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Enter The Matrix

This one was really tough to make! First you had to put all the strange letters and numbers, add many many layers and effects, including layer masks. This one was heavy to make.
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This is very nice looking... Looks like the one I saw on Facebook I saw for a Facebook page or something like that... I'd love to have something like this, but waaay bigger in size, that could be used as an actual wallpaper in a room... The text I'd move up a bit, and then I'd have a picture cut out of morphius holding the pills out, set below, as well as another set of digital rain without text, that flows into the other digital rain, on both sides, for IDK, a picture of trinity on the one wall to the right side and neo on the wall to the left, again, on a backdrop of matrix digital rain code... If I could find 3 photos that were approximately the same looking code, accentuating the characters in question, I could probably make it work, but that's proving to be kinda on the hard side, since everyone takes at least a slightly different style to their digital rain code, and some, a VERY different style... Again, good picture, and I might appropriate that stylized text "enter the matrix", (if you don't mind), should I find something that speaks to me, as if it's close enough to what I'm looking for...