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Jak and Oney

Did another Oney thumb.
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Jak and Daxter look great in your style! :D

RukarioTrainer's avatar
I hope you are doing well Sibsy!
AnimationTyme's avatar
Egg - do want.

Rabbit - also do want. Why can't I find one like that at PetSmart?
Rainbows2424's avatar
Hm, now you're doing thumbnails for YouTubers?
Eveeka's avatar
Awesome drawing. <3
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar

I must appreciate.
dyemooch's avatar
I love that you're doing thumbnails for these because I like your work and I like their videos. Issa'like choc'late and the peebnub budder
Sibsy's avatar
Aw, thank you so much!
The1stMoyatia's avatar
Was this commissioned by certain youtubers?
TheOctoberScarf's avatar
what happen to dingdong and julian?
aftertaster7's avatar
They are taking a break from being on the channel to focus on finishing their indie games, Trigger Treat & Tough Bippy. They couldn't make any headway while being part of a let's play channel.
TheOctoberScarf's avatar
ok just googled both games, both got good designs and i think i will put money down for trigger treat, just look at my icon. I hope they return
aftertaster7's avatar
I'm sure once the games come out they'll return; they're just so entertaining.
TheOctoberScarf's avatar
yea thats why i want them back, i don't want another game grumps scenario. Dan is lucky hes a lovable jewfro man tho
mexican64's avatar
 Great drawing :D Also how does one get a chance to draw a thumbnail for the Oney gang?
Bigjawthereptile's avatar
hey i seen those thumbs
you friends with those guys too?
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