.  
It was a simple game, hide from the cat and don't let him catch you. The promise of eternal freedom was tempting enough for you to agree to play. The possibility of being consumed by the beast was ignored by your mind, as the perspective of losing was never put into consider.
Every single time the ringing of the bell could be heard, informing you of the break in your studies, it was when the true battle started. And you were positive with all of your heart that the victory was already yours, as you were the one who mastered the art of sneaking to perfection.
Hiding from the cat wasn't that hard, really. The trick was to be always one step ahead of him, always moving from place to place, never walk alone, and merge with the crowd. The mouse was smaller after all, and it was easier for it to disappear from before everyone's eyes.
And you were proud to say, that you had Fate's favour as not only you weren't in cat's class, which
:iconlilysm:Lilysm 250 19
[Zoro] [Soulmate!AU] Burden | 1
Roronoa Zoro x Reader  [Soulmate!AU]
Soulmate!AU where you experience the pain that your soulmate feels
It wasn't easy being his soulmate. 
He was boorish; horridly uncouth and had a terrible sense of direction. It didn't matter that there was a single straight path in front of him because he'd still get lost and refuse to admit it. None of that bothered you though. If anything, it made him all the more endearing. An intimidating swordsman; first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates, being bested by a map and compass. But ever since he met you, it wasn't a problem he'd often face. Each time the Thousand Sunny anchored at an island and the crew made their way into town, he no longer got lost since you're there, leading him by hand to explore the town. You were the brains to his brawn and, most importantly, his navigator to local bars and alcohol. 
What did make it difficult to be his soulmate was, literally, how painful it could get. 
:iconicyfalls:icyfalls 58 26
2018 JiHun sanke - BD by JiHunLee 2018 JiHun sanke - BD :iconjihunlee:JiHunLee 134 1
SebastianxDemon!Reader His Princess ch 11
His Princess
Chapter Eleven: Humanity
                The Crow never felt as bored as he did at this current moment in time. Humans. Humans were most certainly meant to be kept as food rather than companions. Every person he interviewed that possessed the smallest bit of ability to protect the young master and his manor were either dreadfully stupid or insane beyond compare. The Crow frowned, for he didn’t really expect there to be much of a difference from the actual results. From the moment he disembarked the carriage, he felt that he was going to be parading the streets of London for the next day or so.
                He was currently walking down one of the many alleys in London. Humans he thought to himself. How were they so impossibly useless? All they did was stand, and wor
:iconforevergotenandbra:forevergotenandbra 281 186
Naruto x Reader x Sasuke: Dragon Princess (27)
Back in Konoha
When we finally arrive at Konoha and go through the gates I am immediately engulfed in a tight hug and I hear the person say: "(Y/n)-chan! I'm so happy that you are back! I missed you so much, sweetie!"
"-smiles- -hugs back- I missed you too, Kiki. But can you please stop calling me such things in public?"
"-let go of me- Aww, but I like calling you that. -pouts-"
"-team laughs quietly at the scene-"
"-sighs- But it's embarrassing!"
"But you are my cute little girl, my sweetie and what is embarrassing about the truth?"
"I'm not a cute little girl! I'm a dragon!"
"Sorry Princess, but you aren't a dragon yet. You're a Draki~."
"Not you too, Ifri!"
"It's too much fun to tease you to not do it~."
"Can I at least call you kitty or Draki? A kitten looks cute and innocent but can bite and scratch if needed and a Draki is a dragon kid. -puppy dog eyes-"
"-sighs- Fine!"
"-cheers- YAY!!!"
"I'm sorry to interupt your conversation, Lady Lunakage, but we
:iconserenity93:Serenity93 41 28
Naruto x Reader x Sasuke: Dragon Princess (24)
A/N: Just a little warning: It gets kinda depressing in this part when the reader makes the test from the dragon. If you can't stand it don't read.
Selene, the shadow dragon

