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More ugly work doodles.
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I love rats. I had three rats and they were amazing!
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He looks like the fat rat from ratatoing who always says "precisely".
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I actually think this is a pretty cute rat.
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These are very talented sketches, but I never understand why cartoon rats are drawn like this, with those horrible ugly noses. It portrays them so wrongly :( But then I guess that's the general accepted perception, whereas I'm a rat lover and think they're cuter than a box of kittens :)
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I know rats are super cute, but when you draw cartoons, you want them to be funny!
the-cursed-one's avatar
Haha that's a good point :)
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Rats just make awesome characters whether they are good or villainous rodents!
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These are far from ugly. Theys phenomenal.
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Brilliance! The far-right image is just begging, nay, demanding to be inked and coloured. So damn expressive :XD:
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it's all yours...I'll never clean these up hahaha
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One day when we work together somewhere, I will give you a little punch on your arm when you critisize your own work ;)
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if you say so!
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You did a very nice job with the weight here. I can see the flour sack exercise working on his belly.
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:) !!!!!!!!!!!!! This art is inspiring me!! Even though the procrastinating beast within me is starting to kick in.
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that beast ALWAYS wins.
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I can even hear them!!!!
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These beat the crud out of my ugly work doodles ;]
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I respectfully would like to note that these are hot ugly ;)
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looks like my fat rat Farfig. XD nice work on this.
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aw well then :)
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