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Finally finished up this drawing from some doodles I did forever ago it seems.

My original "thinky" sketches are here:
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adorable Sibsy.....great work...simply beautiful...if you love Oz you may like my new book NORTHERN OZ....all new lands all new characters....go to and it will have the artwork and book...not asking you to buy the book just thought you might be interested...... 
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Does Scarecrow look like Wander from Wander Over Yonder to anyone?
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I love how dynamic the poses are.
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this has been featured here: [link]
hope it doesn't bother you :)
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Thanks again :)
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you're very welcome :blowkiss:
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reminds me of Ren & Stimpy
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a Wonderful and Marvelous drawing lol..!!
I love all the books books ^^
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Neato take on L. Frank Baum's characters you got here- I love how wonderfully whimsical they look here =D
"I love comic books and I love anime. It’s kind of like being in a crack house with no money.”- Samuel L. Jackson
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Scarecrow...XDDD Ooh, wait, what's he doing with the heart?O______o
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Every little line is pure gold!
Well done =D
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quite enjoyable it is
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this is soo very cool :boogie:
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OmG, Totooooo, is looooooove
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Amazing =] I love your cartoon style
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:) thanks..your stuff rocks too
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Your version of the scarecrow is the best! Loving the color and your smooth inks.
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kewl! The scarecrow reminds me of Double D for some reason
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LOL, dude I love your style!! Great pic. Thanks!
a wonderful representation of the human condition
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