I wake up in the morning and see that Sakura is already awake and gets ready. We say 'Good morning' to each other and I get ready myself. We then go into the living-room where everyone else is. Then we notice that Naruto isn't there and Tazuna asks: "Didn't Naruto came back last night?"
"Seems like he climbed on the tree alone the whole night."
"Maybe he already died out of too much chakra loose."
"Don't say such things Sakura-chan! I think he got tired during the training and just fell asleep."
"Could be."
"I worry about him. The whole night alone outside...that's too dangerous for a child..."
"Ah, don't worry about him. He is still a ninja, even if he doesn't look like one."
"Maybe he is really dead....such an idiot."
"Sasuke-kun, not you too! I'm going to look for him! Shi, are you coming with me?"
:iconserenity93:Serenity93 44 16
Singing at a Supernatural Con - Jensen x Reader
Singing at a Supernatural Con - Jensen Ackles x Reader
"And thank you for singing us this amazing song... fan-that-I-forgot-to-ask-your-name!" Misha exclaimed loudly through the mic.
The girl on stage laughed, just like everybody else.
"It's Katie" she said with a giggle.
"Thank you, Katie, then! For your wonderful cover of Carry on my wayward son!" Misha said grinning widely.
The girl muttered a 'thank you' and after a hug from all three actors, she handed them the microphone and left the small stage.
"Sooooo anyone else in for some singing, hm? Anybody?" Misha asked looking around the crowd.
"You should get up and sing" your best friend and roommate, (Y/f/n), said.
"Are you kidding me, (Y/f/n)?! Like hell am I getting up there, next to Jared, Misha and above all Jensen!" you whisper-shouted to her.
"Oh come on, you know that you can rock any song you chose!" she tried to persuade you.
"Nuh-huh! Forget it, I'm not going up there!" you said matter-of-factly.
(Y/f/n) huffed and r
:iconangelmewmew:angelmewmew 211 65
Mature content
Sparks Fly - Byakuya Kuchiki Lemon :iconshadowtheduelist:ShadowtheDuelist 101 31
Emotions Challenge: Fear [Ichigo Kurosaki]
Fear; also known as the emotion induced by a perceived threat that provokes a change in our behavior, such as running away, hiding or even freezing in the spot. Everyone is afraid of something, and some people learn to face these threats. However, there is a high percent of the population who is unable to fight against them.
You were one of them. You were completely and utterly afraid of thunderstorms; to the point that your body would have a response similar to paralysis. Your hands would become sweaty, and your eyes
wouldn't stop moving around; taking in everything around you that could mean danger.
Your heart skipped a beat before it started hammering furiously against its cage as another thunder broke in the sky. You had been watching a movie when the storm had unleashed above you, and by now the credits announcing the end of the film rolled down the screen at a painfully slow pace. Your eyes followed the words, but the lack of light in them gave away the truth--you were b
:iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 24 3
Rin by Harukagi Rin :iconharukagi:Harukagi 420 25
The Noble Stranger ~Sabo x Reader~ (Part 17)
Sabo glanced at [Name]'s sleeping form on the large velvet bed that stood against the corner of the large bedroom; where he slump on a golden chair against the other side. He examined the room in be wonderment and confusion. It was well-kept, no sight of dust or spider webs. Not to mention the high quality furniture that were over a thousand dollars that shined beautifully.
Basically, all the rooms of the castle he had seen so far were all well-kept as if people have been taking care of it for the past hour.  It caused him to raise in suspicion once he entered the place with a crying [Name] in his arms. Sabo sighed as he recalled what had happened a few hours before.  
Never had he seen [Name] like that. She cried as if he was dead. How he knew this was the utter cries and whispers she said on top of the mountain until she passed out cold. From there, Sabo had to bring her back home of course, but he felt fear inside himself if he got lost within the caves. So obviously he to
:iconlittledreamer101:LittleDreamer101 61 20
My Light: Jack FrostXGuardian Reader Final Chapter
He flew fast in the direction of Jamie’s house and landed on the roof of his house, taking in a few deep breaths.
“Whew. Oh man, I’ve never flown so fast in my life.” He looked down at (y/n), she was really still.
“(y/n)?” he said, carefully laying her down on the roof. He pressed his ear against her chest, the very faint sound of her heart gave him relief, and more relief came to him when she slowly opened her eyes halfway, the golden in them was almost completely gone.
“Ja . . .ck?” she forced out. He took her hand in his and held it close.
“Yes (y/n), I’m here.”
“I feel . . . so . . . weak . . . .”
“Don’t worry (y/n), everything’s gonna be ok, I promise,” Jack mustered up all of his strength to keep himself from crying. (y/n) gave him a weak smile, “Jack . . . . Jamie . . please . . . make sure he . . . doesn’t stop . . . believing . . .”
“Hey, didn’t y
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 324 111
ROTG Fanfic: Simply Introverted: Chapter 41
Chapter 41
"Oh, Come on!!!!" You slumped, this time definitely feeling emotions. "I just got back. Can't you spare like... five minutes so I can get used to this?"
"Let me think...." Pitch brought up his index finger to his chin, then he smirked and exclaimed, "Nope!"
"... Brat." Your eyelids dropped lazily.
"What did you call me?"
"I said 'brat', but I should've said 'deaf brat,' apparently." You shrugged.
"You little-" He cut himself off to lunge towards you.
You jumped, fire coming out of your feet like a jet pack. You used this to flip over Pitch, and kick him in his back, he fell to the ground.
You knew this was a serious moment, but you squealed excitedly. "Ahahhahahahahhahaha. I can control my powers. Uh - huh. It's my birthday.. uh huh. Uh huh-" You stopped dancing when you saw Jack laughing at you, amused. Some glances (okay. mostly Tyler's) were a little weirded out. But, you didn't pay attention to those.
You reddened, and jabbed Jack in the ribs. "Ow." was all he said.
:iconfictionlover987:FictionLover987 2 4
ROTG Fanfic: Simply Introverted Chapter 13
Chapter 13
Luke and you had actually become quite good friends. It was fun having someone your age to hang out with. Mrs. Hudson sometimes asked you, privately, if you and Jack broke up. Every time she asked you turned a deep red, and, looking away, said that you two were never dating. And you assured her that Luke and you weren't dating either. At all.
Then you went upstairs to join Luke and the children, mostly making them get off him so he could breathe. He laughed, saying, "Nah nah. It's fine!"
You would always smile, trying to ignore the pain inside. You were really starting to miss Jack. It was almost four weeks now.
When would he come back? Was it just a dream? Are Jack, North, and the others really just make-believe?
You shook your head inwardly. No. They existed. You knew it.
Still.... They were gone for a long time.
Grumpy Gils also came by often. Sometimes just for lunch, or a "quick game" which often lasted for quite a bit longer than he anticipated. Thankfully, he only cam
:iconfictionlover987:FictionLover987 7 12
White Wolf by Kay-Ra White Wolf :iconkay-ra:Kay-Ra 12,142 309



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The Name's Sica i live in Germany, Cologne and i'm 21 years old.

I'm a nursary school teacher in training and love that job! ^-^

My hobbies include drawing, reading, writing and dancing :)

I'm a hobby author and currently writing at my first novel, i'm also writing poems wich i am publishing on diffrent media.

My english is not the best so, sorry! :D

I'm also a massiv fan of various animes, mangas and all that stuff, i'm also regularly going on conventions and i'm cosplaying. :D

My favourite Anime is One Piece followed by, Bleach, Naruto, Dbz and Digimon.

I also love japanese music especially J-Rock and J-Pop and all anime stuff :D.

So that's all from me *wave* bye~ ^-^


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