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Thumbnail for Oney's latest vid....they play Bully.
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Cute! I like it! :D

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Truly one of the best games Rockstar made, still awaiting Bully 2.
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I was about to say this reminds me of the Rockstar game Bully. Then your description beat me to it.
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nice, also good work!
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You did that! GREAT JOB HNNGHHHHHH!!!!!
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YOU were the one that made this?!
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That is some esteemed company!
Nibble-T's avatar
they just asked you and you did it?
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Canis Canem Edit indeed
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Awesome, to see more work on this Rockstar Gem!
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XDXDXD!!! Oh man, I remember Bully! It’s one of my best games!! I’m still hoping if they could make a sequel or something!
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Amazing young teenage memories playing this game, I hear positive things about a sequel. ;]
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I remember that game on high school
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I would really love, if they could make a remake of the "Bully" . :)
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