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Inktober Week 1

Compilation of my #Inktober2017 drawings.
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K4nK4n's avatar
The last image to the right is the most adorable one.
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
Whoah, what happened to her in the second picture?! D:
Wearing-Sneakers's avatar
Home remedy for a splitting headache.
Gretsch1962's avatar
the last one though XD
MrBarthalamul's avatar
Well I thought I was doing mildly alright for Inktober...and then a professional had to go and make me feel like a super amateur.

Nah, it just means I need to strive for better! Great work! :D
tyokio's avatar
I dunno witch cat I like best!...I'll get my coat. 
RazorD9's avatar
So this Inktober is going to be magicat... hmm no... magicalico... abra ka-tab-ra... purrifect!
09alih's avatar
Very cute! I love that last picture... very funny!
Dell-AD-productions's avatar
I approve this! Gold star quality. 
GreyOfPTA's avatar
Zexoguy's avatar
Witch cat. Cute.
LeoHwzr's avatar
Odd trivia about the star symbol from what a wiccan told me: the star pointing up means healing, star pointed down mean destruction
Sibsy's avatar
As a Wiccan myself, the pentacle points stand for the Spirit, earth, air, fire, and water.
weatherly23's avatar
Huh. So in a way, Captain Planet is a humanoid Wiccan pentacle, being a living embodiment of those things. (Heart is often a representation of spirit, after all).
LeoHwzr's avatar
Then ive been misinformed by a glamour wiccan.  Thanks for educating me proper.
TheZoologist's avatar
Your stuff's so good, dude! Great work! 
Shinee--san's avatar
What kind of pen did you use to make these drawings?
Shinee--san's avatar
May every thing turn out well for that woman!
NickTheNightOwl's avatar
Hope to see more of The Saga of Witch Cat! :heart:
WolfySaysWoof's avatar
Cute! Man, I love seeing you art! Keep up the great work!
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