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// Commission info + Order form: //


By commissioning me, you agree to the following terms of service:

1. Accepted payment: PayPal or Kenyan payment services such as M-Pesa only.Prices may vary due to difficulty and complexity for each commission. Digital art only (for now)

2.You should have at least 1 reference pic(or a ref sheet) of what you would like for convenience.Payment must be made upfront before I start the commission. This also lets you book/secure your slot or claim an adopt. I'm also open to payment plans.

3. You can ask for updates/WIPs at each stage(sketching, lineart, colouring). No major changes will be made after each stage.

4. These commissions are for personal use only and not to be used commercially in any way. If you're a business or need artwork for commercial use, please get in touch with me about your exciting project. Do not resell it as a singular piece(must be resold with other pieces as in adoptable resells) and not for more than than what the piece was commissioned. Do not change/draw/color over the pieces/sketches or alter them in any way. This includes converting the piece into a Non FUngible Token(NFT). Do not claim that the piece was designed or made by you. 5. I reserve the right to decline any commission I feel I can't fulfill.

5. Refunds: I have the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission at any time.If you have recieved your lineart WIP, you may not ask for a refund following that point. If you have recieved your sketch WIP, you will only get a partial refund(50% of the order). I do not accept refunds once art is completed, due to the WIP process to ensure customers satisfaction).

6. I can use the drawing to promote myself. But I'm also open to keeping your commission private if you wish.

7. Credit to me must be made to me at least once in a visible place when posting the commissioned piece on social media(by posting the watermarked image, adding a name or with a link to social media.

8. These terms are subject to change.

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