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Hey hey everypony!

So we finally welcome back season 3 of MLP!  I'm very excited for this season to unfold, and I hope that all of you are avoiding all the spoilers and commercials like you should be!
Next week, my first episode of season 3 airs, "Too Many Pinkie Pies." I had a blast working on this episode with my amazing board partner Dave. I have never gotten to do a full-on Pinkie Pie episode, so this was definitely a fun one for me.

Looking forward to seeing more fan content, I'm always amazed at all the talent out there!

Hope ya'll enjoy!

Sibsy :)
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Definitely best episode of Season 3 and one of the best of entire series, can't decide if best episode ever but I'll enjoy re-watching it at any time, that's for sure.
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"Too Many Pinkie Pies" will always be one of my absolute favorite episodes.
I think it revealed a lot about Pinkie's character. There's more to her than just randomness.
I have seen have touched on the topic of an alternate(?) ending:
What if, in the climax of the episode, the remaining Pinkie was just one of the clones? [link] [link] With the situation, there was a high risk of that happening.
However, I am positive that the true Pinkie passed the test because...she never lets her friends down. Twilight and the others knew that. They had faith in the her willpower.
And if her willpower is strong enough to allow her to regularly defy physics, then it's got to be strong enough for her to concentrate on paint drying for hours.
Also, even though the entire legion of clones were exactly like the original, I saw one important thing that seperated them from the real Pinkie Pie: her memories. The clones shared her appearance and her instincts, but not her memories and the attachments that came with them. Her bonds made her determined.
So, I think there was an unspoken lesson of friendship in the episode:
Have faith in your friends, and never give up on them. Even when they've started giving up on themselves.
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... so portraits of Mane 6 show by Pinkie in this scene, ( [link] ) come from your storyboard? :D
Many credit it to your drawing style. :D
Sibsy's avatar wasn't me.
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I'm surprise, it's resembles very much your sketches! :)
You did great with the episode!
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It was a great episode! The visual gags were hilarious, and the G3 face had me in stitches for a while. :XD:
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Amazing work on the pinkie pie episode sib!!
So funny, I laughed so many times it was ridiculous! Can't wait for the next episode, so glad MLP is back, I had terrible withdrawals!
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The episode was amazing! And the little jokes you guys put in were awesome and hilarious. Keep up the awesome work you guys, I can't wait to see episode four :D
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This ep has spawned so many fun drawings, games and conversations. Thanks for bringing the magic! :heart:
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Warning: WAAAAAAAY-too-long-because-I-can't-shut-up-text-wall alert. Sorry Sibsy, gunna spam up your comments! =P

So, you asked what we think of the episode, and...I'm sorry to say…I HATED it. :iconverynotimpressedplz:

Kidding, kidding! TOTALLY kidding! :iconpinkieisexcitedplz: Any cynics who thought season 3 wasn’t going to be good (luckily, I don’t think there were many) have now been proven wrong 3 times over (although cynics will be cynics…). Unsurprisingly, I loved it, and since I said I’d try to offer any constructive criticism I could think of, here goes…sorry about the text-spam.

Maybe you board artists don't have as much legroom as you would on a storyboard-driven episode, but what you do with the room you have...HOLY guacamole. I'm still trying to take in all the visual gags, poses, tricks, etc, that the episode was so chock full of. Some great visual stuff that I can think of off the top of my head: Pinkie's out-of-breath expressions (Pinkie's EXPRESSIONS - amazingly I suffered only minor lasting lung damage from laughing so hard) , Pinkie smashing her face into the ground, stepping through the mirror pool (VERY cool scene), clone Pinkie freaking/derping out, copying Twilight, swimming in dirt, The Bear, a herd of Pinkie's being herded, and pushed around (OH GOD my sides), FINGERS, the G3 Pinkie face (brilliant, albeit somewhat horrifying), plus, of course, all the various clone antics, and about a bazillion other things. Also, Pinkie reflected in Dash's tanning mirror was nicely of those clever little scenes that just grabs your attention and makes you remember it). Spike finding a secret door in the back of the bookshelf was a bit random and unbelievable, but a cool way to spruce up a ‘book-finding scene’, and I’m a sucker for mystery type stuff like that, even if it doesn’t make a ton of sense. Other scenes… Everyone in a tree hiding from the Pinkie storm? Randomness FTW! Also, now I kinda want to see Dash taking all of them on a cloud-ride... Pinkie blowing up her pool toy while she was in the air, and then the way she wore it and took it off was great.

I like the setting of the show in general, but the BGs in this ep were even more outdoorsy than usual, which was nice. Mirror pool/cave BG is beautiful. Kudos to the people who can create such elaborate BGs in Flash! And that makes me think…seeing a bubbly, happy character like Pinkie go into the dark Everfree Forest, like it's nothing , is a treat, as was seeing her go through so many emotions in one episode: mad, sad, determined, freaked out, simply because of the contrast from what she’s usually like. Pinkie walking through the Everfree and the mirror pool scene has got to be one of my favorites of the series. Oh, Pinkie talking to herself = fantastic I do exactly the same thing. I think one of the most fun things about the episode was just seeing how Pinkie deals with herself, especially since the clones were even more hyper than her (and seemed to get more and more brainless as they multiplied…).

It was extremely rich visually, but script-wise, parts of the episode did seem to be as all-over-the-place as the many Pinkies. That's why I didn't write a review earlier, because I just couldn't quite put my finger on what, to me, felt a tad off...I still can't quite put my finger on it, but it just didn't feel as it could have in places. I think, as I said, the focus was sort of going all over the place, where it may have been better to put more focus on certain scenes or characters, or just get a closer focus. This was around the second half; the beginning and build-up of the episode seemed more solid. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was a really good, and extremely funny episode overall. I wish I could offer a more interesting or even helpful view as to why the second half felt a bit lacking, but it’s just hard to pinpoint exactly what it was. Maybe it’s just me, but I did try to keep a neutral view before I watched. I'll have to keep thinking about that one...(obviously, you, as a board artist aren’t the one writing the script, but hey, might as well review the episode as a whole now that I’m at it).

