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couldn't resist after seeing Fantastic Beasts.
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How can something be so naughty and yet so huggable? He's so bad, but I wanna boop his nose!
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All Hail His Mighty Magnificent Marsupialness...
At least I think a Niffler is a marsupial. Is it ever established?
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I'm not sure! XD
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Well, the beak's clearly based off the platypus but to be in the same family, the Monotremes, it would have to lay eggs.

...That's my smart-arse quota for the day. :D
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I loved that little bugger XD
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how could one not!?
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Money-grubbing little bastard caused half the trouble in this movie.
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I got a LEGO Dimensions figure of him.
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I didn't know those existed!
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In the Story Packs, yes.
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Awww, that's so adorable and beautiful! :iconjoyloveplz::iconpenguindanceplz::iconjoyloveplz:
Well, he’s just a platypus. They don’t do much. Speaking of which, where’s Perry?
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he's not though!
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Scene stealer
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When I first saw this, I thought "Rich fluffy Sonic." Also, I have never seen any of JK Rowling's movies/books.... I want to... the movies. Not the books. I personally prefer movies.
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Ahhh... the klepto-platypus. ;)

lol, seriously though, very nice bit of fanart of the niffler, Sibsy!
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The cutest!

Thank you!
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Eeeee, yes! I love it!
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