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BushcraftOnFireProfessional Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday.. Hope it's terrific!
Sibu-SabuHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you so much!! I always see these too late, but I appreciate seeing them! I hope you're doing well!

BushcraftOnFireProfessional Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday...hope it's great!
Hey, how are things going my friend?
Sibu-SabuHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey!! How are you doing! It's been ages since we last talked hhh <333

But I'm doing alright! I'm starting my senior year of high school in a few weeks (so not ready for that, but I'll make it through somehow!) I've sort of been looking into stuff for college, but right now I've just been kinda enjoying my summer and drawing and playing the Sims 4 (Which honestly I've been obsessed with since I got the game back in january) But I've been just kinda relaxing at home for the time being, studying the driver's manual sometimes, but mostly just drawing and watching Sims Let's Plays. I'm actually considering becoming more active on DA again, and maybbbee posting my art online again (I stopped a long while ago because I was getting somewhat lazy/uninterested in posting online, plus a lot of the time I'm just sketching and not making finished pieces. 

But what have you been up to? :3 I Saw that Art VS. the Artist you posted, you're looking as cute as ever!! <3 <3
Yeah it has been such a long time <333 But I'm barely online anymore these days so I'm sorry for the late response ;^:

ah I'm sure you'll make it <33 School is rough but you've made the other years so you can totally make it this year too.
And yes, you gotta make sure to enjoy your summer vacation :D 

xD it's always nice to go back to the games you always used to enjoy, it gives such happy feelings :D

But I feel you, I kinda lost interest into posting stuff here since some people were also pretty adamant on taking my stuff and then slightly changing it and slapping their name on it. I guess you can do anything if you have a lot of followers eh.

I'm super interested into seeing your art again though <333 I missed youuu 

Naww thank you<333 I was super nervous to post that Art Vs the Artist though, but I'm happy to see several people like my face xD
Sibu-SabuHobbyist Digital Artist
It's okay! I'm usually online, but I'll just watch videos or go on pinterest lately, I haven't really been super active online. 

Aww thanks <33 And I will, I have like 2 weeks of summer left, I'm making the most of it!

Art theft is the absolute worst, I haven't personally experienced that  but I've had lots of friend where that's happened, and I've seen several different cases of it before, and I can't imagine how frustrating that must've been for you. And yeah, people with a lot of followers do tend to get away with a lot more than like, smaller artists, but I guess there isn't much we can do about that. 

hhh! I've missed you too! When I saw all the art you've posted it made me smile! And you've improved too (Totally envious of your line work, it's A+ and don't even get me started on how gorgeous your coloring is!) and I'm going to try to utilize the mobile app more and post some of my sketches (I haven't really done many finished pieces in the last few years tbh) 

alkdfjlasdf I was considering doing an art vs the artist, but I'm not quite ready to have my face on the interwebs lol, but maybe one day I will do one! And you are absolutely gorgeous!! I'm glad that you've been getting compliments <3