Pretty much the only major issue I'd have with the show visually, is if the poses become too human, but this episode was pretty high on the 'acting like ponies' scale, except maybe where sad Pinkie was draped over the table (but that was funny), or some of the shots of Dash lying on her chair. It’s interesting, because of all the birds I’ve had (mostly chickens), almost none of them are comfortable lying on their backs (I did have one rooster though who seemed to become totally calm and/or hypnotized when you laid him flat out in his back…lol). I think it’s due more to a feeling of insecurity rather than discomfort, like a turtle turned over, so I wonder if a pegasus wouldn’t have the same issue, or if they would be uncomfortable laying on their wings? A silly question for a silly scene…

Anyways, that's just me nitpicking…it’s not like it’s a big deal, just thought I’d mention it now that I’ve already built a wall of text big enough to keep an invading army out…

Also, you've probably heard this before, but the way Twilight massacred the Pinkies without giving them much of a chance was...somewhat disturbing. :XD: Funny in a weird way looking back but…I think Twilight may need some counseling for her anger issues.

Character interaction is awesome, and of all the character duos, Pinkie and Dash is one of my favorites, if not my favorite, and I think this episode shows why - they are absolutely HILARIOUS when they interact. Whether they're getting along just fine or Pinkie is annoying Dash, I think it's impossible for their interactions not to be funny and/or just really interesting (though, all of Fluttershy’s parts were great…Fluttershy and her promises of not having any fun :lol:).

Pinkie slowing her fall into the swimming hole was, without a doubt, the funniest moment in MLP history, and it wasn't so much because she DID it that made it funny (come on, it's Pinkie, she's supposed to do stuff like that), but rather, the fact, and the way that Dash asked how she did it that made it so great. Don't ask Dashie...just don't ask...:XD:

Ashleigh Ball's acting during the episode, and that part especially, was phenomenal. Although so was Andrea Libman's (of course)...Must've been pretty interesting for anyone who was in the recording booth that day. Though I thought some of Dash's dialogue seemed a bit over the top even for her...the "Punk cloud" line had me cracking up way too much.

There’s one thing that still puzzles me, and always has me trying to guess what scenes are scripted and what scenes could be totally board artist created - Do you always follow the pre-recorded audio 100%, or do you occasionally deviate and have the voice actors come in to do re-takes? For example, was something like the scene where Pinkie makes Lyra super jealous grows fingers already fully described in the script, as it was a relatively specific piece of dialogue, or was it sort of loose and open in the script, OR was it a gag that you board artists came up with entirely? That fact that the show is boarded AFTER the voices are recorded still seems weird to me…and it certainly doesn’t give the artists as much leeway. It seems like it would be easier to do that than to reuse audio clips too. Ah well, it’s obviously been working so far I guess! I’m no producer.

But now for the REAL question: who boarded each half of the episode? Usually it's not too hard to tell what you boarded, but you and Dave must have similar styles or something, because this one is a toughie...both halves (you split it into halves right?) have such awesome, over-the-top, hilarious expressions and poses, so it’s hard to tell…sorta leaning on the first half for you though…

Anyways, to the board artists, I think you did an outstanding job on this episode. The visual gags...just amazing. And the animation – I’m amazed at how it just continues to steadily improve with each episode.

Must've been crazy fun to draw that many Pinkies! Now I REALLY wish we could see the boards for this ep...

Holy crud…wrote too much…and I’m sure I’ll think of more stuff later. I really gotta get better at summarizing thoughts in fewer words. :icon0n0plz:
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Wow, what a review - thank you! To answer a few of your comments, I think the 2nd half felt a bit disjointed probably due to the fact that so much in the board stage got cut for time. I had large chunks missing, but what can ya do...we only have 22 mins to tell a story.
As for where the board was split, it actually wasn't split in half. We kinda took sections here and there.
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No problemo. I'm glad you weren't totally scared off by my wall of text. :D

Thanks so much for the really explains a lot. If only you didn't have to adhere to such a strict margin time-wise...Well, maybe creating professional-grade animation that airs exclusively on the internet will really take off, and then people can make episodes as long or as short as they want em.

I can tell ya one thing though: if the early boards complete with missing scenes are ever released, the fandom would probably have them animated within a week. :XD:

Not sure why I thought the boards were split in half, but taking sections here and there does make a lot more sense.
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That was an awesome episode!!
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Living my dream! I'd love to be a part of an animated series! Maybe someday.

Look forward to more of what you and the team have in store!
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Its hard to avoid all the spoiler...
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I loved that episode! Especially the Older Generation Pinkie Pie reference! I laughed till it hurt!
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It was a great episode.
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loved the forth wall joke "the walls are closing in" at fluttershys tea party .
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Some great visual gags in this episode. Got a Looney Tunes vibe much like I did from Dave's other Pinkie episode.
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I have been avoiding spoilers, yes! Too Many Pinkie Pies was a great episode. There were a lot of funny visual gags that I loved, and the concept was so wild! Great job on the boarding, it was a lot of fun to watch.
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So when Pinkie Pie showed the images of her friends to the Pinkie clones, I think I recognized your drawing style in them. :)
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They weren't mine. I don't know why people keep saying that.
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Oh, huh. They looked reminiscent of your pony drawings. :confused: Oh well.

I enjoyed the episode nonetheless. :)
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